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3 intriguing real-world uses for #bigdata: http://t.co/BUCljjxN1i
The GoGrid Partners Daily is out! http://t.co/cojzJtroSc Stories via @GoGrid @infinitegraph @RedHatStorage
[Infographic] The #BigData market is exploding and is expected to be a $46 billion business by 2018. http://t.co/pVTbg31Vko
Learn how to use Open Data Services to drive innovation, insight, agility, and revenue. [Whitepaper] - http://t.co/8hPEW9TTm8
Analysis: The top #cloudcomputing threats and vulnerabilities in an enterprise environment http://t.co/CqW5VEsvY5
Big Data: It's Not What CMOs Know, It's What They Do: http://t.co/nB242tgR6b
A less common but equally fascinating use of the #bigdata is as a storytelling mechanism: http://t.co/1fBWYuhujj http://t.co/rptCOFCNJ9
GoGrid Partners with @cloudera , Offering 1-Button Deploy Solution for Big Data Analytics: http://t.co/exFuWP4nc0 via @ZDNet
Happy Friday morning everyone!
There's a lot of talk about the #cloud, but how are businesses really using it? http://t.co/9xGrEaKq8z #bigdata
Only 29% of companies are using #BigData to make predictions: http://t.co/IB8HqfkOFR via @cloudtimesorg
Did you know businesses can increase their overall efficiency up to 60% with managed services? http://t.co/RLh3BKZRk2 #infographic
Learn how to incorporate #BigData to improve your company’s operations in 8 easy steps: http://t.co/63oVWeSZR7
.@OnCampusAd Creates a Scalable SaaS Architecture on GoGrid: http://t.co/J7z8anLWkG #CaseStudy
Are businesses asking their data the wrong questions? http://t.co/LlKhfjWLwe via @InformationAge
Here are 3 key questions you should ask to build highly available apps with cloud infrastructure: http://t.co/OXqe4l6WoZ #cloud
Read about our commitment to the highest #compliance and #security standards. http://t.co/mbWUdxwM5t
There’s no doubt that #BigData and #cloudcomputing have the ability to transform the way we learn: http://t.co/TMjXyMdFDa
Is Privacy More Important to the Media, Businesses or Consumers? http://t.co/aI1VGWMwIz
What does #BigData mean for your business? Find out with our #whitepaper: http://t.co/oGAeZrJKNN

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