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Developments show big data is here to stay: http://t.co/P7FiHSB8Kv http://t.co/KSFpAIt2ZV
3 unusual uses of #BigData: http://t.co/xWzY5i5HWq #cloudcomputing
How #BigData is changing organ donations and transplants: http://t.co/EpXaA7FAPl http://t.co/CBjfJerJXD
Pinterest is one of social media’s Big Data darlings http://t.co/gZy6kzwcRk
Is intuition more important than #bigdata? http://t.co/mVHNmdL1CP
What #cloudcomputing means for industrial infrastructure: http://t.co/YsL87jfayK #bigdata
How big data is making major changes to different industries: http://t.co/BRUdSxJRYu via @ForbesTech
Download our FREE whitepaper to learn the top 3 must-know #BigData activities: http://t.co/gyc3zRFw9x
Is #Cloud to blame for the rash of recent #security breaches? http://t.co/xj04PMf0WB
The New Game: Managed Services in the Cloud - Learn all about it with our 60-second guide: http://t.co/X5drwVFD8v #infographic
Follow these 10 easy steps to deploy a solid state drive (SSD) Cloud Server in less than 5 minutes on @GoGrid. http://t.co/71EjYtBbhS
#WhitePaper: Essential Guide to the 'New' Big Data - http://t.co/ai2hCtfpFc
The GoGrid Partners Daily is out! http://t.co/cojzJsABu0 Stories via @MuleSoft @Sourcefire @infinitegraph
Get an overview of how GoGrid can help facilitate PCI compliance. http://t.co/iMKPlmREaR
Join us on LinkedIn for industry updates, company news and more! http://t.co/bvqqqDoztN
Can data mining be 'safely' & effectively used to contain #Ebola? http://t.co/61cuIJmkip #bigdata #healthIT
What does Internet of Things mean? Here is a simplified version: http://t.co/ZYjn2byCZ4 #IoT
Why CIOs are leaning toward the public cloud: http://t.co/FGKFD2sEoi #cloudcomputing
Learn how #bigdata stands to change the way the next generation learns about the world. http://t.co/Fhe0VHacbD
Big data trends in 2015 reflect strategic and operational goals: http://t.co/Sfz1lmVCme via @techrepublic

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