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@cyndiebug Thank you :)
Thanks for joining us for World #AskACurator Day! As always, feel free to ask us questions anytime on Twitter :)
Before I sign off--sword fighting! medieval theater! coats of arms! @ FREE Middle Ages family festival this Sat http://t.co/rJk1mXjwiN
@AskACurator I thought it was fun! I volunteered to take time away from other things to participate!
@RlBram including all illumination and info about the objects for scholars around the world. 2/2
@RlBram Increasingly important. Right now we’re embarking on a plan to put all of our ms online 1/2
@RlBram apply for everything. Keep your eye on museum websites for jobs. 2/2
@RlBram It’s a difficult job market, especially right now. But getting any kind of experience in a museum can help. Volunteer, intern 1/2
@cyndiebug For ex, our Romance of Gillion de Trazegnies, which I'm writing a book about http://t.co/rJCf0eTkdQ 2/2 http://t.co/YRKiZpfhrc
@cyndiebug Never! A great thing about studying manuscripts is that there are still so many that have never been studied in depth 1/2
@linagato inhabitants and professionals to help save them. More info here: http://t.co/BktpNBVZe2 Great question! 2/2
@linagato Yes, a huge number of manuscripts were recently endangered in Timbuktu and extraordinary efforts have been made by both 1/2
@cyndiebug I would say both! They’re important both for their artistry and their content.
@artedocu and was mostly done by specialized professionals in cities. 2/2
@artedocu In early Middle Ages, it was mostly monks in monasteries. By the 13th century ms production was a commercial enterprise 1/2
@cyndiebug Universal themes like love, war, loyalty, friendship, betrayal, all told through stunning images! 2/2
@cyndiebug Whenever I share manuscripts with visitors, they always seem surprised by how relevant their stories still are today 1/2
@linagato On flyleaf to one of our manuscripts collector wrote “Here is your engagement ring, Bunny.” (I wish someone would do that for me!)
@Bailiuchan coming out of a fish’s mouth 2/2 http://t.co/tyNj7kNYjx
@Bailiuchan In one manuscript the scribe wrote the word “agnel” (lamb) instead of “annel” (ring). So there is a picture of a lamb 1/2

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