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September blowe soft, Till fruite be in loft. Forgotten, month past, Doe now at the last. —T. Tusser http://t.co/ON3ONQyEjj
@MissMyrtle2 @par995 He is the patron saint of cab drivers now; French term for coach for hire is 'fiacre'
Feast day of St. Fiacre! Invoked against various physical ills, he's also patron saint of gardeners & cab drivers http://t.co/FtRixVddA5
Dedication day of the temple of the Sun + Moon in ancient Rome. In the late empire, games were held in their honor. http://t.co/evOy1sEeBh
@Phyllida1234 How splendid! Where is this? cc @MariolaRub @AmAcademyRome
Today in 1609 Galileo demonstrated his 1st telescope to Venetian lawmakers. French stereoscope of telescope, ca 1855 http://t.co/BVW3GpzNlH
Feast day of St. Bartholomew! According to tradition he was flayed alive and hence is portrayed with a knife. http://t.co/MZGAjZdH2p
RT @KnightLAT: @GettyMuseum names Davide Gasparotto, Galleria Estense (Modena), & Jeffrey Spier, Univ. AZ, as senior curators of paintings …
Feast day of Bernard of Clairvaux! Said to have drafted rules of the medieval miliary order Knights of Templar http://t.co/kYPuMaXX8S
Happy Vinalia Rustica! Held today in ancient Rome to celebrate the grape harvest http://t.co/vUyMZwI7ga
MT @khanacademy: Intelligence is not fixed. http://t.co/ashnIDeErw #YouCanLearnAnything! http://t.co/oRg8ZO6gJ1
#SeparatedAtBirth Man Ray: Mona Lisa as seen by Duchamp + Rrose Sélavy (Marcel Duchamp) © Man Ray Trust ARS-ADAGP http://t.co/ldJO4ie5sj
Feast of the Assumption. Assumption of the Virgin, Master of James IV of Scotland, about 1510-20 http://t.co/JUkC51tSEj
@iambrokendoll How sweet :)
@MullingHagel Would be a good one! Did that with this image http://t.co/SM0LpPeKcj
@MullingHagel Indeed! http://t.co/z7VQ8HVQ8B
MT @photographmag: @GettyMuseum curator Paul Martineau talks to @TylerGreenDC about photographer Minor White http://t.co/WUuYQdGAhB
Today in ancient Rome, the goddess Diana was worshipped. Diana & Her Nymphs Bathing, Jean-François de Troy, 1722-24 http://t.co/9TBGiyz5O6
Birthday of Pope + Saint Innocent XI. Ca. 1676 Carlo Maratti drawing of Faith & Justice was made in his honor http://t.co/gSplJ0fVzB
Bishop cat with his dog flock for #WorldCatDay! German, 15th century http://t.co/fnHRjnIpj6

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