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@get_headspace I was once a massage therapist and am broadly familiar w the holistic realm. I appreciate the simplicity, humanity, clarity.
@apertedesign You can do annnnything at Bed Bath & Beyond (echo effects here)
My Dr prescribed using @Get_Headspace app to help me relax, focus. Really enjoying the "of the world" non woo factor
Just like @IcebreakerNZ, dolebananas are taking them beyond anonymous commodity and on to the farm.…
@Pete_OR but more fun to call it that :)
@Pete_OR ah, so a clamming gun is what I thought it was.
@apertedesign truth! Though that would seem quite cumbersome to me…
@apertedesign really?! Seems common sense to me…but I’m crazy like that. Not a new sign,just something I noticed. Maybe ppl need reminding?
@Pete_OR three cheers for the third part! Clamming gun is? What’s work?
I winded if this was a frequent problem before the sign? @ Fred Meyer
RT @TimoOptionista: MT @fox12oregon: You'll want your rain gear for the bike to/from work. We know you will because you are unstoppable. ht…
@pete_or How great to hear. What's making it rad?
Oh goody. While updating to iOS 8.1 I closed the computer. Now cannot update, cannot restore, cannot connect to iTunes. Hrmmm
Wow. Am honestly stunned by gorgeous, strong, light, shockingly affordable #bamboo @GreenStarBikes! #bikeporn #susty
@scottbix @paulrieckhoff Exactly.
Genius #susty #toy idea: incorporate the #packaging as part of it! Kids do it anyway. @ Kids At Heart…
@jaredbrick I'd be happy to. Contacting shortly.
RT @AlmostTruth: Do your kids take probiotics? What is your favorite? I keep trying different methods and brands, but I want to make sure t…
RT @contextpartners: #FastCo #Tesla embracing their ideal role in public transit movement—their innovators live http…
RT @LeonKaye: But we love that urge to unwrap! Waste-free packaging is coming-are consumers ready for it? by @Guardi…

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