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#Orthotics gently but consistently place the foot in the optimum position each time the foot strikes the ground -
Your neck suports about 1/7 of your total body weight! #neckpain -
Q: What do you call a #chiropractor for pets? A: An animal cracker! -
As the baby boomer population ages, there will be an increasing need for #orthotic services -
#obesity places extra strin on your feet #footcare -
The percentage of adults with #arthritis ranges from 20% in California to 36% in Kentucky #jointpain -
Our care is patient-centered to make sure you receive the best possible care #chiropractics #sportsrehab -
We carefully evaluate your health condition using the latest most innovative tools in #chiropractics -
#osteoarthritis is characterized by #jointpain, tenderness, stiffness, locking, and sometimes an effusion -
If #neckpain is acute we call it facet syndrome or muscular rheumatism -
We believe optimum health care depends on cooperation between doctor and patient #chiropractor -
#Orthotics will control the amount of over pronation and reduce #kneepain -
#fallenarches is another term for #flatfeet, which can cause serious pain #footcare -
Shoe size may change as you age, so always have your feet measured before buying shoes #footcare -
Our bodies use pain as a warning system. Back and nerve pain lets us know that something is wrong. -
Make sure your feet are dry before you put on your shoes #footcare -
#Neuromas├┐are the result of a build-up of tissue around an inflamed nerve in the foot #footcare -
Loss of sensation may be a sign of nerve damage -
Why is whole body #wellness important to you? #chiropractics #backpain -
Manipulation and adjustments are critial for caring for #backpain #orthotics -

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