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Got my own #UberFacts have you notice they are all the fucking same over and over again that's an #UberFact
RT @KrisSanchez: The Government ███ ████████ says ██████ ██████████ everything ██ ████ is ████ ██████████ ██ okay ███ ███
@Schofe a little justice for the Lawrence family but nowhere near enough !!!!!!! Should be at least double that and bring down the rest
@Schofe and what was up with hollie we never did find out !!!
@Schofe is it me or were the cast of towie cheating a little half of them weren't even singing lol let me know ;)
#YouHaveNoFriendsBecause your a cunt !!!!!!!
RT @jocelyn_violet: Exited for a nados mmmmmmm yeahhh boy!
RT @sickipediabot: What's the difference between T-mobile and the human centipede? The human centipede actually connects people.
@CHRISDJMOYLES @JKCorden hey guys invite me on your night out and I will buy all the beers if u RT this for me :)
@Ginofantastico omg didn't see paperboy I love this the most !!!!
@Ginofantastico love lemmings and track and field :)
RT @Schofe: Sorry but... #sepblatterisaknob
RT @sickipediabot: I was watching some pole dancing yesterday... Eventually I told him to get on with it and finish building my extension.
RT @sickipediabot: Necrophilia, lay back and crack open a cold one.
#bbuk get Aaron out
RT @Ginofantastico: For those who are bombarding me with spelling lessons, I once was on the panel of CUNTDOWN, oops another spelling mi ...
Can't sleep #ache all over #manflu
#tattoo meaning #strength
@Daniel_Fairs I have had a crap evening #feel like shit

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An ex-Arbonne consultant who now runs a discount skin care site for Arbonne product fans.

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