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A must watch. This man, with no arms, is able to do things that most would probably bet is impossible. #unbelievable https://t.co/kwTwckF0AE
@TandCmag I love the view from this room. Maybe I'll just purchase the house. đź’°
@MJohnsonWSB "An honor student." So sad. She truly might have reached high goals in this world. I imagine that her family is devastated.
@DrPhiltill I don't see anyone walking on the rocks. Guess I need new specs. đź‘“Wonderful nature. #rocks
#Rosemary https://t.co/ChZAwdk8JQ
RT @DiscloseTV: An Ancient Manuscript Of The #Bible Has Been Discovered, Proving That It Is A Work Of Fiction #KingJamesVersion https://t.c…
RT @MailOnline: Girl, ten, who is six months pregnant after 'being raped by her uncle', told she cannot have an abortion https://t.co/kk3Oi…
RT @TIME: The world's plastic waste could bury Manhattan under 2 miles of trash https://t.co/sNrTgDUVxu
RT @abc3340: 'It was like thunder': 15 pounds of frozen sausage rain down on #Florida home https://t.co/gWQ1525f7C
HUH!!! ....but neither could see the other. Oh, via the voice. Sad. https://t.co/U1JVzZomwC
@kinshriner @TVGMLogan @GeneralHospital Congrats. WoW!! "Scotty Baldwin"longest running character on American tv"!! " #GH
RT @unmo300: What Ever Happened to the Presidential Yacht? https://t.co/WJcQNY2lD2 via @TandCmag
RT @MailOnline: Fascinating interactive map reveals where you would end up if you dug straight through the Earth https://t.co/qd6taMpCCg
RT @MailOnline: Man is left with a meat cleaver in his SKULL after it is thrown during a fight between couple living next door https://t.co…
Weight loss: How to lose weight with apple cider vinegar https://t.co/cdySp2Vf1f
RT @Earthfiles: Life finds a way. Coral reefs found in Pacific environments scientists previously thought were too hostile https://t.co/2as…
RT @DrShepherd2013: O....M....G....actually seeing people blaming Nat Hurr Center for naming storm Don so people could joke. Umm. NameList…
@MailOnline Based on the existing samples/answers, I think that the answer is 40.
RT @LiveScience: Doctors Discover 27 Contact Lenses in Woman's Eye https://t.co/nW7b8J4v45 https://t.co/7k5VVycX1I
Guess I began my day On The Good Foot. Had #watermelon for breakfast. #Lawn is now calling me. Eau De smell of chlorophyll.

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College graduate.Wants second career in Psychology. Loves to design.I Hand Quilt,Crochet,Embroider,& Knit.I make Purses, Wristlets,Totes,Quilts, Quilt Tops,etc.

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