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Go around in a #rentalcar & enjoy the tropical terrain & white sandy beaches of Kauai also known as 'Garden Isle'! https://t.co/uvyMixzRCd
Do you know the motto of Hawaii? Ua Mau ke Ea o ka ʻĀina i ka Pono ("The Life of the Land is Perpetuated in Righteousness")!
Get a #rentalcar and move around in the pleasant weather of Hawaii! https://t.co/CbQKwWs8Yu https://t.co/ehwV3QuizX
Plan a destination wedding in Hawaii & make your D-Day memorable! Pre-book #rentalcars for guests' convenience. https://t.co/CbQKwWs8Yu
Can you guess the state gem of #Hawaii? It is 'Black Coral', which grows under the sea in colonies! #VisitHawai https://t.co/6IwxUDzRDA
Do you love #surfing? Visit 'Pipe' in #Hawaii where you can surf on some of the most unforgiving waters! https://t.co/CbQKwWay6W
Be laid back in Hawaii just like the Hawaiian monk seal, which also happens to be the State mammal! #VisitHawaii https://t.co/YedFdWDySQ
Do love #pineapples? More than one-third of the commercial supply of pineapple comes from Hawaii. #HawaiiFacts https://t.co/tKJbXNjADO
Book our rental car & don’t be late for Luau, a traditional Hawaiian party usually accompanied by entertainment! https://t.co/3ON6WLecfN
By law, no building on Kauai Island of Hawaii is allowed to be built taller than palm tree. Like seriously! #FunFact https://t.co/wWV54fSLBm
Book a rental & visit Pearl Harbor, the naval base of U.S which was attacked by the Japanese in 1941 (World War II) https://t.co/CbQKwWs8Yu
Hawaii has its own time zone. The time runs two hours behind PST. So be laidback and enjoy in Hawaii! #VisitHawaii https://t.co/RTYd3EVHE6
Take a #rental car and visit Iolani Palace, in Honolulu, which is the only royal palace in the United States! https://t.co/CbQKwWs8Yu
Did you know that born in #Hawaii, Barack Obama is the only president from outside the continental United States? #InterestingFact
Capture the perfect shot of the Hawaiian state bird, an endangered species of goose called the nene at the Maui’s Haleakala National Park!
When you picture a beautiful Hawaiian getaway, you might imagine a black or white beach but in Hawaii they are also yellow, red and green!
Pre-book a rental and go around to see the places where movies like “Jurassic Park" & many more were filmed! https://t.co/FiByhJAVTV
Nearly 42 percent of U.S. air leisure travelers say they are very or extremely likely to visit Hawaii in next 24 months! #MarketInsight2015
In #Hawaii, no celebration is complete without a lei, the flower garland! https://t.co/EMh6zjF1xh
Of about 10,000 humpback whales that migrate to the north Pacific, more than two thirds are found in Hawaii! https://t.co/zhivRfVWJf

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Hawaii Car Rentals is an Authorized Wholesale Corporate Discount Vendor of car rentals in Hawaii for 5 major national brand rental car companies.

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