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Healthy Lounge is closed. What you may not know is that I have joined a great business in Charleston... @Sweet185. Please follow! ~ Jennifer
Our farewell e-newsletter...
Bring group of 4+ ppl in for our Community Chill Out Event this wk & we'll put $10 on an acct for you >
Our latest e-newsletter... PLEASE RETWEET... Thank you!!!
Tweetup: Community-Wide Chill Out Event on Aug 24-29, 2009 RSVP here: #CommunityChillOut #twtvite
Do you eat trail mix? If so, what are your favorite ingredients in a mix? When do you eat it?
Wonders if the Greenville community would carve out some healthy "me time" one day next week if the price was right. Stay tuned!
Creating a new look for ourselves... much more of a hangout now, complete with leather couches in our teal green. SWEET! :)
CLAIM YOUR FATBOY... only 2 left! Reg. $229-$299, only $99/each. Have Turquoise & attached Call 250.2811.
@Tadiera Great! Did you find out about us on Twitter? Hope to see ya' soon! :)
@stevenpitts Migraine sufferers claim both our O2 service (92% pure O2) & can of O2 (89%) really help. Might offer some relief to you.
@daniellejewelry @stevenpitts, yep, we still do Oxygen Sessions. They will knock out a headache in about 10 minutes for most people.
@wiltsie, I will pass this info onto the powers that be! :)
Keeping you in-the-know about Healthy Lounge with our e-newsletter... Unlimited Lounging & Chill Out Events!
@wiltsie, we know! We're taking a hard look at our hours right now. Would 9 am help you? We aim to please, ya' know?!?
Gotten to know @missdestructo after inviting her in for a free drink & good coversation awhile back. Want to do more of that... interested?
Imagine how chilled out your workplace could be! Unlimited Lounging w/ 5+ from your group/company...
Unlimited Lounging! See attached. Sign up by Aug 5th & we'll put $10 on your account! Details: 864.250.2811
@jimsharp, hubbie used to think the same thing until he ate too much and found out he's allergic to avocados in large quantities...Big lips!
4 friends relaxing="Simply Chillin" (Hi-tech Massage, Oxygen Session, drink & 20%off shopping pass). Only $25/person... NOW BOOKING!

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It’s almost impossible to grab much needed “me time” these days. The solution: Rapid Recharge (Healthy Beverage Bar, hi-tech massage or an Oxygen session)