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Grateful to have the work latitude to focus on my family (and me) full of flu, pink eye, and dodgy sleep. Carry on, good people!
The doctor today asked if my cough was productive. I resisted the urge to ask, "As in does it do my taxes and create content? Yes."
RT @mckra1g: "@SCENEchicago: "What is the ultimate purpose of life? It's to give. Start giving. See the joy of giving."…
I love how Mother Nature doesn't hold back, Spring is a beautiful, messy explosion of color.
What a blessing to have the sun make a cameo as I sit out on my steps, oily fresh coconut flour bread in hand.
@uncle_harrys cheers, will do.
But is it artisanal? @ New Seasons Market
@uncle_harrys Can you send one for the current bottle we bought? It's nice to have that option while ordering, but we normally buy at store.
Hey @uncle_harrys would it be possible to be sent an old school squeeze top for your Miracle Mouthwash? I'll follow so I can DM you if so
Apparently it's not just motorcycle gangs getting into it in Texas....
Much like vinyl LPs made a resurgence among millennials, I think analog experiences in other realms will proliferate
It's funny, even when I only have one social media platform I want to post to, I still reach for @buffer. Simple, clear, effective.
I'm not normally one to take Facebook quizzes, but this description, aside from the career title, is largely apt:
In this digitally immersed, work everywhere world, an analog office makes perfect sense.
Just call me Mr looking after my semi sick toddler at an outdoor kiddo cafe while working on my phone. #whateverittakes
I've had the hunch that fonts can subconsciously inspire trust. Now it's been proven.
RT @Koann: Considering joining ground 0 for 21st century #brand #system #leadership #innovation(#sb15sd)?Here's fuel 4 thought! https://t.c…
RT @joeycomeau: House not selling? Use the Tilt-shift filter on instagram and claim it's a tiny house! SOLD for twice the asking!
@raganello @canalrivertrust Multimodal transportation is so last year. Time for multispecies, from the look of it!
RT @sustainablepdx: Calling all artists! Let's transform this vacant lot in honor of the new Orange Line! cc: @trimet @Portland_State http:…

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