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Thanks. At least she used a magnetic sign and not a sticky one. It came off easy. Going to put it on Breanne's car https://t.co/FH2DQLCpnI
Boss Cindy strikes again! I was getting lots of honks at me, Do I know you? What did I do? I'm moving with traffic. https://t.co/6ZmzI2WLZT
Heading home, sitting in traffic an hour. Barbecued porkchops on the grill, Beers and guitar later...probably a walk to the park too.
Bestest Buddies. #ThrowbackThursday https://t.co/uF6EwUcDl5
Just found JJ's Singing Grandpa. @JustinJamesDJ @Baldskull @MrNookster https://t.co/7GGmmPXqSR #ThrowbackThursday
He's Awesome https://t.co/QBZiZwoPV5
#Indy500 this weekend. Going back to the old cannon start. #ThrowbackThursday https://t.co/j9mY6GtHJO
Red Cross 1915 #ThrowbackThursday https://t.co/2C3CMBvlFK
Not on Twitter anymore, 'DEAD" account https://t.co/KuwrhJHHIt
RT @freiherrKvK: SWEET! cc @Gamer__Guy @RobExRAF https://t.co/ky6vpI9ftG
2016 Chevy Camaro SS #Review - American Muscle At Its Best https://t.co/0b9S4xxfOr "I'd buy that for a dollar" https://t.co/O0PP95P7c7
RT @freiherrKvK: Sweet! cc @Gamer__Guy https://t.co/sNvxSX5KSo
RT @freiherrKvK: @Gamer__Guy Yes! That was interesting. Loved @WilliamShatner recounting how a fan was so inspired, he became a Bombardier…
In my office sipping a medium Tim Hortons DD #TimsDark Coffee and munching a Hickory Smoked Ham Breakfast Sandwich and a hash brown.
Off to Tim Hortons for my java fix and a munchable and then to my office, tweet ya later . (And get up)
Twitter is back, getting updates, Mentions and Notifications.
Michael G. Wilson please consider Tom Hopper as a Daniel Craig replacement when a new #JamesBond is needed. #PerfectCasting #007 #BlackSails
on my way soon. https://t.co/GqYvhmVN7K
IRS Scammer confronts ME !! https://t.co/AMpUezwIbH
Motorcyclist's sheer panic and fear as friend goes down https://t.co/xhmmJd0HiJ

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