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The Small Business Owner’s Quick Guide to Sponsored Twitter Ads
@ChrisPirillo Any additional numbers are a one-time $30 fee, as long as they're all from the same carrier. ^MM (2/2)
@ChrisPirillo :( If it helps, our Grow and Max plans include free number transfers: (1/2)
@paragarora @DH Thanks for the share! What are your thoughts? ^MM
As a business owner, you need to continuously network and always be making new connections.
RT @EmmaFayeS: This Thursday I have complete access to @YWDBoston's instagram! See what my worklife at @Grasshopper is like. Follow http://…
#MotivationMonday on Tuesday - we all need a little today!
@TBStartupQuest You'll want to connect with @tayloraldredge - he handles our event sponsorships! :) ^MM
Aim for making your customers into brand ambassadors!
@dmdinero Thanks for sharing our guide, Dana! What was your favorite chapter? ^MM
@JavedNissar Thanks for sharing our guide, Javed! What did you find most helpful? ^MM
@Soueraigne Thanks for the shout out for #NED! @michellemalkin @BarackObama ^MM
@wijayatamatour Thanks for sharing our post! Did you learn anything new? ^MM
@CXpert Thanks a bunch for sharing! :) Have a great week! ^MM
RT @CXpert: How @Grasshopper Created a Culture of Service via @olark #custexp #cx #cem #cxm
@HONOURoll Thanks for sharing our resources! Do you have a favorite yet? ^MM
@JayVig @TheModestAdonis Woo hoo! Welcome, Timmy - let us know if you need anything. :) ^MM
@AssurancePeak Thanks for the kind words! We love being there for you. :) ^MM
RT @AssurancePeak: I love how helpful and prompt @Grasshopper is when I reach out to them. #phoneservice #smallbiz #entrepreneurship
@JakeWarner Thanks for the love, Chris! We think you're pretty rad too. :) ^MM

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