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@iainfarrell @johnoxtonking Yep, its always the quiet ones!
@johnoxtonking NAILED IT
@fizikofficial your website currently just says ‘It works’?
Very excited by the peek at the new @MASON_Cycles frames on @roadcc http://t.co/XkzJw9OIro http://t.co/BcaMOuhvQT
@nonswearyphil @torgo Do we know anyone that influence unicode standards?
@MASON_Cycles From what I can see they look gorgeous! Will the Resolution fork be available with white, rather than blue graphics? :)
@othello @peteaylward @malmaisonhotels had the same in the Oxford one. Dry as a desert, as if it hadn't been fed any booze
@maxsteenbergen I seriously have tried it and I’m not a big fan yet
I’m a blithering idiot. Why did I try updating Adobe Illustrator when I’m so busy? Now won’t open and needs to be re-installed :(
Just did a mahoosive shop at our local Arts & Stationery shop. I got booty!
@drewm I rather like using Acorn for that sort of thing. FW still great at the “lots of images at the same size in one document’ thing tho
So that was the last ever gig to be performed at Earls Court. It was certainly a brilliant way to bow out
Watching Bombay Bicycle Club live at Earl's Court and Dave Gilmour just joined them onstage for "Wish you were here"!
RT @hicksleigh: I’m looking at online painting courses (preferably portraiture) has anyone got recommendations? Advice? Experience?
@MASON_Cycles looking at getting a Kinesis GF Ti Frame in the New Year. Any hints about whether Mason will be doing something similiar?
There have been other articles covering media queries in SVG since then, but by my reckoning, that was the first!
JUST discovered that 5 years ago @andreasbovens answered an ‘SVG can’t do this” issue I mentioned in a panel. Doh! https://t.co/bRYABU71ei
@bigtopdesign Just arrived! Congratulations folks, another success! :D
@bigtopdesign Not here yet :)
@Knog Thats fantastic, thanks!

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Gentleman designer, icon artist, lego lover and cyclist. One half of the creative partnership Hicksdesign, based in the Cotswolds, UK

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