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An oldie but a goodie. https://t.co/d9JjcRVUwe
Um. What? https://t.co/wa3wsqfBcK
Welp. Back to Croatia. https://t.co/GRKC2Dpu6d
Don't mind if we do. https://t.co/pXa3ItWopr
Love to stir up trouble. https://t.co/j6vmS7ihb4
RT @andrewzimmern: Don't be ignorant. I own three businesses today, dozens of employees. And 26 years ago I was homeless. #bothsides https…
RT @AlisonBing: "I'd like Carmies, Black Crows & Waverly please - wait, make that Butterfinger & Babe Ruth," said everyone in movie concess…
RT @Wine_Unknown: #FF @spitorswallow @sandraoldfield @AristaWinery @CraggyRange @StSupery @ChildressWines @FlavorNapa @HipsterEnology @stev…
RT @theblogrebel: @HipsterEnology Wino chic: 6 ghetto wine cocktails for your next hipster party https://t.co/5iPJUjzfDP https://t.co/KNPWV…
If we can get it made out of an old wine barrel, we're sold. https://t.co/mapHXeLvlT
RT @passaggio: Happy #FF @HelloVino @hanneke158 @myvinespot @randyfuller1 @HipsterEnology @socialmoms @EnjoyinglifeTX @RedWineDiva @moeconw…
Uh, thoughts? https://t.co/9xxIyhtr8l
Napa Dreaming. #latergram #vineyard #napa #wine #winelover #winetasting #nature #fall… https://t.co/PKAmpwkshf
So @snapchat did a Wine 101 channel yesterday, but two of the facts were incorrect. Are there still that many misconceptions? #wine
Perhaps a sucker for Sauvignon Blanc & a good red blend, we found ourselves at @tridentwinery in… https://t.co/pFjwnWBCyL
Perfect for @burningman & @SymGathering decompression, orange wine Orgia by @rsvnapa, Carneros… https://t.co/PBZtxCy06m
Enjoying a fine example of Sauvignon Blanc at titus_vineyards this afternoon. A nose that… https://t.co/1UEDC00wFB
"Why drink beer when you can drink bubbles?" #Yountville #napa #sparkling

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