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Word of the day: Zugunruhe https://t.co/k2hakVX86i
RT @LitteraCarolina: A must for every library: eighteenth-century rotating table allowing readers to view multiple volumes at once. https:/…
Word of the day: asinine
Great read by @Harrysiegel mentioning our book "Humans against inhumanity: Learning from horrors past" https://t.co/ncp7XHnZa0
RT @ShortwaveBooks: A Private Affair (on WWII, love, and books) by Italian author Beppe Fenoglio transl. by Howard Curtis publ. @HesperusP…
"They who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night." Eleonora, Edgar Allan Poe
RT @RoyalJordanian: #electronicsban 🚫 https://t.co/U3S7sdkipy
RT @guardian: Tobias Ellwood MP hailed for attempting to save officer's life https://t.co/fEazprmVNt
RT @PaulLewis: Addicted to your smartphone? Read this passage. (Page 2 of 'Irresistible' @adamleealter book on addictive tech.) https://t…
RT @Amblings780: BOOK REVIEW: Charles Dickens’ travel journalism is second to none. On #Travel @HesperusPress https://t.co/GJqr8B2rYe #lond…
Word of the day: bis repetita
RT @Literacy_Trust: Sales of print books are rising thanks to children and young people - as ebook sales continue to fall: https://t.co/ip5…
RT @debsgeorg: Well this is embarrassing..#TheresaMay #LeaveEU https://t.co/mjVEpSdX4A
RT @MAKElit: Tim Paulson reviews Denis and Gail Boyer Hayes' Cowed and Edward P. Evans' Animal Trials @HesperusPress @wwnorton https://t.co…
RT @readingagency: 35 empowering feminist reads, chosen by women working in books @StylistMagazine #WorldBookDay20 https://t.co/e3dPEsKmI3…
Word of the day: verisimilitude
RT @MaxCRoser: The Joy of Reading by Nathan Pyle (https://t.co/PkLynoUxZF) https://t.co/2XFA3vM7S0
RT @NorthernReader: @HesperusPress I just reviewed Old Friends &New Fancies by Sybil Brinton on https://t.co/pc3wwRti1b A great discovery!
RT @TheLondonMag: On this day in 1960, Albert Camus was killed in a car crash near Paris with the manuscript of his autobiography luckily…
RT @Godfox: Warmest Wishes for Christmas everyone! (Illust. adapted from 'The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus' by L. Frank Baum @Hesperu…

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