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We want to take this time to thank everyone who donated water to those in need! http://t.co/8oESuCvH92
Summers are expected to heat up year by year so don’t wait for your A/C to break down. Set up a regular plan with us. http://t.co/GmoPomeLwH
In case you missed it, we have a variety of monthly specials for our quality services. Check them out here: http://t.co/bzf1J12tUH
How #efficient is your home in keeping cool air in and hot air out? Call us to find out with our Blower Door Testing: http://t.co/9LxBOfEMSc
Check out our special - $49 Diagnostic/Evaluation Fee. Print this out & show it to the serviceman for your #discount! http://t.co/MzmT2TFjS1
This coupon will save you $35 off any repair. Call us now for more information on how to redeem it! http://t.co/k9CYQtTATS
Have we recently fixed your A/C or tested your home’s insulation #efficiency? Leave us a review on our Yelp page: http://t.co/bR0F4BCzD0
Our very own Senior Comfort Advisor Jim Reed meets with some very important customers to discuss pressing matters. http://t.co/JtTlJM7HGt
Temperatures in Phoenix expected to reach unbearable highs this week. Call us to make sure you’re A/C is ready! http://t.co/5WUzkGgaFr
Happy 4th of July! Beat the heat this weekend by taking plenty of rest indoors and to stay cool.
Thanks to all who have donated water during our water drive to help those in need this summer! http://t.co/OIYfJsjq2n
No matter how you frame it, it's #hot in Arizona. Be cool & stay cool by calling your Good Guys for all #HVAC needs: http://t.co/0U8fDd1uY6
If you live in Tucson & we worked on your #HVAC unit, let us know how we did by leaving us a review on our Yelp page. http://t.co/uKE4BhRcJY
Have we done work on your #HVAC unit? Leave us a review on our Yelp page to let us know how we did. http://t.co/fg6Tzwl7T4
Check out our latest blog for all the information you need to know the next time your ducts need testing: http://t.co/gZVbp5CO4m #HVAC #AC
Find out how a #humidifier can make your home more #comfortable. Check out our latest blog for more information: http://t.co/Ry3G35aWLP
‘Tis the season for an air conditioning tune up for only $59! Use our coupon today and experience Goettl #guarantee! http://t.co/WJO9NhmxN5
We are a company devoted to our #customers. That means we value honest #feedback. Let us know how we’re doing: http://t.co/GOYqNuLoFY
Make sure your HVAC repair company is available 24/7 for emergencies! Follow this tip and more from our latest blog: http://t.co/sRV7AjK430
Check out our latest blog on how to replace you air conditioning unit with a swamp cooler: http://t.co/bm8vtPOHLo

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