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White paper: Reducing readmissions in 2014 --- Post-acute partnerships foster collaboration across continuum http://t.co/f9vIofrFuf
Podcast: data integration, physician-hospital alignment crucial to bundled payment success http://t.co/mYHO4y27RM
This infographic delivers tactics from a top performing Pioneer #ACO, shows 12 ACO trends http://t.co/77YvioJ7eI
Want to learn how to generate value-based #healthcare reimbursement? View this infographic http://t.co/e026EfM1Wq
Population Health Management in 2014: Surge in 'Big Data' Tools Transforms Care Coordination http://t.co/Jxdt4ENAQe
Join our LinkedIn group CaseTalk...A Forum for Care Coordinators & get news, analysis & more on case managers http://t.co/fCJ2xMMJpw
Maturity of Physician Compensation Models from Fee-for-Service to Value-Based http://t.co/Il7aXq0mAy
Engaging specialist in BCBSM’s MH program improved care coordination, reduced utilization. Hear how: http://t.co/7BwDOIGGiL
Reducing Avoidable ER Visits in 2014: Care Access, Primary Care Buy-In Remain Top Challenges http://t.co/qmmPmEI6gZ
Prelim Stratification Survey results: diabetes most common condition among high-risk populations. Get all risk data. http://t.co/R5fYuiQpNu
Identify, Isolate, Inform: CDC issues #Ebola response guidelines for hospital emergency departments. http://t.co/0hDyl8kAhY
New post: Rectifying System Disparities within ACO Improves Data Capture, Quality Reporting: Addressing the di... http://t.co/Scx2EmjhXX
Rectifying System Disparities within ACO Improves Data Capture, Quality Reporting http://t.co/kICyXTeE4N
Infographic includes tactics for successful medical homes & more #medicalhome http://t.co/XsBd9n1aEl
Case Management Monitor e-newsletter provides the latest news, tools & trends in case management. Subscribe now http://t.co/h7lE8S5Y8l
Illinois Hospital Network saves $160m by reducing readmissions, patient harm events http://t.co/bjCjSsdHtl
Get details on how telephonic case management coordinates care for high-risk, high-cost http://t.co/bkVJxVZUVZ
Healthcare Trends in 2014: Putting Money on Population Health, Care Coordination and Integrated Care Delivery http://t.co/91hx8tixxF
4 Factors Driving Resurgence in the Physician-Hospital Organization Model Today http://t.co/cesPp1P01C
Infographic goes behind #CMS Star Quality Rating System & shares key PHM tactics http://t.co/JzRDc3mABH

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