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@brad_frost Really, as bad as that? Looks like I’m sticking with Grumpicon then :(
@LassooApp @aexmo Link doesn’t seem to work on iPhone yet, and search doesn’t bring it up. Guess its too new!
RT @BikeW4nker: Things BikeWankers say: I just need this 1 last part for the bike then I won't need to buy anything else #AllSaidIt http:…
Wishing @colly and @hellogeri the very best day and future together. Wish we could've been there with you!
RT @Aeyoun: I farted loudly and the living room Xbox One opened Titanfall. The future of entertainment is here. At least, I am still laughi…
@artduszynski I know! Not much I can do about that sadly! :D
@Malarkey I've often wondered if these frame bags would just flap around? Keen to try one though!
@witneymeets have a great evening!
Sadly leaving Chicago after a great holiday and conference. It's been superb, and would love to come back!
RT @tylerschmall: Employees must applaud the planets. http://t.co/wWR583tfWm
@fontburger @robbaier @zeldman the reference for that estimate: https://t.co/9OcmjRlx1M
@markbrouch To be honest, I’ve had, and lost that knowledge! @clocky might be able to help though!
One of my favourite moments from #aeachi was @monteiro telling my son “Yeah, you can’t come and see my talk”
Had a fantastic time so far at #aeachi, the talks have all been superb. I think mine went OK, but now I can relax and enjoy the rest!
@matthamm Thanks chum! :)
@iestynx Sorry I didn’t reply first, I was on stage at #aeachi bigging up my love for @sketchapp :)
@AJTroxell @AnEventApart No doubt! I’d swap my shirt for @adactio’s hair anyday.
RT @UXSamIAm: @Hicksdesign mentioning the alignment and weighting of icons...relevant historical example here: http://t.co/UgoOKEL9ns #aeac…
@AJTroxell phew! thanks!
@JamesFruth Thankyou very much!

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Gentleman designer, icon artist, lego lover and cyclist. One half of the creative partnership Hicksdesign, based in the Cotswolds, UK

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