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@johnoxtonking It was a very expensive speedboat of yours as I remember, so get saving!
Last night I dreamt that @johnoxtonking and I recorded a new podcast, whilst he drove me around in his speedboat by the Statue of Liberty…
Aphex Twin's new album out tomorrow! \o/
@Malarkey it's a known bug in iOS8. Will be fixed in 8.1
@mattmorton what's happened.
Anyone else seeing hordes of officious looking penguins in bowler hats and waistcoats after updating to iOS8?
This afternoons progress on making a Star Lord mask (Guardians of the galaxy) with/for Dan out of… http://t.co/nd6sT3e2S5
@sil well deployed sir!
@ade @whomwah sorry, thought I’d done that, although but everyone in the group has permissions to add anyone ;)
@cameronroberson @cameronmoll I’m now at the point where I’m thrown going back to Ai!
@commadelimited Its not far off the height of the iPad Mini! :D
@commadelimited Yeah, 6+ is too big for my use, but would love one for reading books!
@cameronmoll The thing is, there is no ‘plain old pointer’ in Sketch. You just select :)
@MyBikeMagazine @peterjlambert I love neat stuff like this!
@ania_ch Nooo! Too sharp!
@Feiring Very subjective. It felt smaller than I expected it to, but its not one for trouser pockets
Just had a fondle of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. A return to the tactile roundedness of the iPhone 1. Very nice!
RT @CrapTaxidermy: "My minds telling me noooo. But mah bady, mah badees tellin me yeeeaaahh." http://t.co/Q2ARabO541
@foamcow @johnoxtonking Still? Mwahahahah!!
@johnoxtonking Acceptable is what we say it is!

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Gentleman designer, icon artist, lego lover and cyclist. One half of the creative partnership Hicksdesign, based in the Cotswolds, UK

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