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@DaneCook I read "I love fucking sore losers," and it totally changed the context.
@HMittelmark How the heck do you do a study on that?
@JewelStaite I just thought you were getting it out there early because you are so punctual and well organized that… https://t.co/wKxJFPWVXN
One day, stupidity will be a capital crime. No one will be left alive.
If my friends are secretly time travelers from the future, are they fans of me or preventing some great wrong I have not yet done?
I've been trying to break artist's block lately. So, I'm opening up for suggestions on subjects. Post any ideas... https://t.co/OmbqfkYbBJ
I posted a new photo to Facebook https://t.co/F3AfuaeWNa
@thinkgeek those are some nice knockers.
RT @thinkgeek: Two wonderful conversationalists. Functional Labyrinth Door Knockers by MeadowHawk Props: https://t.co/vJXgA1dXaq https://t.…
@Gizmodo all I can think when I see these pics is this pic. (not sure who gets the credit.. Not mine) https://t.co/kvuVwJVmud
Gonna drive the big rigs and just perpetuate the redneck steriotype.
So... My current job as a temp who takes out trash at a condiment factory is great and all, but I think it's time to packet up.
So I have been away from my art desk, in a manner of speaking, for months. Meanwhile, I am writing a few short stories on my phone. #sigh
I'm really glad I've decided to make my art available on Redbubble. I've had nothing but good feedback on the... https://t.co/8ke7vWK81Z
ATC original "Desire" is still one of my favorite pastel works to date. https://t.co/9WBP7iPOiZ
Inspired by the Fairy Tale of Rumplestiltskin. http://t.co/Xh6ZO6zizo
Zombie hoarde, anyone? http://t.co/7kpO1EYUrU

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Fantasy & Fairy Artist, as well as husband to my best friend & stepdad to 2 lovely cherubs.

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