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Happy Independence, to be on your own, to govern yourself.
Jennifer Love Hewitt quits Twitter - via @winnipegnews via @sharethis
Stay strong, don't give evil a voice.
Just like 911 they are hoping for a "bigger bang" in the social structure. Keep pounding for the truth, live like each day is the last.
The bombing. Those who did it want a reaction. A reaction in society where a few men and events, can make a huge difference if you let it.
Defining the culture of Americana (a creative website):
spring is here, try to grow some plants, get some seeds and dirt, dont need a green thumb to do something
This cool winter has everyone a bit bummed out in the northern states. Hope it will be over soon, and I hope we don't go right into summer.
Still here, thinking of more YT vids, etc. Hope it warms up. I would like to get some seedlings started. Need to get containers. good day
2. solar air heater videos, playlist 2 of 2:
solar air heater videos, playlist 1 of 2:
just taking it easy,kind of tired, looking for things to reinvigorate me
RT @OMGFacts: Soda, coffee and lemon juice are all considered acidic based on the pH scale.
RT @Dothegreenthing: Every year we produce about 3% more waste than the year before: #23posters
RT @EnergyCollectiv: "Barefoot" Solar Energy Engineers, via @makingitmag -
RT @inhabitat: The Kinetic Islands are floating structures that turn the Great Pacific Garbage Patch into elements for a sea city. http: ...
Just ate a bunch of chocolates, to avoid any health problems, I'm taking a vitamin.
gnite , there's more to the internet than twitter

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