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Watch: Chris Pratt Does A Killer Jason Statham Impression in This Abandoned SNL Sketch —
Trailer For I AM CHRIS FARLEY, A Documentary About The Former SNL Star —
Batman Fights The Joker (and Gundams) in This Awesome Stop-Motion Video —
Guillermo Del Toro No Longer Attached to JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK —
TERMINATOR GENISYS Takes Place in an Alternate Timeline and More Production Details —
New Details on Black Panther's Role in CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR —
#ICYMI — GAME OF THRONES: Map of Every Filming Location —
Lesser Known Facts About Superman Infographic —
Live-Action ATTACK ON TITAN Gets a U.S. Distributor! —
Review: SUPERBOB British Romantic Comedy is Funny and Heartwarming — FilmQuest Festival —
Was the Title of GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY 2 Just Revealed? —
Marvel Breaks Its Silence On Uncanny Inhumans #1 —
#ICYMI — Sony Announces New PlayStation 4 Model —
Evangeline Lilly on Marvel's Great Intentions w/ Female Characters, Feige Confirms Wasp Plans
David Ayer Had A Therapist on The Set of SUICIDE SQUAD In Case The Actors Broke Down —
X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST Rogue Cut - First Clip and New Photo —
Here's What JURASSIC PARK Would Look Like in Different Geologic Eras —
Ron Perlman Hints That HELLBOY 3 Might Be Happening! —
Review: TERMINATOR GENISYS Isn't As Bad As It Looks —
#ICYMI — Jared Leto Sent Some Creepy Joker Style Gifts to His SUICIDE SQUAD Co-Stars —

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