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@veen wouldn't be Scotland without them! Following your tour with interest and envy…
Only just worked out that I can record my small commutes in @Strava without spamming my friends - just mark them as private. Doh.
@38one @matthamm @peterjlambert Why is it still its box??
@onishiweb I’ve heard talk about it, but couldn’t find anything on the website :/
@philbeee No, I just think ‘Senior Citizen’ or ‘Senior Moment’
@rachelandrew Its a bloody cheek!
@drewm There is a ‘Veteran Cycling Club’, and the entry age is 40 :(
@Malarkey What kind of holiday is that? I mean, yay for using Sketch and all that, but relax you daft bugger!
I was about to renew my @BritishCycling membership, when I noticed on my card that I was categorised as a ‘senior ride’. Harumph!
@davidhughes @richardwiggins @Garmin Yup - export as gpx and then place it in Garmin>NewFiles
@davidhughes @richardwiggins @Garmin Strava does it ;)
@aexmo Lordy! Are you damaged?
Thanks to @drewm, @styring, and @matthamm for coming out for a ride round the sunny Cotswolds today. Good for the soul!
@seanuk @drewm @matthamm 77! ;)
Particularly looking forward to the talk by ”Biscuits and Beverages” by Morning Break. Relevant to my interests!
Fancy coming to Web Expo Guildford in September? Course you do. Waiting for a discount code? Course you are… hicksWXG
@WolfieZero Easy, thanks!!
Sounds like a clear no to that - might go this route instead: http://t.co/MSF9wnQw7U
OS X Yosemite Beta. Do I do it?
Our lovely surveillance culture… RT @chrisspyrou yep, don't worry if you've nothing to hide...http://t.co/uPlE16eVD4 http://t.co/5u7tNjenc5

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Gentleman designer, icon artist, lego lover and cyclist. One half of the creative partnership Hicksdesign, based in the Cotswolds, UK

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