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Getting featured has become a goal of mine: Priime Collections: https://t.co/jjZ0wGQKTo https://t.co/M7XERL8Kqo
My wife pointed out that after each debate @HillaryClinton goes to the crowd and Trump hides behind his family on stage.
@O_Cohens @DannyGroner Hahaha. Uh huh. Suuuuuuure. I miss you too.
@O_Cohens @DannyGroner Why you gotta ruin a nice moment between me and Danny? :)
RT @jaltma: Lattice now offers performance reviews! So proud of the team for this launch. https://t.co/LSQklXTPbF
Watching how fast @jakeklamka moves is so great. https://t.co/01olTS5qCX
@hunterwalk Yeah, but there's a subway between buildings on the Hill. It's basically their version of Hyperloop. A very slow version.
More new stuff from Airtable! New apps. New views. New look. New Airtable. https://t.co/DKf7yt3aAJ
RT @ryanbed: We just published our first @RankScience case study: https://t.co/rt2TcUvlP4 How Coderwall grew by 57% from a simple SEO exper…
@priime New goal - practice enough to get featured.
RT @garrytan: Priime lets you make really beautiful photo collections https://t.co/xZopoxdlmS — just signed up for the beta
RT @garrytan: Color Genomics raises $45M to provide cheaper genetic tests - solving one of the biggest problems of our generation https://t…
RT @sama: $1 Million VotePlz Sweepstakes: https://t.co/0QbVnGFYQL
@StephenGHubbard Not yet, but there are "pre-accelerators," which shouldn't be a thing.
@freddier Super important for founders to weigh the cost/benefit of any program. Most importantly, talk to successful alums!
@AriMNazir Be concise and avoid buzzwords!
YC Application season is when I learn just how many accelerators there are in the world.
RT @josephwalla: HUGE day at HelloSign. “@Oracle delivers document signing -- a big win for @HelloSign” https://t.co/7ZAZYV0D1V
RT @mwseibel: Some very cool news :) https://t.co/WWGNbihpvp
Let's do it again, Tel Aviv! with @CampusTelAviv and @innovationendeavors cc/ @ycombinator https://t.co/PZqi1egVmV

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