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Happy Halloween! Seated woman with "spirit" of young man, American, about 1865-75 http://t.co/vc6fk8LrSb
.@museodelprado tweets about Rubens http://t.co/RBJrXdU3yL
Happy birthday Alfred Sisley! Here depicts glorious golden summer light, flickering in the trees & the long grasses. http://t.co/k5WVICo02v
October gave a party The leaves by hundreds came The chestnuts, oaks & maples & leaves of every name -G Cooper 1897 http://t.co/tluURbZcal
Birthday of American breakfast king CW Post! http://t.co/mHR8PTsM5h
Exhibition @ Getty Center celebrates flourishing of artistic culture during age of Rubens http://t.co/T5xGg8ZdSe http://t.co/o917GM8ecn
Eternity. It is the sea Gone with the sun. -Arthur Rimbaud #GustaveLeGray http://t.co/q9Fw7HhEFh
Happy fall! Camille Pissarro uses jagged daubs of paint to suggest leaves in his view of the French countryside http://t.co/RBPIn5Jcjr
Three reasons to love Marie Antoinette (and they are all beautiful objects in our collection!) http://t.co/JU7yh0JM4T http://t.co/Jd1JnZraMF
Our graduate internship program is now accepting applications for 2015-2016! http://t.co/ezoewUj5Kh Deadline is Dec 1
Take a peek behind the scenes of Spectacular Rubens show @ Getty Center, opens today! http://t.co/dwn1nB2XN7
Happy feast day St. Denis! After martyrdom carried his own head http://t.co/57elkTqB3S
@Jing0318 oh! Love the new avatar :)
RT @DamienKempf: Ice Bucket Challenge (@BLMedieval, Smithfield Decretals) http://t.co/ernXBCH4WP
RT @TheSaraFrances: Had fun going to the Getty Museum this weekend. Also had fun making this meme about my life. #inspiration #funnymeme ht…
RT @DamienKempf: The Blue Man and the Monkey (@GettyMuseum, MS. Ludwig VI 2, c. 1460): http://t.co/NybxWwecsF http://t.co/9m0c7SiHI6
A table, a chair, a bowl of fruit and a violin; what else does a man need to be happy? ―Albert Einstein http://t.co/99j3apDhCH
@Jing0318 Good to hear the sculpture is speaking to you :)
#ThisJustIn: Chris Killip photographs 'the sublime in the everyday' http://t.co/mXVNo8QMnK http://t.co/E0PgQsUfxX

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