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I’m liking this early Fall “mullet” weather week we’re having: business up front, party in the back.
@phase2 If I was a coder, I'd be so all over applying there.Will have to settle for being a worldchanging copywriter, ambassador, consultant
@phase2 That is a gorgeous space to create awesome. It almost looks like 2-3 places stitched together. Where in PDX are you? #SEhere
RT @Sleep_Better: If you want to #sleep better, #ios and #android apps won't help you. Keep your phone out of the bedroom…
RT @MomentumMag: “This isn’t a bike project, this is a neighborhood development project.” #betterbikelanes #bikesmea…
RT @Ryanintheus: Standing Desks Are Coming To Schools, To Cure Obesity And Increase Attention Spans…
@laughingsquid I don't relate to that one at all! #iwish
It’s ironic to me that sites using @readability seem to be less so, navigation and usefulness reduced. Am I missing something?
Bar none, the most bodacious egg carton #packaging I've ever seen. #food
You know you're in Portland when the big box bulk section has this sign: #food
KAPOW! #macro
A truly French boxer
Hey @nbcthevoice why is it that on the YouTube version of your shows, dance music is *very* quietly playing in the background, all the time?
@PDXbikecommuter way to do something different and fun at a bike store. Will swing by your new place soon.
@PDXbikecommuter how spontaneous :) Ever have scheduled music?
@PDXbikecommuter how fun! Do you have DJs/music on a recurring basis?
I love the Romanian expression for happy birthday, la multi ani - to many years.
Haha, great idea! Temporary tattoos for baldies. #innovation
@JayGilmore it seems @denon is a person. @denonamerica is where it’s at.
@JayGilmore love it! I had a @denon amp for decades, literally. Really well made gear.

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