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#HappyNewYear to you too @simonsinek and I #promise to forward this #commitment myself. @YouTube
However, #declarative words are the #speech acts that creates futures that call people to commit and #act. https://t.co/3d1gmcyH4x
RT @simonsinek: The small work hard to serve themselves in a big way. The big work hard to serve the world in a small way.
Very unsettling >> President-elects can't have their own facts: ⚡ Did Trump really stop Ford from moving to Mexico? https://t.co/gIh8V3tNHO
Pray for #Aleppo & say hello to @AlabedBana May people #communicate #joyfully everywhere. Bana, keep sharing your… https://t.co/zsvWOBKTHl
Thx for clearing the world, @greenandtidy 👍👌👋
#VPN like a proper Bear with https://t.co/j5eOUYgwqL. Browse like you're in another country! #privacy @theTunnelBear https://t.co/Pwt0qxmLZi
RT @NobelPrize: BREAKING 2016 #NobelPrize in Literature to Bob Dylan “for having created new poetic expressions within the great American s…
RT @StephenOssola: Doesn't need a caption. https://t.co/6qpNNTFslT
RT @500px: 31 Breathtaking Natural Swimming Pools Around the World: https://t.co/XdS56m8T1I #TravelTuesday https://t.co/Eq0zBOYkCf
Säger som @JustDOfficiella. "Håll ihop för det lönar sig i längden. Får du en invit till svek så släng den." https://t.co/pcK1DXOaOU
@nationalexpress plz advice?
@nationalexpress your call centre is blocked/undermanned and your site won't accept my ticket number for changing the incorrect booking
Download @theTunnelBear ! https://t.co/j5eOUYgwqL Browse like you're in another country! Can I have a Gb please? https://t.co/Pwt0qxmLZi
Bill is cool https://t.co/xJE5VvFu6l
@aagkcc it's a bummer
@Dynamite09inc Hi there. What's the news? ;)
@theTunnelBear A couple of gigs would be great, thx. ;-)
@asana Ok, awesome. Any guesstimate on when you'd like it launched for our benefit? @Bjarcore @enricmoreno
Agreed. Hello @asana. Yet another user across the puddle looking at the week bit different than u. Request escalated? @Bjarcore @enricmoreno

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a force for peoples full expression and at-ease-ness speaking to others and the world. Sailing, singing, acting and computers are other fun pastimes/work

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