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Happy Feast Day St. Margaret! Swallowed by Satan in the form of a dragon she escaped by holding a cross http://t.co/Wf6YOlL5Fq
RT @thegetty: Six L.A. museums are offering free digital badges with @LA_Learning this summer http://t.co/Z4ZmWYxhjs #LASL2014 http://t.co/…
On this day in 1099 the First Crusade captured Jerusalem. Destruction of Jerusalem, French, about 1413 http://t.co/fBhR1I8Iqc
Liberté , Égalité , Fraternité! Happy Bastille Day. Portière aux Armes de France tapestry, Gobelins, ca. 1730 http://t.co/0cEKTVrdNO
Happy Bday Jacobus de Voragine! Authored Golden Legend, popular medieval book of saints' lives. Mary Magdalene: http://t.co/nlfSvUTuu2
Happy Birthday E.B. White! Authored Stuart Little, novel about adventures of talking mouse born to human parents http://t.co/KWCr1w2Wsp
Only through art can we emerge from ourselves and know what another person sees. -Marcel Proust #HappyBday http://t.co/cckTfR16dG
Lovely! Culinary pleasures of Byzantium special dinner @ Villa w live music Sat 7/19 http://t.co/CxipE5eQ6a http://t.co/55KkF7qch0
RT @Angie_Harmon: Life imitating art imitating life... Photo & laughing cred to (Insta) NATASHACROXALL @GettyMuseum http://t.co/jokBFxFKZt
KA-BOOM! Chivalry as depicted in manuscripts, from courtship to hunting to jousting to war http://t.co/sKq5Uhuqzm http://t.co/jkFBBcjQno
MT @15thcgossipgirl @ChivalryToday's latest podcast with Elizabeth Morrison on chivalry in manuscripts exhib http://t.co/kvbqiQsPNE
Happy Tanabata Day! In Japanese festival on 7th day of 7th month prayers offered for children’s artistic development http://t.co/nghelD03rK
RT @thegetty: Spread the news! Free parking for active-duty military families at the Getty Center & Villa through Labor Day @BlueStarMuseums
Happy 4th of July! Independence Day celebrated w parades, picnics, fireworks, bonfires & bells. David Ringing Bells http://t.co/edhFqpIJqc
1st of Dog Days, sultry days of summer. Romans associated hot weather with Sirus, the Dog Star. Hunter Combing Dog http://t.co/Rq5yHPs4SL
RT @flavorwire: The Famous Artworks That Inspired 15 Films http://t.co/IUjbeGafJV http://t.co/RChEnnvBjB
How photographer Minor White led one man from abyss to bliss http://t.co/jBFj1VYFiz
If the 1st of July it be rainy weather, 'twill rain more or less for 4 weeks together. http://t.co/vaIhPEVcQF

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