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RT @Mention: Why Your Social Media Posts Are More Popular Than You Think: by @kevanlee via @buffer…
Great to see this going beyond talk: RT @ensiamedia Microgrids are *so* 2015: @JustinGerdes #smartenergy
Montreal, you dirty dirty team. When in doubt, foul, eh? Vamos Timbers! #rctid
Enjoying ideating on my wife's behalf as I stroll my kiddo. Big possibilities unrolling for her, exciting!
Looks like my @timbuk2 is being retired, a casualty of forgetting to tuck it's strap when riding. Ripe 4 improvement
Ever wondered why beeswax candles are better than regular? Here's the scoop. #longerlastingtoo #bzz @…
I'm betting this Austrailam monster would like a scarier rebrand on it's name. @ New Seasons Market
Sign you live in Portland: Three words - Artisanal basketball hoop. @ FIELDWORK DESIGN
Portland friends: Clean Energy Works sounds like a sensible, affordable home energy efficiency ally
Guess how much this #cargo #bike costs? @ Holy Spokes
Spotted outside Oregon Manifest - the playfully innovative @ridecylo #bikeporn @ PNCA - Pacific…
Good question. #titanium #3dprinting #bike #solidpdx @ PNCA - Pacific Northwest College of Art
Just a reminder... #solidpdx @ PNCA - Pacific Northwest College of Art
Checking out the future of #bike design? Oh yes. #3Dprinting #titanium #smartbike #solidpdx @ PNCA -…
I love how unabashedly this fountain is meant for getting wet in. That's a statue dog btw.…
Is it just me, or does supposed “modern” architecture often look like an early ’60s rendition of the future?I want my future curvy, inviting
Hey @simple, what's the typical wait time to being offered an account there? Been on the list going on a month.
Come see the world’s first connected, 3D printed titanium,urban commuter bike. Tonight. With food and fun. #solidPDX
I love asking about what they're doing, wearing, talking about. It leads to such interesting places.
@carlyjeane Definitely. Creating options that both benefit the environment and meet business needs is just smart.

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