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Turn data dilemmas into smart business decisions with SQL + Hadoop. Learn how with our FREE whitepaper: http://t.co/ejfbrPq1Iw
Big Data can revolutionise your relationship with your customer — @EnricomCampagna explains: http://t.co/K3kgWsX76I via @btletstalk
Big movies, big data: Netflix and its uses of #bigdata http://t.co/25PiK1AbrQ
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5 products that will take off due to cloud growth http://t.co/g7UxNQtoJw
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How big data is already shaping your life: http://t.co/L7mEWIIhYE via @Wef
Here’s a checklist that will help you select the right provider and get started with the appropriate infrastructure http://t.co/SSD9WOaf5s
How #drones & #bigdata are creating winds of change for hurricane forecasts: http://t.co/0degxwpKRG via @CenturyLinkEnt
Get a quick overview of our history, industry leadership, our Open Data Services focus,& current products & services. http://t.co/5BAQ4mFFlK
VIDEO: Understanding Private #Cloud Computing - Do It Yourself vs. a Managed Solution http://t.co/BoXfer2n2f
HIPAA: Keep Your Patient Health Info Secure in the Cloud http://t.co/Fh2nvR0Op1 #bigdata #cloud
How To Access Your Servers with GoGrid's Console Service http://t.co/JGnDjudqqy
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How can you find out if managed services could prove to be your secret sauce? Find out with this #infographic: http://t.co/alE5ypwm4q
The GoGrid Partners Daily is out! http://t.co/cojzJsABu0 Stories via @EVault @Clustrix @infinitegraph
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Learn how Netflix is using bigdata and #cloudcomputing to engineer shows like “House of Cards" http://t.co/RLWPAmnlbL http://t.co/UWrsqnhhBH
Big Data and your money: 3 ways financial institutions use analytics - http://t.co/7oRuDgZuXw #bigdata via @JohndeVoogd
Data is meaningless until you're focused on the user and the bottom line. http://t.co/NvAMeW59pn #BigData #IoT

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