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Chart: Top Indices To Stratify #High-Risk#Patients http://t.co/5lIsG3q2eG
Yale-New Haven Embedded High-Risk #CareCoordinators Monitor #Geriatric Homebound http://t.co/R1FU5D5zae
White Paper: Stratifying High-Risk Patients in 2014: Procurement, Integrity of Data Challenge Segmentation http://t.co/85p75KRM4e
#Value-Based Healthcare Reimbursement Advisor on LinkedIn: Join Group http://t.co/fI1B0HNPiE
Get the latest news, trends & analysis in healthcare when you subscribe to Healthcare Business Weekly Update http://t.co/2kVBoIawfL
Healthcare Trends 2015: Safety Net Payors Blaze Trail in #Telehealth, Co-Located Care Management http://t.co/KSkEYc26ey
Infographic goes behind #CMS Star Quality Rating System & shares key PHM tactics http://t.co/tQbkQTvMNr
Join our LinkedIn group CaseTalk...A Forum for #CareCoordinators & get news, analysis & more on #CaseManagers http://t.co/zSDZXYlOmH
Infographic includes tactics for successful medical homes & more #medicalhome http://t.co/H7C8Q4nG0f
Auto Insurer Pushes For #Hospital Contracts http://t.co/RCr03VhPAx
New post: Post-Acute Care Payment Bundles: Catalyst for Clinical Redesign, Improved Care Transitions: Brooks R... http://t.co/CFIfKjdGm7
#HomeCare CEO Aims to Keep Seniors at Home as Long as Possible http://t.co/W4hz3vA79T
Accountable Care Organizations in 2015: One-Fifth Primed for 'Next Generation ACO' Participation http://t.co/rWrMOx9qxG
Top Tools Used to Reduce Avoidable #ER Visits: Chart http://t.co/xWmcp3wSgc
Healthcare Trends and Forecasts 2015: E-Visits, #Telehealth to Grow, #PHOs Continue to Surge http://t.co/L7zcr6L7wp
Want to learn how to generate value-based #healthcare reimbursement? View this infographic http://t.co/OpR4oSDDpD
New post: Guest Post: 5 Ways to Use CDI to Smooth ICD-10 Implementation: Clinical documentation is far from an... http://t.co/GGowDjMowz
Join us on LinkedIn and get up-to-date on our latest webinars, infographics, surveys and more http://t.co/hc5dWXzbHq
#Telehealth, #Wearables Tighten Provider-Patient Connection http://t.co/9blNBE5OTW
Chronic Care Management in 2015: Nearly 1 in 2 Poorly Positioned for Care Coordination Revenue http://t.co/x22C56okWl

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