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The enigma that is… Herbert Tucker http://t.co/TVhnxXbXey
@38one It is, just a cover version of Kraftwerk! Also see http://t.co/9ceIrh0DIm
Sorry, in my rush I didn't set permissions on the audio file properly! Working now! /cc @sebduggan
Troika #12 is now out - in tribute of Tour de France starting this weekend! http://t.co/98KCOPEWbX
Mini Peloton are now drafting behind a giant rolling Scotch Egg. UCI officials are checking the rules… https://t.co/XcsYtV77el
Oh no, Hinault's down! Luckily the support car isn't far away https://t.co/MHJ1YmC2zw
Prologue. Mini peloton make it past the blue meanie mascot. They get stranger every year. https://t.co/yrVG3Kle4z
@davidhughes I prefer Spotify for its internal hyperlinking. Going from an album to artist is all so easy.
@retrogrrl tell me how cold 'freezing' is ;) @hicksleigh
@benward WTF?!! At least its not just me
@kgreen99 Is that because it has the best icons? ;)
RT @trilodge: #Icons from ur cars dashboard and their „meanings“. Should be sth. for @Hicksdesign as well. http://t.co/nzaigxX6AX #pushbutt…
Hmm. The new iTunes appears to be playing tacks in reverse order now. Everyone else, or just me? Some weird new preference?
I like it flat. Flatter the better I say! http://t.co/x0lppdjZsh
I don’t think Apple Music has reached the Cotswolds yet.
@mattmorton Gawd bless ya! Another one coming this week (hopefully)…
…Just the two of us in Londinium, art galleries, shops and lots of G&Ts. Can't wait!
In the last 14 years @hicksleigh and I have been away together about 3 times. 2 of those were at a conference. But not this weekend !
RIP Patrick Macnee. You were so more than just an avatar to me http://t.co/Gx8cMxgYIE
Although I will be sad to see this view go… /cc @clagnut http://t.co/7EGJStuspy

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Gentleman designer, icon artist, lego lover and cyclist. One half of the creative partnership Hicksdesign, based in the Cotswolds, UK

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