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RT @JuliaScavicchio: HR needs data governance: #HRTech #BigData
HR tech is getting weird and here's why via @JuliaScavicchio & @Better_Buys #BigData #HRtech #HR
How should firms deal with e-cigarettes in the workplace? Sara Eber with @seyfarthshawLLP has the answers
The latest ADA-covered activities? Golf and sex
Age bias laws seem like a great idea, but new research from @SFFedReserve says they didn't help during the recession
Our essential guide for dealing with workplace bullying is right this way:
Is HR on its way out?A new article from @WSJ says maybe.
Check out this blueprint for better compensation talks from the smart folks over at the @HarvardBiz
The National Labor Relations Board has stuck its nose into another non-union organization’s employee handbook.
Is banning dreadlocks race discrimination? We examine a fascinating new court case that highlights that very issue
The 5 ways to appreciate employees, courtesy of @usnews and @mariaelenaduron
Is it time to replace your managers with robots? Yes, you heard us right: robots. Seems they're awfully effective:
Do your managers know how to spot the signs of employee burnout? Our in-depth analysis is right this way:
Quiz: Are you sexist? @HuffingtonPost points to a new @Harvard test that tries to find your unconscious gender biases
When senior managers squabble, what should HR do? @HarvardBiz and Ron Ashkenas have some actionable tips:
The EEOC's showing no signs of letting up on disability lawsuits. Here are the 3 cases where firms lost big.
The NLRB found that Northwestern University football players are “employees." Here's our analysis on the ruling
Spring means warm weather, baseball and dress code issues. @RobinEShea shares her helpful and amusing tips here:
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