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A great way to generate buzz about your #brand. And just an of the moment, good thing to do. @ Whole…
How did Jackie Chan increase solar power efficiency by 20%? Learn how, here :)
Hey @maintain_se, just updated to the Yosemite version of Cocktail and it keeps getting stuck on rebuilding XPC helper caches. Suggestions?
Portland, where even the street art is tastefully, artisanally presented. @ PDX Fabrication Artistry…
As it should be. #urbanism
Peppermint stick #fairtrade dark chocolate makes it all better.
Portland patina @ East Portland Post Office
Hey @casper, how’s the motion isolation of your beds? As in not waking up my lady when I get up during the night. You emphasize bounciness.
How much do you want to bet this is corn based? @ Fred Meyer
Share this widely. Your chance to be a part of creating the solutions that feed our planet, using #biomimicry
Potential disruptor here. #WatchThisSpace >> We may be on the verge of a cooling revolution
Given the amount of oceanic plastic waste, this is crucial. >> Fishing nets biodegrade so they don’t pollute the sea
Don't let your business momentum hibernate over the holidays. Get a GreenSmith Session!
A brilliantly simple way to enable more #bike commuters in hilly areas. San Francisco, Seattle, you listening?
I never thought I'd say it, but when it comes to renewable energy, we could learn a lot from the Tea Party.
RT @verdantflaneur: Smart cities? Social cities? Perspectives from @uah, @cityofsound, @agpublic via @guardian
Forget ugly sweaters, give the entrepreneurial in your life the gift of clarity, confidence and momentum:
Me & my private Christmas tree, 1973. #TBT
RT @DoWhatFeedsYou: Balance is a myth. Stop chasing a ghost and do what feeds you.
I can't be the first to notice the irony that Friends Of The Earth's website is Foe . org...

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