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Less stress, more light = better faster > 5 Gorgeous Hospitals That Show How Good Design Can Improve Patients' Lives
In this post Serial world, the time may be right to consider where your brand fits in the #podcasting world.
Beer sourced petrol? Talk about green beer! This is both a brilliant #branding opportunity and a plentiful resource
@bcmerchant I suspect they're much more aware then we are, and less in denial. Practical, pragmatic about it.
Brilliant brilliant example of #upcycling >> Abandoned Japanese golf courses to become solar farms
If you've been wondering just how #podcasting rose from the dead, this piece tells the story well.
This is key @daninierenberg @farmtoschool - Make the abstract tangible. Connect food to its source, not just the store, for kids.
RT @pallian: Pixar’s 22 rules of storytelling adapted for UX
This is applicable in so many realms @pallian, thanks.
RT @DrBobBullard: Officials tour site of nation's 1st offshore wind farm
At last @drbobbullard! I remember 10+ years ago the ugly battle in the NE. Hopefully the winds of change continue to blow in their favor.
@bcmerchant Kind of stunning, to be honest. Though I reckon people have a sense something's afoot, without such knowledge.
@laughingsquid Eeeevillll!
While we were all busy paying attention to other things, #podcasting got big. Time for your #brand to do one?
It's great to see the arts supported at such a massive scale. Something to replicate elsewhere? #Portland
Is gadgetizing bicycles a good thing? asks @Treehugger. With thought and nuance a la @SmartHaloBike, I say yes
It's encouraging to see three massive housing developments reusing 100% of their waste water on site! #progress
Found object. #inspiration
Hahaha! ^5 to whoever had the sense of humor about themselves to have this on their car. @ Whole Foods
And the prize for best integration of a logo in a license place is...

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