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Our director of Security examines @Lego's Museum Break-In set & gives expert recommendations http://t.co/1g0b5CkV3z http://t.co/8vQzJ6H49r
RT @KPCCofframp: Hear how a silver trove @GettyMuseum Villa saved many a family dinner in Roman times! http://t.co/fknPE6xY2T
RT @Apollo_magazine: Louise Nicholson takes an in-depth look at the @GettyMuseum's 'Spectacular Rubens' show in our December issue http://t…
Gift exchange in medieval society explored in new manuscripts show: Give and Ye Shall Receive http://t.co/Ik6X6eUxUG http://t.co/2ROsvlxCW5
Job is menaced by demon after God takes away his worldly comforts one by one to test his faith http://t.co/EvPAFNLTmr http://t.co/qKUrEjKhbS
St. Lucy’s day! Eyes torn out but miraculously restored, she's usually depicted w eyes on plate. Patron of the blind http://t.co/k19ihjaVF3
@Tighnacoille @BLMedieval is Add 18851, f. 477v: http://t.co/QW2yXkbyeK & @GettyMuseum is Ms. Ludwig IX 18, f. 253: http://t.co/9jdeWQdtVI
Birthday of Edvard Munch! Grappled with dark, unsettling themes like sickness & death, depression & alienation. http://t.co/SjBmmU8U01
@CraazyLittleRed Yes, it is. It's at the Getty Center in the East Pavilion, Gallery E103. Come and see!
As a personification of winter, Paul Heermann's bust gives visual expression to the chilling cold of the season http://t.co/ZnFHKHVw3v
December in Scots Gaelic = 'an Dùdlachd,' which translates to ‘the darkness.' Vernet, Storm http://t.co/NjjPzPkfsP http://t.co/tGHLEEauue
Feast day of Immaculate Conception of Mary! Ca. 1730 sketch detail for fresco in Roman church http://t.co/8eG9S4MAgF http://t.co/pgpFKvcrFg
@CosmoWenman Thank you Cosmo, forwarded your contact info to the relevant staff last week.
Happy Feast Day St Nicholas! Original Santa Claus restored life to 3 youths who'd been killed & thrown into brine tub http://t.co/8H7qjHYZR9
For December 5: 5 bunches of flowers from a 12th-c English manuscript http://t.co/sLNxX4gITy
RT @JacRiding: Kathryn Shattuck's @nytimesarts article on #MrTurner @ThinManFilms @MrTurnerFilm @GettyMuseum http://t.co/5x9GFBWONe http://…
Feast day of St. Barbara! Depicted with her tower, she is patron to architects, stonemasons, engineers + firemen http://t.co/prKWrszfEC
Confident, outspoken + enthusiastic Sagittarius (archer), as depicted in medieval calendars. #zodiac http://t.co/9xtwk1Q31F
@ReginaWalton Thank you so much :)
Happy Birthday Georges Seurat! Explored scientific theories for visually evoking emotions http://t.co/n3CEP5ibAL http://t.co/zM6f0mynav

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