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Hey @MrTaylorJohn we’re missing your show at the Alberta Rose tonight, but heard you’re doing many more locally. True? Where next?
Rust abstract. #urbanism @ Steel Bridge
This is Portland? In January? Great winter bonus. @ Steel Bridge
Saturday morning. Sitting on a pier. Peace. @ Eastbank Esplanade
I see @Cityblooms1 being used at hospitals & corporate campuses >> Growbots Make Rooftop Farming Easy For Everyone
Bring it home, Oregon! #financial #Innovation @ Hatch
Innovation isn't just an urban phenomenon. Check out @RogueRover's made in Oregon mind blower.…
Simple, smart, relevant innovations here >> The Internet of Things Plan To Make Libraries and Museums Awesomer
Something to consider for your firm? >> Grey Advertising Gives Millennials Own Office Space
RT @G6airpark: We love our Blazers and our jumpers!
@daninierenberg @coolfoods @truefoodnow It depends on what's being grown. Robust hydroponic systems like @CityBlooms1 don't need soil.
How do you make a #bike rear light less annoying and more effective? Put a lampshade on it. #not kidding
Hey @PTecLights how's #ORShow looking this year? Aside from what you're bringing, who's looking interesting?
RT @Notteham: Sleater-Kinney, Belle and Sebastian and Decemberists albums all come out today. it's like #PDX record store Black Friday.
Ok Germany, bring it! RT @ericcoreyfreed The DoE Just Broke the World Record in Solar Cell Efficiency
We need smarter,lighter,more broadly deployable urban farming options. As @Springwise reports @Cityblooms1 may be it.
Let's face it: Most urban farming is overpriced underproducing window dressing. Not @Cityblooms1, via @Springwise
One day... #biking #notmypicture
A great winter #biking hack, courtesy @MomentumMag: Slipnot traction system #smart #cheap #effective
Homemade #paleo cereal+hemp milk by @DoWhatFeedsYou to start my Sunday = Win

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