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Ah Portland, I love your intermixing of bikes, purpose and fun.
@ginarau a suitably raucous time was had by all.
Happy birthday, my little man :)
Want more people living car light? Back this unique bike! >> Haul-a-Day :Strong & light cargo bike built for sharing
Hmm, what's your thoughts? >> Instead of Vertical Cities, should we be thinking about Linear Cities?
Creative solution: Make your enemy a desirable commodity! >> Kentucky Hopes You'll Eat Its Invasive Carp - CityLab
Stunning. This is no longer a quaint fad. >> Urban Ag Goes Big: An Area The Size Of The E.U. Is Used For City Farming
Coming soon: 30 minute high impact consulting with me, called GreenSmith Sessions. Get to the root of the matter quickly. Done.
YES!! >> GMO labeling measure heads into recount range as opposition margin narrows dramatically
Given the billions on mobile, this could be huge >> Telefónica is putting its mobile networks to bed for the night
Less delineation = more awareness #smart >> Shared space:Why the best thing for some streets is a little bit of chaos
Bravo Pittsburgh. Portland, you listening? > Video: How Pittsburgh became a national model for rapid bikeway progress
RT @nutcasehelmets: Just over 1 week left to submit art to the Unframed helmet design competition! #callforartists h…
Thanks @uncle_harrys for swapping your new adultproof topped bottles for these beauties:
In a brilliant #design move, logitech's G330 headset widens at the temple. Big head people rejoice!
These totally make sense. Use this list when you donate >> 10 Things Food Banks Need But Won't Ask For
Thanks @SkypeSupport, the kink in the hose has been undone, all’s well now.
Skateboards as more than just toys?! >> Portland completed what may be the world's first citywide skateboard count
#facepalm >> House Republicans just passed a bill forbidding scientists from advising the EPA on their own research
Agreed. Smart, vibrant resource use RT @restorm Over-Water Urban Parks: A beautiful & revitalizing new global trend.

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