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RT @tylerschmall: Employees must applaud the planets. http://t.co/wWR583tfWm
@fontburger @robbaier @zeldman the reference for that estimate: https://t.co/9OcmjRlx1M
@markbrouch To be honest, I’ve had, and lost that knowledge! @clocky might be able to help though!
One of my favourite moments from #aeachi was @monteiro telling my son “Yeah, you can’t come and see my talk”
Had a fantastic time so far at #aeachi, the talks have all been superb. I think mine went OK, but now I can relax and enjoy the rest!
@matthamm Thanks chum! :)
@iestynx Sorry I didn’t reply first, I was on stage at #aeachi bigging up my love for @sketchapp :)
@AJTroxell @AnEventApart No doubt! I’d swap my shirt for @adactio’s hair anyday.
RT @UXSamIAm: @Hicksdesign mentioning the alignment and weighting of icons...relevant historical example here: http://t.co/UgoOKEL9ns #aeac…
@AJTroxell phew! thanks!
@JamesFruth Thankyou very much!
@jonbukiewicz Thanks for noticing the messages! Probably need to get some new jokes though, its been four years!
I shall be at An Event Apart Chicago for the next two days, speaking on Icon Design tomorrow morning. Come and say hi! (If you want to)
Thanks to the quality of the wifi in the Art Institute of Chicago, and a good VPN, I have now seen the new Dr Who! Good times (inc the art)
@carywood yeah, but it's the same type and always melted!
@6of15 I have now thanks! :)
@dustinwilson yup, the deep dish variety doesn't appeal!
So much grilled cheese!
Loving Chicago, but the search for a sandwich that doesn't contain Cheese, bacon or Turkey* continues. *Or Turkey bacon. Or Bacon Cheese.
@richardwiggins @drewm it's great if you're into brutalist avant-garde electronica

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