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Sword and Armor craft projects to do with your nieces, nephews and kids (or with adult friends if you are awesome)!! https://t.co/zNkV1S8xWa
Online Machine Tool Auctions – An Economic Force http://t.co/XwVHPr9Rnt
The Seven Irrefutable Laws of Manufacturing Business Growth http://t.co/bwPCwp5YTC
For people whose products are used in natural gas production -- boom expected to continue for 'decades' http://t.co/U5xALL08K3
Meteorite crash in Russia, lots of video on youtube. http://t.co/RKxTnwzN
Declassified: America's Secret Flying Saucer http://t.co/WantCnb2
"The money made to be made w 3D printing is based off the prototypes of products created using 3D printing that are mocked up and tweaked."
How 3D Printing Will Generate Business for Production Manufacturers http://t.co/wU6U2nri
Engineers as Heroes http://t.co/9dYPl1uJ
One man's plan for new policy to bring manufacturing jobs back to the US http://t.co/rUSyovvY
New Apple iMacs reflect trend to manufacture in the US. http://t.co/TZyLrLjx
US manufacturing business conditions lowest in 3 years; fewer jobs expected http://t.co/qYzO99dy
RT @TheAtlantic: The insourcing boom: After years offshore, is industry finally returning to America? http://t.co/3Y7EV9uc
Bill Nye the science guy fundraising to make an iOS game teaching physics to kids - http://t.co/IjKXlNGY
Blog post -- Small business dominates the US manufacturing landscape http://t.co/0yq3atOV
How to keep machine operations up to date for the 21st century-mobile, analytics, etc. http://t.co/hNMrpTzi
$1 in manufact. sales creates $1.40 in other sectors (the largest sector in the economy). Manufact. drives other sectors profits #manufacts
How to get a leg up on government work by registering as a disadvantaged business -- http://t.co/QFjR4W5h
Small businesses dominate US Manufacturing; over 75% of US manu companies have < 50 employees. http://t.co/0yq3atOV
Manufacturing sector profitability is exceptionally cyclical, but we're in a good period now http://t.co/1fsKJ6le #manufacturing

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I share useful resources with Engineers, and I'm co-founder of Industrial Interface, a community for Engineers and Suppliers in manufacturing.
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