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back home after a LONG day with kids. Kids at school I can handle, but my two, between them, equal mucho gray hair!
off to work. Monday always seems to come too fast!
new soaps added...and more coming soon! Just have to get photos taken. I make a lot better soap (and faster) than I can take pics!
@WSPNews Just learning how to do twitter...but I saw your tweet
my daughter made dinner tonight. burgers fell apart on the grill (but the remains tasted good!) along with a homemade apple crumble pie!
am redesigning my labels pending a new launch! Always fun to do, but a bit frantic as well.
Well, my decision to promote my biz more has already gotten a few sales...some on Etsy, some on my main site!
very long day. Absolutely exhausted. Not doing a thing until I feel like it, and that includes cooking dinner...
can someone give me a message (cause I'm gonna be gone for about 8 hours now) about how to search for people to follow?
listing new soaps, right now, at my Etsy shop: Crisp Apple and Jasmine! Vegan and wonderful.
@ShopDavinia you are so welcome! Hope it helps you a bunch!
@ShopDavinia a friend told me about I registered but never did promote myself for freelance. HTH
Free shipping on personal care orders over $25! Lip Balm, Soap, Perfume & More! No candles. Put Twitter in seller info.
ok, I see the 'find people' link, but is there a way to locate people if you don't know their name? Sorry to ask such a newbie Q but..
twitter doesn't like to 'work' for me at times...frustrating! Then again, it could be my dialup...can't wait until I can join the 21st Cent.
updating my Etsy shop with international shipping!
Hello! Been so busy with shows that I haven't logged on in a while! Nice to be back.
please vote! in my family, you don't vote, you've no right to complain!
seeking a new lotion bar container...anyone have any supplier recommendations? Need 1-1.5oz round
cleaning out my home office today. I rarely have enough time at home to do this, and my vacuum broke! Time to take off the cover and see!

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