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"What religion are you?" "I listen to chance the rapper sometimes"
FYI there is no amount of sighing, eye rolling, throat clearing or evil stares that will make a TSA agent care abou…
Byeeeeee Chicago, I’m so ready to go home 💤
Okay, Chicago... I don't like you but you sure are pretty
@EricTewalt Hahaha, it depends if the ending of the book is good or bad 😉
Someone who described himself as “the Iranian Jonah Hill” and dressed in a trump costume just tried to get with me…
I’m in an Uber to the airport for a VACATION and I’m brainstorming Excel macros and formulas to solve a work issue.…
@EricTewalt I read this as “my little pony” 😂🐎💖
RT @edgette22: .@KFC follows 11 people. Those 11 people? 5 Spice Girls and 6 guys named Herb. 11 Herbs & Spices. I need time to process…
RT @celinedion: Let it rain purple on #SpiritDay as we take a stand together against bullying, and to support LGBTQ youth! - Céline💜 https:…
RT @Joe_Gatto: Fans - trying to beat Murr. If you Retweet this, I, Joe Gatto, will personally FOLLOW YOU. I swear. Promise. I won’t let you…
Everyone in this Hanson audience talking about their kids and WOW times have changed
My Uber driver is playing classical music and I feel slightly judged as she asks me what concert I’m heading to and I say “Hanson...” 🎶
A 21 year old guy just asked for my number and then guessed that I'm 25 and yeah ok sure 😂
@thatmikewhite 🖤 you too
I feel like I should have life goals since I'm in my 30s, but since love life and career advancement seem out of th…
@jackantonoff @allycoalition Count me in 🎶❤️
RT @Sia: I love you, keep going
In my defense, I have some sort of cold or flu and she's been great cuddly company. Also in my defense she's perfect and I love her
"I love you more than you'll ever know" I've said this about 23 times today to my CAT. #singleforever

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My name is Jennifer - owner/designer of Harper Street ( and, as well as a Microsoft employee by day.

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