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@bxknits it's really interesting. We will be doing follow up tweets w/ more information about the show. Learn more: http://t.co/H7TjP2FExF
Opening today at the Getty Center "Touching the Past: The Hand and the Medieval Book" http://t.co/H7TjP2FExF http://t.co/8c5do5YA76
@CTinPorthcawl @sdfrowlands the Getty Center is open at 10 today. The Getty Villa is closed on Tuesdays. Have fun!
@_syrinarinaaaa you only need tickets for the Getty Villa and tickets are free. Here's the link: http://t.co/oBYisEwlN2
@andreezyg_ @nikoleashley__ thanks!
RT @QueensClassics: It started with a kiss: Leda & the swan. Apulia 330BC @GettyMuseum #WorldKissDay http://t.co/z9Z38mYOz4 … http://t.co/o…
Free fun in L.A. via @dailysundial http://t.co/VD9LnzEv46
RT @EmptyEasel: 5 Amazing & Inspiring Artist Retreats in North America http://t.co/C1wMO1ybpn
To celebrate #WorldKissDay a seated youth pulling his older male lover toward him for a kiss http://t.co/CNIgj87adh http://t.co/ELXUCLmHi0
RT @thegetty: Un Apollon en bronze des collections du Roi-Soleil http://t.co/lFEb4DEKo4 #louislundi http://t.co/NN18iReFCh
RT @GCIConservation: Early Bird Registration Open: Int'l Congress on Ancient Bronze Oct. 13-17, 2015 http://t.co/YVGJFJarXC @GettyMuseum h…
@tromboneforhire no way! LOL!
Congratulations to our inspiring women's world cup soccer team for their big #USWNT win!
RT @thegetty: 17th-c fashion plate @LACMA shows how a gentleman should dress for the theater http://t.co/jl05xUqIGJ #SunKingSunday http://t…
RT @AlbrightKnox: #USWNT plays for the title of #WWC champions today! We believe that we will win. #SheBelieves #USAvsJPN @ussoccer_wnt htt…
A ptg. & compositional drawing by Louis-Léopold Boilly who was born #onthisday in 1761 http://t.co/zkT5UBbMbG http://t.co/nCWGRTo34h
RT @britishmuseum: Happy #4thofJuly to our friends in the #USA! Here’s a print of the Declaration of Independence http://t.co/IlXBcZNDlg ht…
@TinWheels @TweetsOfGrass it's albumen silver, here's a link to our website: http://t.co/RWOZfVuQzV
@maryvalenti15 you are very welcome, happy 4th!

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