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Want to learn more about palliative care? View our infographic http://t.co/hEzkbaHV0n
72% of healthcare companies conduct home visits during care transitions. View infographic http://t.co/ftDsVkYU57
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What's ROI of #smartphone for patients with chronic illness? (Forbes) #mHealth #populationhealth http://t.co/XkJJyHDAhO
3 goals of #Sharp #diabetes mobile program: reduce complications, boost #medicationadherence, improve health. http://t.co/I1OATBHWp9
Get details on HRA program components & much more from white paper http://t.co/PxTvRWZTjX
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Infographic: Trends in Employer-based Healthcare Benefits Strategy http://t.co/ugBJRkm7rT
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#CMS: Pennsylvania becomes 28th state to expand #Medicaid under #ACA. http://t.co/zNNwnZG3f3
White paper: Reducing readmissions in 2014 --- Post-acute partnerships foster collaboration across continuum http://t.co/Ju3wkUy43l
Military Medics Ease #CareTransitions for John C. Lincoln Newly Discharged #Hospital Patients. http://t.co/TBzEuzXAN6
Telephonic Case Management Targets High-Risk, High-Cost Conditions http://t.co/jiU80xpoWg
Get 6 keys to successful management of dual eligibles from infographic http://t.co/EPxwBMQzyd
Downloadable 2014 Market Metrics: Surge in 'Big Data' Tools Transforms Population Health Management.The use of EHRs for population health...
5 Models for Engaging Community Partners in Dual Eligibles Care Coordination http://t.co/J6K06EZN5g

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