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@ChrisChiera Sure thing! ^AC
4 questions to ask before hiring your first employee // Are you ready to hire?
@ChrisChiera We can do that but not through DM. We can do through email or phone - whatever is easier for you. ^AC
@ChrisChiera Give us a call & one of our agents can manually add it to your account. Its most likely being held in one of your sessions. ^AC
@ChrisChiera Hmm something isn't right. I tested & was able to add one. Could you give us a call so we can troubleshoot? 8008208210 ^AC
5 Potentially Dangerous Decisions to Avoid When Starting a Business
Want to be a part of a great team and hone your #marketing skills? Join us as our marketing #intern!
What does @taylorswift13 have in common with #smallbiz? More than you'd think!
@BloomNation Great having you guys on the panel. Thanks for all the tips! ^AC
@bberg1010 Great having you on the panel! ^AC
RT @bberg1010: Had such a great time speaking at #frsdchat today! Thank you to @rebeccalev and @grasshopper for the opportunity!
RT @BloomNation: Thanks, @Grasshopper, for a great chat on #socialmedia today! #frsdchaat #facebook #twitter #blogging #instagram #pinterest
@alderetejesus Great post! Thanks for including us! ^AC
RT @alderetejesus: Idea vs. execution from @pickcrew featuring @Grasshopper @sivers
@JayVig As always, appreciate your kind words! You're too good to us :) ^AC
We'll be compiling all these great insights into a resource! Look out for it. We'll email it out :-D #frsdchat
@The_Jen_Clark black and yellow, black and yellow!
Follow other companies on social. See what they're doing. Won't be caught in a book or blog! Tips from @bloomnation #frsdchat
Likeable Social Media by David Kerpen. Must read book on #socialmedia. @bberg1010's fave! #frsdchat
Social Media Examiner is a great place to start-- beginner to expert insights. #frsdchat Start there!

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