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Letterman up next, will follow everyone back in the morning. Good night Twitterville http://t.co/4l6YWIBXrc
Breanne! We have twins. http://t.co/IlIb2SNc8A
Someone deorderized the carpet. http://t.co/XzjpbtHvRI
'Modern Family' http://t.co/2wC54FXB2E
Your heart will be assimilated, Resistance Is Futile http://t.co/1mVgx8qbV0
"It's not a bunch of boxes! It's my 'Crib' http://t.co/7boqR50ygB
Hey! you two, Olive and Gizmo, did you guys tear off all the toilet paper and make a mess in the bathroom? http://t.co/E1Tvk5ahZc
“Journey of Hope” amazing sand story by Kseniya Simonova «Путь Надежды» новый фильм Ксении Симоновой https://t.co/Gfz4svAwC4 #breastcancer
RT @BILLlONAlRES: Planes be like "Didn't I say you were grounded?" http://t.co/v2jY6MdW3F
RT @SigaGatito: █▄✿ѵҽ Ƭ✿ Y✿U═➤ ─▄█▀█▄──▄███▄ ▐█░███████████ ─██▒█████████ ──▀████████▀ ─────▀██▀ @Gamer__Guy #TFB_Cats =^.^=
.. @bahamiangirl24 Thanks for that #Music #ReTweet #IFollowAll #FF #TuesdayTunes
. @bahamiangirl24 Thanks for that #Music #ReTweet #IFollowAll #FF #TuesdayTunes
. @SigaGatito Thanks for that #Music #ReTweet #IFollowAll #FF #TuesdayTunes
Devin Townsend Project - Terminal ===>> https://t.co/afBAB46ZUG #TuesdayTunes
September - Flowers on the grave ==>> https://t.co/ZaINwPipSD #TuesdayTunes
‘Better Call Saul’: Getting In On the Ground Floor http://t.co/4p4Fh84iWJ
The Dark Knight Legacy - Fan Film: http://t.co/ugr2uBWaVK
‘Star Wars Rebels’ Adds Sarah Michelle Gellar to its Voice Cast for Season 2 http://t.co/cisYe8AcsB
Box Office Prediction: ‘Chappie’ vs. ‘Unfinished Business’ http://t.co/0uzFffJyzQ
‘Game of Thrones’ Season 5 Featurette Introduces the Sand Snakes http://t.co/brB8FFZqd3

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