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Someone's ready for the @timbersfc to play Dallas #scarfFTW @ Crystal Ballroom
A suitably epic venue for the western conference @timbersfc #MLSfinals game.
Sometimes I forget what a gingerbeard I am...until I see myself in the sun... @ Oregon Rail Heritage…
I do believe, @ChooseEnergy, that you have found your next Community Manager.
I love how @boxedwater can be a canvas for so many things. Looking forward to hearing back about my earlier email!
RT @jenejentweets This is so cool. #Agrihoods 12 Agrihoods Taking Farm-to-table Living Mainstream (via @Shareable)
This is a brilliant way to go. Make the better choice desirable, affordable and easy. @jenejentweets @shareable
RT @MaryBethIkard: “Blind people aren't blind until society & system convince us we are." Using other senses to experience the outdoors htt…
So true @marybethikard, you could replace the word blind with any number of others and have it be true too.
I thought so too @inkandpen! Especially given they're an adopted flock from the kookie neighbors who moved away, by a fairly normal couple.
Our neighbor's themed pink flamingos gone hilariously wrong #thanksgiving @ Ladd's Addition
Hey @laurendavidson, just sent you a message via your site, if you want one that's not a fugly mass of text, DM me your email please :)
Now this is an ugly sweater I could hang with. @ Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI)
Sometimes innovation comes from the most unlikely sources. >> From the Ivy League to the Tech League
Hmm, time to practice hitchhiking @jkottke?
RT @dmscott: Educate and inform instead of interrupt and sell.
Oh. Wow. So well put @dmscott @missrogue
RT @BicyclingMag: We really wish Kermit would wear a helmet when he tried this move!
That Kermit, he's always been ahead of his time, a bit reckless @bicyclingmag
Hahaha @nancyscola, it was!

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