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@Alexisfort you are correct! That's what we get for tweeting after hours! Have a great visit!
@l_hoser @latimes @KnightLAT yes, please come visit!!!
"Miss it at your peril. Nothing like this will come around again for a very long time." @latimes @KnightLAT http://t.co/cFE79UExl3
RT @greggchadwick: Great review by @KnightLAT on superlative @GettyMuseum exhibit of Hellenistic Bronze Sculpture http://t.co/sK4A5CMIee ht…
On 8/5 Seán Hemingway @metmuseum will give a free talk on Greek sculpture http://t.co/afjLZyuWqn #PowerandPathos http://t.co/9k0Td85Qfv
@wtfarthistory @thegetty awesome!
@kayleemariee_ we can't wait to see you! Arrive early for easier parking.
@FKAjustin fantastic! Thanks for the #museumlove!
@FKAjustin great to hear, hope to see you soon! Check out our new bronze sculpture exhibit #PowerandPathos http://t.co/mPEoz6hMjN
RT @TylerDuckMTV: Getty Museum to present major exhibition of cave paintings of Dunhuang, China - http://t.co/yddgQm085T
Great @wtfarthistory post "An Homeric Sea Monster & @Starbucks" featuring 2 Getty artworks http://t.co/QzmxHpPoEE http://t.co/rh7KkqhbF6
RT @thegetty: Justice for whom? Last weekend of Barbara Kruger's #WhoseValues installation at the Getty. http://t.co/H4HZm0WjU0
This photo by Gustave Le Gray, born #onthisday in 1820, was made using two negatives http://t.co/bFUoSLudMl http://t.co/0YCO0MQZO5
RT @StevenAdesign: Getty Museum to present major exhibition of cave paintings of Dunhuang, China http://t.co/jA28RHqnm8
RT @GreeceInUSA: Don't miss "Power&Pathos" w/bronzes of Hellenistic World @GettyMuseum & then @NationalGallery http://t.co/G3F46h1PH7 http:…
RT @ebenshapiro: Great bodies on display in LA, @thegetty. A don't miss show: #PowerandPathos: Bronze Sculpture of Hellenistic World http:…
RT @ThinkRoth: Exquisite! #PowerandPathos @GettyMuseum http://t.co/PA8BGCzFAR http://t.co/tayuLE0KAY
@TylerGreenDC yep, we asked but don't know.
RT @LisaLoeb: LA! @TheRockFather is talking about Lisa's family concerts at @TheGetty next week! Will you be there? http://t.co/W55PX8Gx24 …
RT @DJFrankieee: A Brief Intro to Bronze Sculpture of the Hellenistic World — http://t.co/nstjhzbdIa #Art via @thegetty @gettymuseum http:/…

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