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Microsoft launches Office365 BI platform - I'll love to see what 3rd party solutions take advantage of this!
new quantum entanglement microscope unveiled. new frontier for optics? mind blown.
9 elementary, middle and high school finalists to compete in "shark-tank" judging of their inventions in Tampa:
14 Books That Will Make You More Innovative in 2014
14 Books That Will Make You More Innovative in 2014
Photoshop adds support for 3D printing. Surprised they didn't start with Illustrator, that's what *I* use first!
I've said it before - Google doesn't want to own the next Facebook, it wants to own IRL
"There’s also a motor kill switch in case your robot becomes sentient" - new robot brain kit Rex on Kickstarter
Zach Ellis @Ellis253 at Salesforce understands customer care. Keep it up!
Congratulations Tom!
if you thought that there's nothing clever or room to innovate about cardboard boxes, you'd be wrong
Not stable at room temp yet - but scientists created a new flexible molecule up to 3x stronger than diamond
What do you think - are video ads going to ruin the Facebook experience? I am afraid, I"ll admit
The realistic movement of this robotic spider absolutely blows me away!
Another smart toy I wish I had as a kid: open source, magnet-connecting, modular circuits
The zero privacy countdown continues - inferring personal networks from your photos!
When we find the genes for superhero abilities, we'll be ready to swap them right out for your boring normal genes.
@Markus64 lol I think we already have that covered with sitting on our butts staring at a TV or stadium game... Thx!
A digital gaming championship event sets a record 32 million views - our definition of "sports" is evolving; will there be a need for...
digital gaming championship events set a record 32 million views - how will this change our definition of sports? -

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