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Turkey vs. Chicken Which do you choose? #HCMhealthy... http://t.co/IzzQZUoq3Q
Ab Exercises for Flat Belly http://t.co/xjwKEdXP1V
-Celery is the best vegetable source of naturally occurring sodium. It is high in potassium. -The high water... http://t.co/78tQtqXXpw
Most Fit States: 1. Colorado 2. Connecticut 3. Massachusetts 4. Hawaii 5. Vermont #HCMhealthy
A slice of watermelon. A handful of berries. A glass of iced tea. These are all classic summertime foods, and as... http://t.co/JOzCwnti6O
Your body uses 300 muscles to balance itself while standing still. http://t.co/XhH0JjqkiK #HCMhealthy
Work Out During Your Workday "Sit on a stability ball to strengthen your core, and keep dumbbells or exercise... http://t.co/hGyIZOjo1y
The blueberry harvest is good for your health. Those little berries are loaded with vitamin C, polyphenols and... http://t.co/4Sz5AighDO
Rebuilding the Philippines http://t.co/RuYM93l5Z9
Laughter is strong medicine for mind and body. Laughter has been shown to release endorphins, lower stress, boot... http://t.co/MLxMhqbUld
Got Kale? http://t.co/gTvmokqAAt
Always start your workout with a light five-minute cardio warm-up. #HCMhealthy
Treat yourself to a well-balanced diet. Nutritious foods not only increase your energy and improve your mood,... http://t.co/P45HdmkuhV
Know Your Numbers: Cholesterol Cholesterol is a waxy substance that is found in the blood. A certain amount of... http://t.co/7Na4ZLDjJb
Do you want to be a part of a fast-growing, exciting media company? We are looking for a Sales Account Director... http://t.co/SiYq3qn8Ns
Did you "fuel" up today? #HCMhealthy http://t.co/buUgseo80U
Drinking water at a certain time maximizes its effectiveness on the body: glasses of water after waking up -... http://t.co/emYbdziYt9
You burn more calories sleeping than you do watching television. #HCMhealthy http://t.co/zG0YrypcCB
#HCMhealthy http://t.co/k4dRWvbke9
Load up on vitamin C. We need at least 90 mg of vitamin C per day and the best way to get this is by eating at... http://t.co/5BQQt27lpU

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