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Chart: What is the Role of Embedded Case Managers? http://t.co/9PpAYeI1Sq
Sentara Home Visits for High-Risk ‘VIPs’ Drive Hybrid Case Management Outcomes http://t.co/MDkmXPuTtA
Protocols in Transition Care Management Codes Scalable for All Panel Sizes http://t.co/DxGCPQ6t3h
CMS hopes to attract more #ACOs. Learn how http://t.co/4156lKOnLU
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Join our LinkedIn group CaseTalk...A Forum for Care Coordinators & get news, analysis & more on case managers http://t.co/p4NDmgx28g
Infographic includes tactics for successful medical homes & more #medicalhome http://t.co/HwFyfoYaOt
What are the reimbursement opportunities for #physician practices under CCM? http://t.co/6ljHG5SZW1
Case management focus on care transitions helps to halve 30-Day Medicare #readmissions. Audio interview: http://t.co/0Z4vr33DuI
Key Components of Palliative Care Programs: Chart http://t.co/SROjqBq9lM
Humana Remote Monitoring Tools Assess Frail Elderly with Functional Limitations http://t.co/ATloVvaHEU
Case Management Monitor e-newsletter provides the latest news, tools & trends in case management. Subscribe now http://t.co/VMwAMBitDB
Want to learn how to generate value-based #healthcare reimbursement? View this infographic http://t.co/dMZSs4q44y
New post: CHRISTUS Remote Patient Monitoring Challenge: Balancing Mission and Margin in Fee-Based World: In it... http://t.co/kRDvCFrGT1
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Humana Physician Quality Rewards Boost PHM across ACO Continuum http://t.co/pc6IudaD3X
9 Things to Know about the #PatientCenteredMedicalHome http://t.co/5fRBmCZruf
Infographic provides metrics on #HRA completion rates, target populations & more http://t.co/VZMbAXvXy4
5 #digital #healthcare tools tech-savvy seniors want right now. #wearables #Accenture. http://t.co/ctgb1FDOm5
Sentara shares reason behind switch to hybrid #embedded case management model in this online interview http://t.co/w9o7sPioKa

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