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When you commit a diet crime, you have to do the time (gym time, that is).
“I am the person next to you at the gym. I haven’t given up”” – Matt M; Lost 47.5 lbs., 19.75 inches 10.26% body fat.
Congrats to all the 2015 #GoldsGymChallenge Participants! We'll be updating this album as winners are announced
Gluten-Free Diets: @Bodybuildingcom shares the Real Science Vs. Bro Science
ICYMI: May is National Barbecue Month: 6 Ways to Have a Healthier Barbecue
50 years of showing off your #gainz while hitting the beach #TBT
The Truth About What Time You Should Really Work Out. @WomensHealthMag shares the real deal
@willedit4food #Gains happened!
In a Top Secret Location… National Judging For The 2015 Gold’s Gym Challenge Has Begun! #TransformationTuesday
Gear up for this high-performance 4-Week HIIT Stationary Bike Workout #NationalBikeWeek
Refuel yourself with these 6 Perfect Post-Workout Meals from @Muscle_Fitness ​ #MealPrepSunday
Robert Reames shares his "Top 6 Components to Achieving ‘Ripped Abs’ in the Real World"
@AntwanHustler @shredzarmy why not both?
How Maria from Gold's Gym South Arlington, VA got to work today #BikeToWorkDay2015 #FitFam
Namaste Jesse Estrada #LegacyInTheMaking What Legacy are you building? -->
“Strive for PROGRESS not perfection” – Unknown #TBT
Welcome to the #FitFam Gold's Gym Chambersburg, PA!
Reinvigorate your routine to go longer, run faster, and drop pounds with these @MensHealthMag Running Workouts
@thatloserella We know our answer!
Find a Way! #MotivationMonday #StrongerThanExcuses

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