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RT @TiegasarusRex: Here is my new project! SkyWar Dragon by Matt 'Tieg' Tieger — Kickstarter http://t.co/8ubxEGXtu8 via @kickstarter
Rare Deadpool Game T-shirt spotted: http://t.co/w2KREIAW3S
Thank you our beloved fans for all the well wishes. We lost some uber talented people. Hire them! Deadpool will be a great game.
Here's a link if you missed Deadpool's prankery yesterday: http://t.co/MfVNP6j9RQ
@RealDeadpool has revealed unedited gameplay footage. Go Now! http://t.co/6wkGGK9KEx
@OneOfSwords hmmm how are your Mexican Food cooking skills? Also can you take a punch?
We are the proud and continued home to many talented people named Danny.
@Sev051 that's true, but the other side of the issue is that non-Gamestop fans really want that content and we prefer that have some access
Xbox Live Sale - 50% OFF Transformers DLC - Full game just 29.99. Limited time - Full details: http://t.co/UnD7KbfJwJ
@EpicACL5 Confirmed GOLD members can get the DLC for 400 points. Instead of 800. The game itself is now 29.99.
@Sev051 You mean that costly to create content that you got for free and others paid $10 for?
@EpicACL5 correcting....looks like its just the DLC. Sorry about that.
@ArmoredMexican hmmmm we are going to have to say HECK YES!
Fall of Cybertron on Steam Midweek Madness SALE. 66% OFF!
Yes @IGN guess at Deadpool's secrets! We dare you! http://t.co/PXZ3eaQobE
Deadpool's NEW trailer has hit the Youtubes! http://t.co/MRsNqYFJCg
Thanks for all the love on our new Deadpool trailer! Taco kisses http://t.co/TlL2cD9HCL
RT @CrystalMcGhee: @HighMoonStudios I'm throwing my money and my arm that fell off at you guys! GO TEAM DEADPOOL! Already Pre- Ordered! ...
RT @Aussie_Legend: Okay. This may be the single best trailer I have ever seen of all time. #deadpoolgame http://t.co/WJrQGwcWJK …
Deadpool commands you to see his new trailer on @IGN http://t.co/TlL2cD9HCL

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High Moon Studios (Activision) is currently in development on Transformers: War for Cybertron for Xbox 360, PS3, PC.

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