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Ni'ihau is a off-limits island in #Hawaii for civilians and locals but boasts a alluring moniker: "The Forbidden Island" #KnowHawaii
Akebono Taro from #Hawaii was the first non-Japanese sumo wrestler to reach the rank of Yokozuna.. #SportsFacts http://t.co/HInzkXe5K1
Cruise Control: A Great Feature on Enterprise Hawaii Car Rentals. Visit our #blog to know more… http://t.co/VY1XKEnu7m
There's an annual Spam Jam in #Honolulu, where area restaurants cook up creative Spam-inspired dishes #fun #FoodFacts http://t.co/SLSUQj9M4v
The local street food tradition in #Hawaii of "Plate Lunch" was inspired by the Japanese who had been brought to Hawaii as plantation worke
When Size Matters, Get the Most Efficient Car Rental in Hawaii. Read our #blog to know the best deals on #SUV.. http://t.co/NpH86FwYI5
When Size Matters, Get the Most Efficient Car Rental in Hawaii, Read our #blog to know the best deals on #SUV.. http://t.co/VGEQCstsMl
Eat the Street is well known for their street food truck events held every last Friday of every month in Kaka'ako. #DidYouKnow
When people swim with resting wild spinner dolphins, the dolphins may be drawn of their resting state to investigate them. #Hawaii #FunFacts
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#DidYouKnow Phoenix has average of 85% days of sun. More than Florida and #Hawaii http://t.co/tUwUFL5dky
In search of the most beautiful places on Earth? Come to Big Island - #Hawaii #vacation http://t.co/m9BE5RjcGP
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#DidYouKnow Hawaii Volcanoes National Park provides $125M to local economy in 2013, report states. #Hawaii http://t.co/74HZJox7cQ
Imagine a delicious sunset dinner on a night cruise, with refreshing wine and the backdrop of a beautiful sunset. #BeautifulHawaii #Explore
The traveler sees what he sees, the tourist sees what he has come to see. - Gilbert K. Chesterton #Quote
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Do visit ranch's two historic homes, Mana Hale and Puuopelu on the Parker Ranch on Hawaii's Big Island #HawaiiBeyondBeaches
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Hawaii Car Rentals is an Authorized Wholesale Corporate Discount Vendor of car rentals in Hawaii for 5 major national brand rental car companies.

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