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The underside of Autumn in Portland @ Ladd's Rose Gardens Circle and Squares
Urban volcano? @ Ladd's Rose Gardens Circle and Squares
@Get_Headspace Ha, I was laying down when listening to the podcast, thinking it was more a talk rather than session. Went with it :)
I've never seen mushrooms of this sort before. They look artisan designed! What are they? @ Ladd's…
@get_headspace That makes so much sense. Optimize brain function via meditation, helping people be grounded, flexible, open.
Dunno why Apple hasn't incorporated two way text in the Messages desktop app, loving that it's there now!
@get_headspace I'm noticing, right now (well not this moment!) that my business writing is flowing much better. This, on day 2 :)
@get_headspace Haha, love the hashtag! I watched the TED talk, you do a solid job of bridging meditation to the broader world.
@get_headspace I was once a massage therapist and am broadly familiar w the holistic realm. I appreciate the simplicity, humanity, clarity.
@apertedesign You can do annnnything at Bed Bath & Beyond (echo effects here)
My Dr prescribed using @Get_Headspace app to help me relax, focus. Really enjoying the "of the world" non woo factor
Just like @IcebreakerNZ, dolebananas are taking them beyond anonymous commodity and on to the farm.…
@Pete_OR but more fun to call it that :)
@Pete_OR ah, so a clamming gun is what I thought it was.
@apertedesign truth! Though that would seem quite cumbersome to me…
@apertedesign really?! Seems common sense to me…but I’m crazy like that. Not a new sign,just something I noticed. Maybe ppl need reminding?
@Pete_OR three cheers for the third part! Clamming gun is? What’s work?
I winded if this was a frequent problem before the sign? @ Fred Meyer
RT @TimoOptionista: MT @fox12oregon: You'll want your rain gear for the bike to/from work. We know you will because you are unstoppable. ht…
@pete_or How great to hear. What's making it rad?

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