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@CHARGEBIKES Can you give me an idea of when these fancy new fabric saddles coming out? :)
@StuRobson @hereinthehive in no way is it a hamburger. It's a stack of ryvita, clearly.
@bech @elliotjaystocks @sketchapp @maxvoltar Thats good to know! I’ve been ‘on my own’ with it to be honest!
@othello @claypole damn it, I thought you'd finally 'plumped' just then (if you pardon the expression)
@othello @claypole So go on… what did you buy?
Brake shoes! http://t.co/04BLboNfxA
Good thing I checked the spam bin - email from Warwick Arts Centre to say that sundays Rufus Wainwright gig has been cancelled! :(
@markboulton @matthamm you just need the hummus and crudités!
Tonight, preparations for @hicksleigh's birthday tomorrow, which involve: egg whites, caster sugar and an oven. She's not a sponge fan!
RT @GiveMeInternet: Nothing has ever seemed more legit than this http://t.co/o0AJRXCx3V
RT @wxg: WXG conf. track 1 speakers: @andybudd, @hicksdesign, @jontangerine, @laurakalbag, @robinwhittleton. 26 Sep, G'ford: http://t.co/f…
@CorinPilling you've changed!
A very Happy Anniversary to @hicksleigh. Married for 16 years now, and I love her more than ever!
RT @sviib: in loving memory of Benjamin... We'll see you tomorrow with some new @sviib news. http://t.co/u1nER8w2m7
@varmac96 Thanks Christopher!
@drewm @b3cft @markboulton Almost a http://t.co/IKmmR5OBWw ! ;)
@drewm @markboulton Are you doing that with other mates? A group does make a big difference!
@drewm I honestly think you’d be fine. We can take our time, choose a pace we can maintain and enjoy the day!
@drewm With only 2000ish feet of climbing, I think you’d be fine, and good practice for Ride London
@cole007 @drewm You fancy it too Cole?

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Gentleman designer, icon artist, lego lover and cyclist. One half of the creative partnership Hicksdesign, based in the Cotswolds, UK

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