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Tickled to see our Van Gogh Irises chosen by the #LastManOnEarth for his abode (@ beginning of GIF) @LastManFOX http://t.co/gmlGJ0C59I
Odilon Redon made this pastel portrait after he finished ambitious cycle of decorative ptgs for the sitter's château http://t.co/K0n0DxsIBg
Through exacting realism, Houdon convincingly captured skin & underlying bone + musculature http://t.co/jYEsieXKCa http://t.co/wLUJ8YOxed
RT @ALOstasis: Moved by @GettyMuseum's #Koudelka show: "Man [sic] is not an omniscient master of the planet who can get away with doing wha…
@MxHamx That doesn't sound good, how can we be better?
RT @ArielMacc: Josef Koudelka's first major U.S. retrospective in over 25 years now on view at @GettyMuseum (via @AmericanPhoto) http://t.c…
RT @yakyakker: #SatyrDay Pan & Syrinx, JF #deTroy 1722-4 @GettyMuseum Story in Ovid's Metamorphoses--recounts origin of pan pipes http://…
@TameraStaten they are most lovely!
Julia Margaret Cameron's portrait of J. Dalton Hooker. 19th-c British botanist + explorer encouraged Darwin http://t.co/FiREfqKgyC
@betsylockhart How nice!
RT @QueensClassics: Dangerous Perfection: restoring an Apulian vase. Excellent interactive piece @GettyMuseum http://t.co/jOvYs2zOqW http:/…
@QueensClassics Thanks so much! You may also enjoy http://t.co/X46xSoOlhS (Best to view on desktop, uses Flash)
RT @Obridge: NPR piece on Manets in LA: The Railway (on loan @NortonSimon) and Spring (now in the @GettyMuseum collection) http://t.co/VWid…
RT @karenconstine: Thomas Kren, Assoc. Director for Collections @GettyMuseum to retire after more than 35 yrs via @LATimes http://t.co/VKtm…
@caitlinjeaneliz No need to cancel, a certain amount of no shows is expected :)
Happy Bday Renoir! Watercolor shows his sensitivity to natural phenomena-movement of water + reflection of light http://t.co/8HRLyFFHBb
RT @SomethingDutch: Give me Rococo paintings of angry kittens or give me death (@GettyMuseum last March) http://t.co/NG4zJnaVng
RT @CrikMaster: We made a game for the @GettyMuseum in 30 hours last weekend and won an award! Check it out: http://t.co/UWYQmwSm1E http://…
Now open! Turner exhibition @ Center focuses on unfettered creativity of artist's final years http://t.co/Ck8qCQQa1Y http://t.co/CcguZVdlHO
@desigonz As of 7/1/14 122,026 counting books and albums of photographs as one object.

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