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RT @photographmag: A curious and historical look at the role of animals in photography - 'Animalia' on view @GettyMuseum through Oct 18! ht…
RT @thegetty: What do you value? A visitor's response to the #WhoseValues tagging wall http://t.co/iTxT6cb181 http://t.co/YRHjJ4Lm0K
RT @Bellanieve: @GettyMuseum is one of the best free museums in the WORLD says @Thrillist http://t.co/rMkmI117kn
RT @thegetty: Gallery @GettyMuseum rearranged to help visitors take awesome mirror selfies http://t.co/VoelePhRxD http://t.co/vWeI8mWHcO
RT @thegetty: We are saddened to hear of the passing of Mary Ellen Mark. Her impact will live on. http://t.co/bTmpbkkREA http://t.co/dUNp8j…
@Seven_Oaks_ absolutely staggering. Unimaginable.
@Seven_Oaks_ that is incredible. Impossible to imagine.
RT @BenitaRobledo: Happy Tuesday! #theyawn #art #Ducreux #getty https://t.co/UDG6aQOt7M
@BenitaRobledo great #MusePose, thanks for sharing!
@stevesilberman thanks for sharing this powerful sculpture by Gauguin! #art
RT @thedavidcrosby: @stevesilberman @GettyMuseum did not know he ever did sculpture thanks Steve
RT @stevesilberman: If you missed it: Head with horns (carved in sandalwood), Paul Gauguin, 1895-97 [via @GettyMuseum] http://t.co/csbloPQB…
@thedavidcrosby thrill to get your tweet! Yes, Gauguin made our head in Tahiti @MuseeOrsay has a stunning clay piece http://t.co/KTPO8g1YPd
@MadMaxFlapper @thegetty my mistake, I think I just clicked the wrong button. Sorry about that, just fixed it!
This image of "Destitute Pea Pickers" was made by Dorothea Lange born #onthisday in 1895 http://t.co/qa0PgzaSfQ http://t.co/PR3StvIglG
RT @ForYourArt: In Focus: Animalia opens @GettyMuseum in #Brentwood TODAY from 10am-5:30pm http://t.co/ZPTwciZgiG
RT @thegetty: How a single curator changed the art world http://t.co/g76LZPeUGX Considering Harald Szeemann, Thurs May 28 http://t.co/mxnk3…
Calling all animal lovers, the "In Focus: Animalia," photo exhibit opens today #Art #Museum http://t.co/8brwujTozW
RT @thegetty: An Art Historian's Recap of #GameofThrones Episode 7 http://t.co/nh13KkZwUN ft. @metmusem & @KHM_Wien http://t.co/FP7OupENL3
President Lincoln visits Civil War battlefield, 26K soldiers killed or wounded #MemorialDay http://t.co/JhCSWKeRff http://t.co/mhDvnYIJ3n

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