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Letterman up next, will follow everyone back in the morning. Good night Twitterville http://t.co/2SrNVHo1l0
probably named Habs http://t.co/sEKLh69XcG
stupid Tweetdeck wouldnt let the GIF pass through
sneaky cat move http://t.co/xz24c1hjfh
you know what spoilers are @pyramidmedicine it is when you tell someone what happens in a show and ruins it for watching it.
@pyramidmedicine What? I havent seen it yet, thanks
RT @MrNookster: @Baldskull @JustinJamesDJ @Squawkmob @Gamer__Guy #WhyMenLoveHalloween http://t.co/XGqi4vLWjM
RT @tiffw88: its not the one you always put every year at least! Did you mean Pennywise? But Twisty is worse, from American Horror Story
off to get a Wendys Asian Cashew salad
RT @tiffw88: phew, @Gamer__Guy no clown pic! Look agian
Hey Shawn, do they have good Buffalo Wings at Hooters? @MrNookster @Baldskull @JustinJamesDJ @Squawkmob http://t.co/Y7a5L3gXcV
RT @EiKham93: #FOLLOWTRICK ♚ RETWEET ♚ FF ♚ FOLLOWBACK ♚ #MGWV ♚ FOLLOW ☞ @Funnyguy99Guy @theklb9 @greensboro_nc @Gamer__Guy @AngelF…
@sunshinedebbie1 No problem, Not everyone knows all our details
What has Shawn been up to? #Halloween #HalloweenCostumes @JustinJamesDJ @Squawkmob @MrNookster @Baldskull http://t.co/a33foXCdmy
JJ's mum Retired Hooters Girl #Halloween #HalloweenCostumes @JustinJamesDJ @Squawkmob @MrNookster @Baldskull http://t.co/XkjNQyMRkI
@sunshinedebbie1 Breanne not in pic, and we do not have kids, and I'm not an Orkin man
RT @sunshinedebbie1: @Gamer__Guy Is the Orkin man you in your costume? You don't mean Mork from Mork and Mindy? NOOO, Not me in pic, no kids
Cats rule, dogs drool ==>> https://t.co/NvDjhL4n7z
Happens to me all the time http://t.co/2RH6YvgKON

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