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@thatmikewhite omg 💰
@EmvyArt Doesn't sound like a problem to me 😹
Me, at the airport, and also everywhere else 😐
RT @TWLOHA: Never be ashamed of having to start over.
Aaaaand my DVR won't play it. $250/mo for @comcast and everything is broken or slow. Canceling tomorrow, bye 👋✌️🖕
How busy am I? It's Project Runway night and I FORGOT. Unacceptable, time to slow down.
You guys, I'm Frasier Crane #homesweethome
Here we go again ✈️🖥🎨 Y'all better be watching my work online (I know you won't 😘)
@HeyJessicaRae Thank you ❤️
@CoRoRoyourboat I even looked into things like apps that connect you to therapists but NOPE they're way too expensive too
@thatmikewhite Blood on shirt :/
Woke up in a decent mood & thought "maybe today will be a good day!" then accidentally broke a piece of glass & stabbed myself with it 🤷🏻‍♀️
@thatmikewhite But when you're my age some of them start getting divorced so it's okay 😂
@thatmikewhite How do you keep doing this
@thatmikewhite Love! They turned out great. I should have signed up to volunteer so I'd get one 😉❤️
@StephSForrer Really loving your outfit ❤️
Lots of things I do as an adult would baffle my childhood shelf, but I just put brussels sprouts on a pizza and that may top the list
I feel like if I went to a therapist for my anxiety she'd just be like "stay off twitter" and I'd be cured
RT @Microsoft: A generation without sickle cell disease could start here. We're proud to help women patent and protect great ideas. #MakeWh…
@LesRedHeads @celinedion Yeah, and he blocked me for saying so. So pathetic.

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My name is Jennifer - owner/designer of Harper Street ( and, as well as a Microsoft employee by day.

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