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I love asking about what they're doing, wearing, talking about. It leads to such interesting places.
@carlyjeane Definitely. Creating options that both benefit the environment and meet business needs is just smart.
@thekitchenmaid @sodlish Cheers Lucy, I'll be in touch shortly. Interestingness that's hidden right under our feet!
Hey @timbuk2, any suggestions how to get this remedied?
Hey @thekitchenmaid, my friend @sodlish said we should be in touch re a story possibility. What's your email? I'll follow so you can DM.
Amazing: @Dell makes plastic bags out of thin air. Literally. #carbonnegative #innovation
If you’re wanting to bike as a family, pregnancy onwards, this is a great, thoughtful resource:
Hey @kitliz, what's the best email for you? You're too badass not to know about what I have to share. Will follow, feel free to DM
@spotifycares Cheers. Ironically, it just started running new ads. Still not a fit, but better than the same two…
@spotifycares Looks like it's been requested for some time :) It's a waste of advertisers $ if going to people that aren't interested.
Hello @vacasarentals, I want to make sure you didn't miss my Travel Writer pitch, sent to the Careers@ address when the CL ad got removed.
@timbuk2, I love my Shift bag but forgetting to tuck in it's strap to ride has unfortunately severe consequences
Hey @SpotifyCares is there a way to thumb up/down ads, a la @hulu? I'm getting ones that totally don't fit, are a distraction.
Ah, the smell of ozone in the afternoon… #rainy #portlandsummer
If you're looking for a name for your 90s rave band, your search is over!
Oh. My. I could see this being monstrously popular... >> This simple tool repairs flat bike tires in 60 seconds
Use = interest. Brilliant! RT @MomentumMag Rule of thumb: Every faded bike lane is asking to be a protected bike lane
Hey @tinyhouseblog, what's the best email to reach you at?
RT @Dell4Good: Which of these is used to make our new packaging: banana peels, air or leather? #LegacyOfGood Answer:
Tough yet tender: the monstrous yet flower adorned handbuilt Pettal Power #cargo #bike @ #drtpdx @…

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