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@Novembervivi Hello Claire, Hmm, not really scary but here's an image of an egg with plucked baby chick http://t.co/dbbxVaQvY0
@MButlerHallett 'Cause your eggs don't dance and if they don't dance, well, they're no eggs of mine #Easter @rijksmuseum @DamienKempf
RT @DamienKempf: #Easter Egg laying-monk - whose eggs are stolen by a mischievous monkey (Bodleian Douce 6) cc @GettyMuseum http://t.co/aZo…
#Easter Egg Dance! Roll egg in chalk circle + cover w bowl. P Aertsen, 1552 @rijksmuseum #EggingHimOn cc @DamienKempf http://t.co/gcHfJEZ7C0
RT @DamienKempf: You never know what is inside an #Easter Egg (Morgan M. 1004) cc@GettyMuseum http://t.co/WIc94YNL6K
@michael_epps :) It's quite something! cc @DamienKempf
Trans-Siberian Railway Fabergé #Easter Egg w working mini locomotive @ Kremlin Armory #GoldenEgg cc @DamienKempf http://t.co/bPqvtfX3jB
@namastenancysf They are yours! We will hold on to them to keep them *just so* for you :) cc @DamienKempf
@namastenancysf You need to conduct your hunts in a museum :) cc @DamienKempf
Just found an #Easter Egg! Goddess, possibly Hygeia, Roman, AD 200 #AGoodEgg cc @DamienKempf http://t.co/weMAjVKoRS
@TheParrotSaid They are ostriches. Image is from a bestiary about 1250-60 http://t.co/Kxj6Yd4QhN @DamienKempf
RT @DamienKempf: Concert in the #Easter Egg (Follower of H. Bosch, c. 1561) cc @GettyMuseum http://t.co/cRtGRRGpZm
@KevinBullMusic ha! cc @rijksmuseum @DamienKempf
#Easter Egg Hunt! Drunkard Collapses at Market in Eggs, PPJ Noël, 1821 @rijksmuseum #EggOnHisFace cc @DamienKempf http://t.co/NQFOuqsXIm
RT @DamienKempf: #Easter Egg: Legend has it that the ostrich lays its eggs when it sees the star Virgilia rising cc @GettyMuseum http://t.c…
@jjgrape You are welcome! Happy Easter to you cc @DamienKempf @BLMedieval
#Easter Egg Hunt! Egg-shaped Sèvres vase with small egg-finial resting in straw nest, 1768-69 cc @DamienKempf http://t.co/5URn9wSwiR
RT @DamienKempf: #Easter Egg Hunt - Cat is lifting a mouse off a nest of eggs (Bodleian, MS 764, 13th c.) cc @GettyMuseum http://t.co/7TS9j…
#Easter Egg! Youth hands woman egg, both a love gift and a symbol of rebirth (Greek, 460 BC) cc @DamienKempf http://t.co/WRVqPSEUxh
@OmSukhavati :) @DamienKempf

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