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We couldn't agree more, it's always been our favorite color! https://t.co/HJJOiXKfMg
@ariel_od But also TFW when you don't get slapped with a late fee.
@SpartansHHS Congratulations to them! We hope the financial skills they learned will stay with them for a lifetime!
Apply or renew your ITIN with H&R Block through Dec. 31 for free! Details here: https://t.co/kH6DVaecDZ https://t.co/DTS55Hn8cw
@McScrewYou Wow, so sorry. Can you send me your phone number and office address where you requested the call from via DM? -Andrea
@LisaAJK @teachmbw @KelzBoldt The Budget Challenge is great for teaching students financial skills they will use their entire life!
Winter heating costs can significantly impact your overall budget. Save energy & money this winter with these tips:… https://t.co/inwhQ8sTu7
@SarahCath3rine But those financial skills you learned will stick with you for the rest of your life, Sarah! Be proud of your hard work!
@cmsbizteach15 Congratulations to all your class winners and future money masters! It's great to see their hard work pay off.
@bcwdesign Joe, we are glad you were able to get this resolved! If there is anything else we can do for you dont hesitate to ask. - Jaime
@BASDNEWS We love hearing that! Tell them we said good luck with the rest of the simulation!
@bcwdesign Hi Joe, we want to apologize for the inconvenience! Can you please DM us with your email and phone number. Thanks, Jaime
Saving for your first home? Here are some strategies to help build your nest egg: https://t.co/PDH3c86eru https://t.co/mUTfyRzcpR
@BASDNEWS Great to see! How are they liking the simulation?
@ziempie Morning, we do see that we sent you an email on 11/18/16 with no response back. Are you still needing assistance? Thanks, Jaime
@josephavellino Hi, for assistance you would need to reach out to our Digital Department Team Members at 866-606-3400. Thanks, Jaime
Holiday gifts are given… But should they be taxed? Follow these guidelines: https://t.co/lX3BwpvbiC https://t.co/nw96jTg40s
@PujaMohindra Hi, can you please DM us the email address you are using so we can check this for you. Thanks, Jaime
Holidays on a #budget? Shop for greater #savings with these tips: https://t.co/TevxRJsXgf https://t.co/LjbQRjlqpZ
@Chrisc1227 Oh no! Chris, Please DM us your phone number and email so we can look into this. Thanks, Jaime

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