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Hicks family at Alexandra Palace for Bring me the Horizon! Pvris were good, Neckdeep weren’t my thing, just waiting for the main act now
@carywood @Cennydd @brucel Wow, what a bunch of grumps!!
RT @SoVeryBritish: Putting so much effort into pretending to work that it would be less effort to just do your job
@peterfig @matthamm It was superb to meet you and your wife, thanks for popping by our little town! Safe travels!
RT @hicksleigh: "Black Friday" by The Homeless Gospel Choir. Girl reminded us about this, we saw him live earlier this year - we li… https:…
@stefUIUX That looks nice. What beer is that?
@matthamm @witneymeets Its almost December anyway…
I need a beer. I might need another one after that even. Fortunately, tonight is @witneymeets, and they always meet a places with beer!
@richardwiggins Replacement furniture
This afternoon, @38one has been educated me about the hofmeister kink
@hicksleigh And presumably there's a hole in the top now?
@davidhughes I don't agree - not every story has been brilliant, but I think the quality has generally been better this year.
@charlesroper @Malarkey Maybe not, but from my evaluations, the Apple Pencil is noticeably better than the Surface Pro Pen. Both good tho
Finally saw last nights Dr Who. My goodness gracious me!
Very lovely to have @Malarkey and @moneylady pop by the @No_73 office today!
@simonmeek Hah! Not for this call, everyone was very experienced, but I've had calls like that :D
That was the most cursed Skype conference call I've ever had.
@julianguy yep, no joy for me :(
@Malarkey @matthamm I have a meeting between 1 and 2 today, otherwise great! There's a Halfords in Witney who should be able to help…
@aexmo Not heard of that one, is it by L'Oréal?

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Gentleman designer, icon artist, lego lover and cyclist. One half of the creative partnership Hicksdesign, based in the Cotswolds, UK

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