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@comdesignuk @timharbour It's like self-worth via how many likes. I do think its a phase that they'll move beyond though
@rmateu Ooh thanks, I'll give that a go!
Pondering out loud: I love how Tumblr works for quick posts - how easy it is to post from phone/instagram, but also… https://t.co/BTotfGfqYw
RT @RaptureWitney: Our joint album of the year - a thing of beauty ! https://t.co/gquEphX18e
@Malarkey @boagworld One day my shed will look like this. And… I'll have a shed
A very Happy Birthtime to Mr @Malarkey! Sending a virtual Pork Pie with candles over the interwebs!
@philwareham and thank you! :)
Finally winterised the Guv’nor! Installed the lovely woodysfenders leopard wood guards to match… https://t.co/m4AKHRo75Z
@lukeredpath That's great, thank you! Will be interesting to see how it fares over the first year. At least it's su… https://t.co/EhJelNama3
@lukeredpath Only just signed up, so I have to suck it and see!
Hey UK peoples! You've probably already done this (I'm very late to the party) but you can get £100 credit as well… https://t.co/pRkZUv8ymx
@MaraidDesign @acejet170 This is one of the reasons I follow both you - I love what you find!
@jplinnell Is it one with its own additions on top of android? Wondering if ‘pure android’ would be a better experi… https://t.co/XrAjjrm3Kz
@StuRobson do you have to keep Chrome versions apart because the fight?
@mrandmrsok @aexmo Yeah, but I think Alex is expecting them to be answered ;)
@bdonohoe @firefox Nah, it's all about the tail for me. I hated that tail but it was all done so quickly. This is how the tail should be!
@StuRobson @aexmo Mainly speed and the ability to have lots of tabs open, but aesthetics play a part too. Not a fan… https://t.co/rGOqOQa3Vj
The @firefox team at @mozilla have really done a cracking job with FF57. It's been my default for over a month and… https://t.co/mKnB4F3sZH
@whale @Dropbox Me too sir!
RT @mart3ll: #FirefoxQuantum is live! Have some pixels! https://t.co/ZCBFqbMmJS https://t.co/pgsPmR9Mq5 https://t.co/2l6DDPQbRP https:…

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Gentleman designer, icon artist, lego lover and cyclist. One half of the creative partnership Hicksdesign, based in the Cotswolds, UK

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