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@gryghostvisuals context is import. No icon is ever seen just by itself! ;)
@gryghostvisuals grid view. Or waffle maker
@kevinliuzzo @CorinPilling @NearMissProject I'm sure "Nearly killed me you blind get" would be more applicable
RT @CorinPilling: Help @nearmissproject prevent cycling near misses. Had a close call at the hands of a white van driver today- timely! htt…
RT @MitchBenn: Farage buddies up with overtly racist holocaust deniers to stay on the EU gravy train he so staunchly opposes. http://t.co/p…
@Malarkey Maybe not - there are some tricky bit sin SVG
@Malarkey Message me if you have any particular questions or issues!
@Malarkey In what way a problem? :)
@kcwebdesign Tried that but as soon as I try and put it in a split, it seems to lose the connection!
@ThisLeeNoble It works great as seperate tabs, but as soon as I try and put it in a split, it seems to lose the connection!
@ThisLeeNoble No this is for overriding CSS on a remote site (like CSS Edit). Doesn’t seem to work in a split
@DavidDarnes @panic That would be my preference, but I know it won’t be everyones
@panic Is there a way in Coda 2.5 to open override css in a split? So you have CSS one side and site preview the other?
@othello Like http://t.co/fZNB9EcwPI ?
@othello Does it have to be left?
Wondering if @anna_debenham and @Cennydd are going to see AWFTS at the Barbican tomorrow? Another chase scene on the underground? :)
@softwarerick As in Norman Bates?
RT @matthamm: @hicksdesign Bill Jones = On his Owns. Cockney rhyming slang innate Guv.
Wondering why it’s “Billy no mates”, and what William did in the first place? Why not Gerald, Malcolm or Tony?
@ShaneHudson @boagworld @Malarkey I do worry that at times Capaldi’s Dr comes across as more than just blunt - cruel in fact

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Gentleman designer, icon artist, lego lover and cyclist. One half of the creative partnership Hicksdesign, based in the Cotswolds, UK

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