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The Yeah Yeah Yeahs 'Hysteric' sounds like Karen O is singing "It's Derek!". If my name was Derek, I'd have that as my soundtrack
@OHCamshaft Yeah, I will never drink the cider. Not my bag
RT @psd: Shouting at the telly, Alpe d'Huez never disappoints; a brave, masterfully plotted attack by Nairo, Froomey out of his saddle!
I find the chap in the Stella Artois adverts simultaneously offensive & aspirational
@FaustGertz @boagworld @Malarkey Nah, there will be one! Pertwee is so visually iconic :)
@SpotifyCares Particularly loving The Amazing's new album 'Picture You', also Ghost Culture, Roger Sellers and Owen Pallett.
@SpotifyUK Currently, this one on repeat! https://t.co/E3diTJ3e1w
@peterjlambert Phew!
@peterjlambert What is that? The hashtag just gives me things I cant unsee…
Have to say I'm loving @Spotify's Discover Weekly playlist. Got some real gems out of this weeks list.
@boagworld @Malarkey Available in a few weeks! https://t.co/roKGLESpS8. I'd particularly want this one: https://t.co/zMS9svvccl
@boagworld @Malarkey I'm waiting for the Pop Vinyls to come out! ;)
@KuraFire @fahrbier https://t.co/SMagl7aC5w ;)
@icons_8 Sure! Maybe also worth pointing out that its not an exact science, especially with 16px icons. As you say, squinting works!
@thameswater I've just had a 'robo-call' from Thames Water, asking to confirm account details. I assume this is spam, and not you?
@coxy "Doh! Here we go again!"
RT @fahrbier: Mind blown... http://t.co/xJqgQoZqkr
Catching up on the latest from the Tour De France https://t.co/P19jJthibp
@andyvitale It did work - I had to switch off Apple Music, quit, then restore from earlier backup. All back to normal!
RT @alkapranos: No more BBC. No more NHS. No more universal education. No more workforce representation. I hope every #MotherFuckerToryVot…

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Gentleman designer, icon artist, lego lover and cyclist. One half of the creative partnership Hicksdesign, based in the Cotswolds, UK

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