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The Firewire drive with all out Media on now sounds like a dentist drill. Don’t want to manage this stuff anymore, bored of it!
@helmers cheeky swine!
@Malarkey It is! Thanks chum!
@marcthiele @keirwhitaker More than happy! btw - how are our private yachts coming along? Ready for next week I hope! ;)
@garrettc @johnwards best day to be born! Hope you’ve all had a good one chaps!
Thanks very much for all the Birthday wishes folks! You’re all very moist and cuddly people!
@foolmentaljoker @dysphoria_net God that brings back some good memories! Some nightmares too… #ellolittlelady
Imagine if all the traffic cones were buried wizards
RT @dannynic: UKIP supporters - don't forget to put your clocks back 50 years tonight.... #toptip
@mattbrett From a media server only as far as I can tell
@ShaneHudson No, Scotland! :)
Excellent Jon Pertwee moment: http://t.co/wMlA0ShOCL
@matthamm @dropbox_support You can still right-click to get those options
@nathanpitman Well obivously you can’t watch those on FireTV ;)
@markboulton I think you would notice the speed difference from your airplay to TV setup.
@drewm It doesn’t have the ease of “I’ve got this photo/video on my iphone, let me just show you…” that ATV has though
@plexapp I did only buy it for Plex so its a relief that it works!
@StuRobson hurry up man!
First impresssions of the Amazon FireTV are very good. Its UI is well designed, feels fast and the @plexapp workds very well indeed!
@gryghostvisuals context is import. No icon is ever seen just by itself! ;)

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Gentleman designer, icon artist, lego lover and cyclist. One half of the creative partnership Hicksdesign, based in the Cotswolds, UK

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