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going over to Wendys for a Asian Cashew Chicken Salad.
RT @Doc_Jones78: #FF gamer pals @TheGavofWar @Lanetrain80 @KayesPlays @_GreatName @killer_kitsch @RETR0JOE @Gamer__Guy @Rekka_kun @Harmchai…
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In my office sipping a medium Tim Hortons DD Coffee and munching a grilled flatbread breakfast panini
Off to Tim Hortons for my java fix and a munchable and then to my office, tweet ya when I get to work
Walking on the edge of Norway's national mountain http://t.co/jOZZGhIpvm
Fast Russian Disarms Soldier http://t.co/s9P4xWx7Li sooo, dont stand close?
10 Most Disturbing Video Game Performances Ever http://t.co/3I9WAamIEj
WildStar Developer’s President Steps Down http://t.co/SMpIOHjajb
Saints Row 666 Teased by Volition: “Something Wicked This Way Comes” http://t.co/0Bi30ljitd
RT @astro_reid: #SpaceVine #Timelapse of the powerful flickering #Aurora https://t.co/t00dxYKEr8
Gods Will Be Watching Review - NowGamer http://t.co/splwl8w9gd via @NowGamer_Feed
Could Demon's Souls Be Coming To PS4? - NowGamer http://t.co/rCd5yqVzkc via @NowGamer_Feed
I cant find my Vita, maybe was stolen
Ascension Bringing Deck-Building Action To PlayStation Vita http://t.co/bsqe46wSQ1
Xbox One And Xbox 360's September Games With Gold Revealed http://t.co/WRXUgfnXBp
Assassin's Creed Unity Now Has Same Release Date As Assassin's Creed Rogue http://t.co/rfluCpJqMw

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