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Genius #susty #toy idea: incorporate the #packaging as part of it! Kids do it anyway. @ Kids At Heart…
@jaredbrick I'd be happy to. Contacting shortly.
RT @AlmostTruth: Do your kids take probiotics? What is your favorite? I keep trying different methods and brands, but I want to make sure t…
RT @contextpartners: #FastCo #Tesla embracing their ideal role in public transit movement—their innovators live http…
RT @LeonKaye: But we love that urge to unwrap! Waste-free packaging is coming-are consumers ready for it? by @Guardi…
Oh Portland, I love you. #autumninoregon #applefestival @ Portland Nursery
Because tiger spelunking hat. @ New Renaissance Bookshop
RT @janeintheworld: Klein: a new movement is rising. Rooted in localism, with fierce connection to place and yet highly connected and dynam…
RT @TimbersFC: This evening started with a wedding in the North End! Congrats! #RCTID
What the kale?! #halloween @ New Seasons Market
That's what it's all about... @ New Seasons Market
Fall fireworks. @ Gabriel City Park
Interesting point re the #sharing/#collcons economy: people aren’t necessarily spending less, they’re spending differently. #GoGreenPDX
Los Angeles is the only city where #innovation and budget are managed by the same person. Smart, so the amazing gets realized #GoGreenPDX
LA is doing some smart things w/its resources. #bigdata tells them best spots to place police. Result? Same crime rate as 1949. #GoGreenPDX
Communitarianism. #GoGreenPDX
An broadly applicable philosophy from a furniture maker:Build them to last and be used longer than the life of the tree sourced. #GoGreenPDX
Interesting to learn how #permaculture applies far beyond agriculture, into business, society and life. #GoGreenPDX
RT @chrisbaskind: Road Holland, a line of cycle clothing with a sleek "unracing" look, seeks brand ambassadors: http…

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