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@mastorna My pride and joy!
RT @matthamm: New idea for a podcast with @hicksdesign @blucube and myself We drink a curated selection of Ale's and discuss/rate them and …
@matthamm Its like vimeo with its 'We're bummed" message
Current Status http://t.co/4fd2ynUWEV
RT @matthamm: Dam you @Hicksdesign I thought the #rissingtonpodcast was back! http://t.co/KGkN0tE3Ro
RT @Aeyoun: Explaining to users that Opera Turbo saves you up to 80% of your mobile data is really hard. http://t.co/pcyl42aMKZ http://t.co…
@LittleJimArnold you're very harsh on yourself James. It's not like you've bought the seperate elements of muesli and realised it cost more…
@ania_ch a tearjerker in fact!
The new Sufjan Stevens LP is stunningly beautiful: http://t.co/HljQvpkRCn
@waako @witneymeets @BlueBoarWitney @kaelle76 Pretty sure it isn't. The Fleece is the only I know of in centre of Witney that is
RT @HANGERmag: If you only have a little over 3mins on the net today, watch the sci-fi short 'The Leviathan' by @RuairiRobinson. https://t.…
@comdesignuk Thats a great one thanks! The ambient episodes seem to be very popular, so I'm sure there will be more.
According to his out-of-office, @richardwiggins isn't back until Monday 30th November. Dang that boy is rich!
Troika #4 is now out, covering 'Light Music'. Makes you feel like you're in a Pathe news reel from the 50s… http://t.co/kGibADvAkP
@nathanpitman to skip it you just remove the subdirectories from the url - go to http://t.co/854PeLbGRh and it doesn't ask you again.
@matthamm brilliant!
@matthamm and yet you didn't know that @serafinowicz was the voice of Darth Maul? ;)
@richardwiggins @calum_ryan @netmag Let us know what you need, you should have my email address :)
Like an eejit, I looked at the sun too long, feeling a bit woozy
RT @robertpopper: ‘I run Plymouth’: Brilliant/slightly terrifying wrong text I was sent: http://t.co/4q232hu6AD

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Gentleman designer, icon artist, lego lover and cyclist. One half of the creative partnership Hicksdesign, based in the Cotswolds, UK

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