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A provocative listen >> Why Do Cyclists Break the Rules?
Fascinating history, inspiring future... >> After 90 years, American cities are again redefining independence
Brilliant way to give kids a voice in their future >> Kids Are Using Minecraft To Design A More Sustainable World
Hey Australians: Where do people interested in bike commuting, technology and urban life go to read about the latest?
RT @DomBurf: Yesss
@showerspass That's a brilliant idea. Bike hydration can be so clumsy. This solves it, elegantly.
RT @DaniNierenberg: Yes! Urban farming gains popularity in Chicago: @paulina_milla
It's really inspiring to see how many ways Chicago is building resilience @daninierenberg @paulina_milla #farming #biking
That's just not ok @pbs @newshour. But I wonder what ticket sale amounts/costs were for each, and did that have a bearing? #shifting
. @terracycle I love the idea of plastic bottles being directly recycled into clothing, but hoo wee, bet that's a sweaty number!
@godelnik Hahaha, right?!
@jtotheizzoe Small things, given time, can have outsized impact. Both inspiring and mind blowing…
@godelnik You can practically see the narrowed eyes/eye rolling as they wrote this piece. The new often gets shunned. Until it works.
@jtotheizzoe My father has audio from when I was ~7 telling me that that teeny (from high) river in the Grand Canyon shaped it. I laughed...
RT @LaughingSquid: 'PBS Idea Channel' Examines the Increasingly Fine Line Between Play and Work…
No doubt @laughingsquid, the fight for live/work balance is becoming redundant, as the two blur, in enjoyable ways.
@godelnik bad link re @Zappos article. Try again. I'd love to read!
RT @BikeLeague: Why It's Safer to Walk and Bike Where More People Walk and Bike via @CityLab
. @bikeleague @citylab @vanlue This makes intuitive sense. And it's a chicken or the egg scenario. Hopefully less and less are, um, chicken.

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