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.@NorthWNForget reviews another solid ep of .@TheAmericansFX: http://t.co/TDHloLXjSA
This is magical. http://t.co/QLkMMEeS4W
.@NewGirlonFOX review: .@AnthonyHoffman looks at an episode full of "Big News" http://t.co/mvi6vSgNmy
It's pretty likely that this is all we'll be thinking of while watching "Transcendence" this weekend: https://t.co/wvCHlYYeGW
The cycle of life: You invent acronyms, then watch as people co-opt them, and ultimately get angry when one day you don't understand them.
Our own .@HEAVEdom is part of one of the many interesting panels at this year's .@CIMMFest, talking film criticism: http://t.co/YG4kj4qmfb
The days are ticking until Permanent Records at .@UnchartedBooks! For more, check over hurr: https://t.co/WCeIWb9nyv
Pod People: .@Nico_Lang and .@HEAVEdom kick off one last round of their summer box office guessing game: http://t.co/spb4NOs2PA
Second Listen: Frank talks the Book of Mormon cast recording http://t.co/8dNpDbiGMg
(That's what happens, right? Grandpa Zep said that. He was into the moonshine by that time, but he seemed lucid enough.)
Just remember, kids, if you don't do your taxes the Tax Man will come to your house and kidnap your mom while you're sleeping!
RT @RiotFest: "Patience is necessary, and one cannot reap immediately where one has sown." - Soren Kierkegaard
Just two more weeks until the dozenth Permanent Records at .@UnchartedBooks! Details here: https://t.co/WCeIWb9nyv
If you didn't catch it last week, Slow Cooker Sports talked the Ricketts family, the Ultimate Warrior, much more: http://t.co/ETskvQ10pU
.@BobsBurgersFOX review: .@NorthWNForget reviews a series-best episode addressing Brony culture http://t.co/NtOKMXquxu
A thing that's grating: People who give up major spoilers just to get self-righteous when other people come at them for it.
Our staff is into .@Japandroids, .@VeepHBO and more in this week's roundup: http://t.co/QOiXrHT0O8
(A note on that last one: If you're only wanting to see it for the nudity, get ready for the film to indict you for it.)
Movie review: .@HEAVEdom finds "Under The Skin" stunning, tragic, painfully human beneath the surface http://t.co/9T1HHbk5lV

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