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Proposal to a unique, storied and interesting Italian company = done!
Well deserved @ensiamedia. I’ve written for and absorbed a lot of #susty media, thanks for your unique voice.
RT @Denis__Hayes: Make a difference now! @HP will donate $1 to CI—up to $1M—for every tweet you tag with #NatureIsSpeaking.…
I'll say it again: @EnsiaMedia is one of the most unique, provocative & pragmatically positive #susty media out there
I love the reframe of urban possibilities here RT @Denis__Hayes VERGE attendees: Here's my new piece on urban ecology
RT @TheDesmondTutu: Inside the lonely fight against the biggest environmental problem you've never heard of
RT @Viamin: How Apple Pay Really Works and Why You Should Begin Using it Immediately — Kirk Lennon
Beneficial #innovation MT @Indiegogo Did you shower this morning? Thousands like Luciano couldn’t without @LavaMae
RT @good: To help the world fight an Ebola outbreak, the United States should seriously calm down.…
I wonder if @Living_Future is among @Sustainia 100, innovative & readily available solutions from around the world?
I've shopped at @PeoplesCoopPDX for eons, yet it wasn't until today when I signed up as a member that…
RT @dorkitude: This century will be dominated by companies who treat their employees like potential superheroes instead of like cogs in a m…
RT @GuardianSustBiz: Some of the food that's left uneaten at @WaltDisneyWorld makes electricity for the resort’s theme parks & hotels http:…
@sabbatical someone? Some random person? :)
@buffer cheers Mary.
@buffer No. Oddly enough, it was only in Linked In queue, and claimed too many characters! (Tweet length) Did the same when pasting into FB
I wonder if @Living_Future is among Sustainia100, innovative & readily available solutions from around the world?
@buffer exactly. I often hit send now, but not with these.
Hey @buffer, my posts via the iPhone app are disappearing rather than being put in queue. Bug?
Wow, rents have gotten ridiculous in Portland since we last looked. Time to activate the back channels...

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