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RT @PublicHealth: Thanks for being a part of our #NPHWChat! Keep up the great work during #NPHW, which runs through April 9! https://t.co/N…
Thanks for joining us during #NPHWchat! For more preparedness tips, visit this APHA resource: https://t.co/7eOZ9LCyAi. Happy Planning!
🔌🔌🔌 #NPHWchat https://t.co/ZY7C0vGeeI
A8: Everyone is a partner in preparedness. Programs such as @Citizen_Corps are helping make that a reality. https://t.co/oqjQfdUVXz
@ATLPreparedness .@ATLPreparedness https://t.co/HTYqQyqJ3p
Do you know where your safe place is in case of disaster? Make a plan with your loved ones! #NPHWchat https://t.co/dHBMdB1OqO
#NPHWchat A7:We hope all of our past @getready interns would agree they had a rewarding & fun experience. Apply now: https://t.co/yEOXiEpZhx
@HarvardEPREP @CDCgov .@HarvardEPREP #NPHWchat https://t.co/0ZLIfjS8AJ
Tsunamis are a threat to public health! #NPHWchat https://t.co/dT4J7wUjwS
#NPHWchat A5: No matter your specialty you should be an advocate for #publichealth. https://t.co/FPnQbMJifQ
RT @DrReddCDC: @NPHW Preparedness & the ability to respond quickly & effectively are critical to protecting health systems & infrastructure…
#Getreadyforflu #NPHWchat https://t.co/DmFMKtYx81 https://t.co/ZS6XqnDtBT
#NPHWchat A4: Inclusive & engaged communities are more resilient when disaster strikes. We are better when we are t… https://t.co/4tA8mRw83b
Climate change affects our health! Warmer climates help spread diseases like #Zika. Controlling mosquitoes must be… https://t.co/yOq8eIpp3X
#NPHWchat A3: Climate change is here & affecting our health now. Example: Mosquito control is taking on greater imp… https://t.co/CThn4WyI8i
@NatakiDuncan @RyanGosling knows about the importance of preparedness! #NPHWchat
RT @CDCemergency: In early 2016, @CDCgov managed 4 emergencies at once: #Ebola, #FlintWaterCrisis, #Zika & #Polio https://t.co/reXRlfaGqO #…
#NPHWchat A2: Few people realize how healthy habits can help when disaster strikes. Better overall health can impro… https://t.co/xjUSas6YGE
RT @PHEgov: Remember: You don't need to prepare for all kinds of disasters. Focus on the ones common in your area. https://t.co/l30t1LoV3B…
#NPHWchat A1: Improving everything that impacts health. That includes our focus areas of preparedness & preventing… https://t.co/B7ffJCHR8v

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About GetReady

APHA's Get Ready campaign is helping Americans prepare for all health hazards, including pan flu, infectious diseases, disasters and other health emergencies.

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