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Oh Portland... #bahaha @ Portland Winter Light Festival
Grrrrrr @ Portland Winter Light Festival
Pretty well the most stylish street sign holder I've seen. #design #urbanism @ Ladd's Addition
And Trampoline? @ Portland Winter Light Festival
Seaweed bag, hat, same thing. #upcycling #cuteoverload
Hahahaha @melissapierce, well played! And sadly, all too accurate.
I can see I can see! Who are you people?! #firstglasses #feellikeimondrugs @ Optical Brokers
Just found this in my basement: me, circa 1992. #tbt
But does it do my dishes @hjarche?
Understood @colinbeavan, you put your everything into something, it can be hard when it’s not rolling out as you envisioned. It will.
Good to have such a voice as this in the world. Keep on, Colin!
I’m not normally one to share Top X Somethings articles, but this is chock full of great lifefood.
Utterly stunned by just how effective @Daisydisk was at sussing out bloat on my hard disk. 173.8GB!!
Nature wins! The video screen capture below is somehow iconic. >> Watch Dutch Cops Use Eagles To Catch Rogue Drones
Stunning that such protections aren't more broadly in place... >> Europe’s Unexpected Whistle-blowing Capital
That’s great to hear @herocondoms @c_and_iretail @packagingdiva. A compelling cause and different approach can make all the difference.
Sounds on point, but the related link is broken. Try again? @c_and_iretail @herocondoms @packagingdiva
What a fascinating year it’s been politically in the US. And scary.
It’s about time @alancross @colmanjones, everything else has changed in the industry. Time to let go of what no longer works.
RT @Marilyn_Res: .@easyJet's energy-efficient plane concept could reduce carbon, save millions on fuel via @jessic…

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