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Want to know more about #palliative care & the patient experience? View this infographic http://t.co/DndJGFJ1uT
11 Statistics About Embedded Case Managers http://t.co/gUsjuE9K7s
Infographic offers tips to improve telephonic connections w/ high-risk, vulnerable individuals http://t.co/mFnTyBOe0C
What Are the Top Patient-Level Strategies to Reduce Avoidable ER Use? http://t.co/n9x8K4BlpO
Get charts showing trends in care transitions, palliative care & much more when you subscribe to Chart of the Week http://t.co/zh3rdcIBOT
#Alzheimer's breakthrough uses #ultrasound technology to break plaques - #Queensland Brain Institute finding http://t.co/9bs91HOyBl
#Hospital#Readmissions Fall When #Big#Data Meets #Patient#Care http://t.co/wPkcJSo71I
Check out our Pinterest page for our latest benchmarks charts, infographics and more http://t.co/A85HnCXqq2
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White paper: Chronic Care Management in 2015 - Are you Positioned for Care Coordination Revenue? http://t.co/Gx5di8z1Io
Want to learn more about palliative care? View our infographic http://t.co/8cAZd3wNNm
Registries Identify High-Risk, Support Evidence-Based Protocols http://t.co/CZJlwec457
72% of healthcare companies conduct home visits during care transitions. View infographic http://t.co/SfWDUSFHfj
Here are 10 things you should know about patient-centered medical homes in 2014. View infographic http://t.co/lwI39NUE2O
Specialists Move into Medical Neighborhood: Download white paper http://t.co/2DPAlcuDWS
We're on Pinterest!  Visit our chart of the week board http://t.co/TaOOXaLnTL
Top populations getting telephonic case managers' ears: chart http://t.co/Q15IUryj4c
Medicare #ChronicCareManagement: Nearly 1 in 2 Ill-Prepared http://t.co/DQt3sHAqeE
Healthcare Trends 2015: Safety Net Payors Blaze Trail in Telehealth, Co-Located Care Management http://t.co/XRJlYZ2Kgg
12 Core Competencies for the Hybrid Embedded RN Care Manager http://t.co/NzGiH8bcwx

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