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RT @DIYShowOff: #essentialoil #obsessed sharing more of my personal journey at http://t.co/Y7obQbSPmX #youngliving #oilyfamily https://t.co…
Bought a new tool, excited to make some furniture! http://t.co/Ip9dOmo5Sy
Finally! A tattoo I would actually get: http://t.co/7uVrpOrUf7
RT @CurleyCreek: Barbara Raheb Miniature Book Puss in Boots 1980 1" Scale http://t.co/tNyrrSxWGJ
Awesome free font! #Airbag a #Freefont by @itsmesimon http://t.co/xQRcHvyCBj
Our Journey inspired Christmas tree skirt (getting our money's worth out of our Halloween costumes!)… http://t.co/ovbNUB3ZwQ
Just posted a photo http://t.co/F3b5bDBniF
Buying things from Etsy sellers makes me so happy. Especially when those things are counter stools :) Cannot wait to get them!
I thought I was over the chalkboard "everything" trend, but now I find myself wanting a big ol' chalkboard canvas for doodling. Thoughts?
RT @rctees: If you listen closely... you can hear Monday taunting you with the "Jaws" theme.
Tasty treats from Macrina Bakery, yum! #seattle http://t.co/5AVKDF5zqq
Got out the flannel sheets yesterday. I wish I was back in bed! http://t.co/UYqVeYBpwW
RT @StanCarterJr: Catastrophic Blogger Mistakes You Must Never Do Again http://t.co/TzyzLOiQ8L
We want to install wood floors in our condo. The HOA is requiring permission from our neighbors before we can proceed. Permission. I...what?
Guess what I'm doing? http://t.co/q0yrKjzDtB
Fixed a noise our dishwasher has been making for the last month or so, only to have a new noise start up (unrelated to the fix). Arg!
#FF @wildemoon @jsahawkwiz @TwoSeasideBabes
@BHG Scratch that, just found it (Schumacher Zimba)
@BHG Would you happen to know who makes the fabric in this photo? http://t.co/uXGzuQQkCX

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I recently graduated from college with my bachelors degree in fine arts. I enjoy painting and drawing, DIY projects, decorating and interior design.

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