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@useiconic superb, keep it up chaps! \o/
@useiconic Am I right that you need to add a rectangle with no fill to get a boundary? E.g a 12x8px icon in an 16px16px area?
@useiconic Yep, I’ve been begging for something like this for ages!
@fatbusinessman Gawd bless ya guvnor!
AT LAST! There is a decent way to easily export SVG icons from Illustrator! Thank you thank you @useiconic! https://t.co/Dp76sTET3m
@mattp4478 @MacAffinity Whoop! \o/
@MacAffinity Any idea when slice/area export to SVG will be supported?
@tidygraphic @Skype 1 second call it is!
@ade @richardwiggins and ‘artisinal’ (a phrase that makes me giggle like a schoolboy)
@richardwiggins Its like when my daughter had a tantrum in Waitrose “I WANT SUSHI!!” ;)
@richardwiggins Woah! They don’t come any more first world! :D
RT @robinwhittleton: @Hicksdesign it’s probably user-hostile legislation that defines them as a bank if they hold onto cash for more than a…
What the chuff is the point in that then @skype? :D http://t.co/2OOQveN0Bs
@ray_ben Woof! It’ll be a speedboat next! …
…plus you can use the discount code ‘AEAHICKS’ to get $100 off any AEA event in 2015. Phwoar!
Peoples of the internettals! I’ll be speaking at An Event Apart Boston in May: http://t.co/7T8aukxxWP
One of my favourite parts of #TheVoice is close up on Tom Jones' confused face "What is this place? Why am I here?"
Settling down to watch the #TheVoice with excellent tweet-commentary from @Alan_Measles!
RT @caitlinmoran: Brilliant, via @mattpark - what if Harry Potter was all about Hermione, instead? http://t.co/2EP2XgKktA
What a twonk http://t.co/JJFhFQaC1h

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Gentleman designer, icon artist, lego lover and cyclist. One half of the creative partnership Hicksdesign, based in the Cotswolds, UK

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