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One of our new favorite sites:
Who DOESN'T need a bow-and-marshmallow set? :)
Oops...! Safety first, everyone!
deviantART has some awesome gun art!
RT @AnyplaceAmerica: Like exploring? Check out some of America's ghost towns:
How to make a marshmallow shooter gun that's as fun to make as it is to shoot:
Great story about an old family gun:
RT @NRAblog: Disabled shooters discover empowerment at 2010 Open Range Day
RT @HuntingJesse: Decorating your deer mount
Gawker's great post on the Mex. drug cartel's blinged-out gun cache:
GREAT PAFOA post re: Brazil's 2005 attempt to outlaw guns:
@Hauntedwarrior Agreed. :)
@Hauntedwarrior Bottles or cans or either?
@Hauntedwarrior Well, the NW is notorious for wet, dreary springs - but I think we're headed into sunny days, cold beer, and fishing!
@Hauntedwarrior Doing great. The weather has finally cleared here in the Northwest.
Really cool video from the NRA Firearms Museum about disguised firearms!
@Hauntedwarrior Howdy, Warrior! How goes it?
The most popular Ebang Item Search today is a Marlin 336W 30-30 (
Via Bruce Schneier, Baltimore PD pics of guns that look like toys:
Because you're never too old to Nerf: Buy one, get one 50% off.

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