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Correction: I left the room to take a quick call and have lost The Tour to Terry and June!! :O
At my dads, but he's asleep so I'm watching The Tour highlights! #tdf
@ThisLeeNoble @Spotify an iconized Bieber should do the trick!
Learnt a great Sketch.app tip from @jonatan - export slices to different folders by adding the folder path to the slice name
@simplebits @shauninman EIGHT YEARS AGO OMG!
I don’t think it was http://t.co/jKhW99Ctwk unless I’m missing the gpx import somewhere?
I once used a tool where you could upload a .gpx file and get an animated Google Street View movie of the route. Help me find it again! :)
RT @hicksleigh: Here we go! 1st day (2007) vs last day (2014) at Primary They humour their sentimental old mother reasonably well 😄 http://…
@davidhughes @richardwiggins @matthamm I’m watching you Hamm!!!
@dustinwilson answer the door naked, while carrying a large portion of blood dripping animal? A "you're next" look in the eyes helps too…
@Andybebop @shiarra congratulations folks! Hope you're both doing well! \o/
@RobTheArtist Sadly, I found you have to do it everytime you restart Coda, but I’m sure Panic are working on that ;)
RT @ridestories: And here it is… “Paris Roubaix, Hell of the North’ by @richardwiggins, featuring @ade and @timprint. Enjoy! http://t.co/g…
@othello @claypole @markboulton @cole007 @ormeski I don't use it much, but I like having the 'get out of jail card' + wider range in big cog
RT @ridestories: Another @ridestories going live soon and it’s a big ‘un! But big or small, please send in your Ride Stories!
@twinfish I know! My Equilibrium is ace, but I want another 2 of the new @GenesisBikesUK so far…
@KatherineCory Take pictures please!
@craiginwales I dread the day we have to face that with Olive :( Hopefully a good few years yet…
@CompanyNapoleon @DavidAirey Designers don’t code? Thats a bit of a crap generalisation isn’t it?
@davidwholland @WGSWitney not sure the performance was recorded I'm afraid!

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Gentleman designer, icon artist, lego lover and cyclist. One half of the creative partnership Hicksdesign, based in the Cotswolds, UK

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