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What is the role of a Chiropractor?: A chiropractor is a health care practitioner that is sought out as an alt... https://t.co/E4ZSHVSvSB
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What is a Spinal Adjustment?: What is a spinal adjustment anyway? As a Colorado Springs Chiropractor  I get as... http://t.co/MEeL20NzUn
Chiropractic Care and Auto Accident Recovery: Have you or somebody you know been in a car accident recently? I... http://t.co/FVZ2yUda9h
Back Pain – Chiropractic Care Vs. Medical Care: During a 2010 study of back pain sufferers, patients revealed ... http://t.co/w0WWJZHZbh
A Chiropractic Approach to Relieving Migraine Pain: Yes. A Chiropractor can help to relieve some of the sympto... http://t.co/8Y30zM3v7e
The Holistic Chiropractor – Health and Wellness: Holistic chiropractic care emphasizes wellness, instead of me... http://t.co/lZFJVbo6EM
What’s the DIfference Between Massage and Chiropractic? w/ Video: This question gets asked quite a bit. How do... http://t.co/RWMS0iOJoy
Is Chiropractic Care Safe?: When you get any health-related work done, it’s natural that you’d be concerned ab... http://t.co/ePoGS9SVJv
What Type of Education Do Chiropractors Receive?: As chiropractors are practitioners of complementary and alte... http://t.co/IpPIWzdkH5
What are the Differences Between a Medical Doctor and a Chiropractor?: Just like a doctor of medicine (M.D.), ... http://t.co/9Y40WFuyzN
What is Spinal Decompression?: Your spine puts up with a lot; upright locomotion puts an intense amount of pre... http://t.co/ELQ2sdDyTW
How Does Chiropractic Work?: At the heart of chiropractic is manual manipulation, or adjustment, of the spine.... http://t.co/iZ8FxifRKW
Colorado Springs Chiropractic Center, Enhancing Your Health: Those who haven’t used chiropractic care before s... http://t.co/fEJ8DtK5FP
Colorado Springs Chiropractic Center, Better Health: Routine chiropractic care as a part of your lifestyle wil... http://t.co/WDRFddCXTI
Colorado Springs Chiropractor, Neck Pain: Do you ever have those days when your neck is just killing you so mu... http://t.co/Wk33mOJA1A
Colorado Springs Chiropractor, Vertebrae Misalignments: Chiropractic care corrects the misalignments of the ve... http://t.co/9R9O512Lle
Improving Health, Colorado Springs Chiropractic Center: At Colorado Springs Chiropractic Center they care abou... http://t.co/Je9ZkoYiuW

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I treat people who have difficult-to-solve health issues such as Fibromyalgia, Thyroid problems, Stubborn Weight, Neuropathy, Migraines, and Balance Disorders.