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Letterman on soon, gonna watch in bed. Will follow everyone back in the morning. Good night Twitterville http://t.co/ZtMrgmvtlv
@notaaveragejoe waiting for the LOST smoke monster to show up
"I haz to waits 5 more months for Pop to get home from Iraq" http://t.co/47H0ipE0kq
NFL Star Adrian Peterson Accused Of Beating Another Son http://t.co/8Jejqabo80
@_This_Time @M_G_W_V_ @MrNookster just got home, was over storm clouds at the time
Secret agent dog infiltrates kitchen ==>> https://t.co/O9FlylaNiI
"If they kick out all the NFL players, who gonna play ball?" http://t.co/ycfO6MwoXV
Audrey Hepburn Had A Pet Deer Named Pippin http://t.co/deQorEcnEW
Summer is over Batman, back to crime fighting. http://t.co/YYqW60MBqy
"When I tilt my head like this, mommy gives me Friskies Treats" http://t.co/C9U6pXjJ3T
@jesshessbebe reminds me of LOST
"I'm really gonna miss this beach time" http://t.co/Tc3IlNmll2
watching #UnderTheDome another hour of total confusion
RT @M_G_W_V_: ♻️RETWEET♻️IF♻️YOU♻️FOLLOWBACK♻️ #F4F #MGWV #FollowTrick #FollowPyramid #TeamFollowBack #AnotherFollowTrain #FOLLOW @MrNook…
RT @MrNookster: @Baldskull @JustinJamesDJ @Squawkmob @Gamer__Guy 😂😆😂😆 http://t.co/pIOACyJKRd
nice AVI pic @Cynister72 http://t.co/FBYN6NFCS8
I hear Mission Impossible music. http://t.co/EoiJDYl1JN
MOBs mutt @Squawkmob @MrNookster @Baldskull @JustinJamesDJ http://t.co/dKRGtkhwlZ
JJ's mutt @JustinJamesDJ @Squawkmob @MrNookster @Baldskull http://t.co/CKT8akx73B
"I wonder if it is possible for someone to rub my belly?" http://t.co/gMalsYY0JN

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Aircraft Mechanic,Gamer,PC,XBox 360,PS3. Love Car Racing, Nascar, Formula 1. Single and don't take anything i tweet seriously Get Followers at #IFollowAll

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