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Fight off cranberry jelly belly and get cut like pumpkin pie with these total body workouts!
20+ Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals for Fitness Junkies via @womenshealthmag #TrimTheFat
Food for thought: The average Thanksgiving feast contains more than 3,000 calories and 229 grams of fat. #TrimTheFat
RT @LetsTalkLiveDC: #tunein for #Thanksgiving workouts from @goldsgym! Try the pumpkin press!
RT @LetsTalkLiveDC: .@GoldsGym trainer Maria is here to show us a #Thanksgiving workout using foods you have in your pantry! #tunein now! h…
Get ready to "stuff" your face with these holiday themed side dish workouts! #TrimTheFat
8 Black Friday Freebies You Don’t Want to Miss (via @usnews) #TrimTheFat
Can't wait to have Fitness Expert Vicki on today w/ @LetsTalkLiveDC @NewsChannel8 to share some fun turkey day exercises. #TrimTheFat
A vital part of a good training regimen is knowing how to listen to your body and take time off. via @mandfhers
Keep your rear from looking like mashed potatoes get your chest and wings in shape!
.@JenWiderstrom’s @mandfhers Cover Event Photos // We were so honored to have hosted this event! cc @Schwarzenegger
@arianadefelice We're here for you when you're ready to show those stairs who's the boss! #KnowYourOwnStrength
@torikmcclain welcome to our family of #strength!
@IrinaFalconi #letsdothis indeed!
Making your grocery list for next week? @RobertIrvine's here to help #TrimTheFat this Holiday
Whether you’re training for a marathon or shaving time off your daily jog, here are some tips to boost your endurance
@SusanZSings we'll be sure to send that over to our Gold's Gear team.
“I am not going back to my old unhealthy ways.” -Eric; Lost 48lbs, 19 inches & 12.5% body fat #TransformationTuesday
RT @MrWmDavis4: #FlatStanley is excited to hit @GoldsGym in #woodbridgeva. #goldsgym #exercise #fitness
The #MicrosoftBand may be sold out, but you could win one for yourself! See how -->

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