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Art as healer/revealer/catalyst of a city? Yes. #urbanism #limerick #ireland
Boom bzzz @ New Seasons Market
What they said #earthday #bzzz @ New Seasons Market
Oooh RT @TravelOregon Goonies never say die! Is “Goonies II” coming soon to the Oregon Coast?
@paul_a_smith Ack! Flouride in water is byproduct of fertilizer production, not medical grade Fluouride.
You know you're busy when, as a green business consultant, it takes tweets flowing by to remind you it's Earth Day. To a better planet!
Live in NYC? Have you used one of these Beacons, by @FrogDesign? The video paints a seamless picture. Reality?
@scrivenerapp Any quick key command to add a link to text, vs. Edit>Add Link?
@ScrivenerApp thanks, Katherine sorted me with what to do. That's actually the default setting. Odd.
@rachael_joy will do. And how did you figure that out?
Because they can... #bikeporn @ Filmed By Bike
A subtle #bike for a shy person... @ Filmed By Bike
Finley, ready for his first Easter egg hunt :)
It's been a Good Friday, indeed. #grateful.
Seeing a giant pink Hummer limo roll through my neighborhood and realizing how rare limos are in Portland somehow makes me happy.
@rachael_joy ah, their origin story-
@rachael_joy yes I saw them in Palo Alto '90, London '92, San Francisco '96. Great stories from each. :) I like being 44, feeling so alive.
The Orb is 25 years old. I don't feel old. More surprised! I can still remember stumbling across Little Fluffy Clouds
Thank you @keen @rivernetwork @wilriverkeeper for your efforts!
@geekandahalf testing testing 1 2 this thing on?

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