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Happy Aloha Friday! What kind of physical activity do you have planned for the weekend?
Walk around the block during your breaks. Walking actually gives you energy. Notice how much better you feel at the end of a walk.
Habits of healthy people: Take the stairs consistently. After a yr. you could lose approx. 5 lbs. Eat healthy snacks such as fruits & vegs.
Think fruits & veggies are expensive? A banana or apple can be just as cheap as a cookie or small bag of chips & keep you satisfied longer.
Different colored fruits&veggies contain different vitamins&minerals. “Eat A Rainbow” so you can get as many health benefits as possible.
Eat one more fruit & veggie everyday. Pack an apple and baby carrots for your snack foods. You can do it! Small changes=big health benefits!
Make small, smart, lifestyle changes that can add up to big health benefits. Visit for ways to start living healthy.

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