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Sometimes I think I could live off beer and crisps. Then I come to my senses and remember scotch eggs
@themaninblue I think its quite new? Hopefully that'll go up…
Liking the new material from The Orb very much: https://t.co/e3bMDWIjjV
Great detailed look at the drawing phase of icons, and workarounds for Illustrator/Photoshop https://t.co/pPoncuhq1Y
@benmacgowan Reply in its way through the intertubes!
A sense of purpose is a rubber torch and zip-off trousers. Only 'sonic screwdriver' led to 'No search results' http://t.co/E70Hk1ICbO
@iandevlin All roads lead to golf umbrella :)
That worked well #golfumbrellafridge http://t.co/Wvz8WQFsA3
@brooksengland that should’be been a Mr Pither photo surely!
@psyklyn hey! How come yours are out? Ours have been at the ‘any day now’ stage for ages
RT @AdamGreen: Fun fact: #Ireland has an Equality Minister. Funner fact: It's this person: https://t.co/VCzl1xB40N
@RellyAB Of all the twitter accounts they COULD have suspended!
The of tale of Balustrade Lanyard http://t.co/gG7v4ciK0e
@jgarber Yeah, sadly I don't think any of their other material was anywhere near as good
Troika #10 is now out - songs from May 1997 when I first met @hicksleigh! Hurricane #1, Radiohead and Ren & Stimpy :) http://t.co/OuhmREBKXv
@Wordridden lunching with my family in the US is great, I'm the only who likes pickles. I get all the pickles
@Wordridden @Ocado How many in a jar?
So good hearing the RIDE Maida Vale session on BBC 6 Music tonight! http://t.co/zSf6HxNUaK
@madebyjw Yes, its a bit of faff if you're doing loads of arrows!

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Gentleman designer, icon artist, lego lover and cyclist. One half of the creative partnership Hicksdesign, based in the Cotswolds, UK

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