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Gonna watch #TheWalkingDead again, will follow everyone back in the morning. Good night Twitterville http://t.co/rfxkt4e1gv
I'm sure these guys smoke a doobie before the show #TalkingDead
RT @SpaethWhite: @Gamer__Guy exactly. Bob would still have legs. and why would you start with stinky feet?
"They don't get to live" See what you get when you let them live! #TheWalkingDead #TalkingDead
RT @TraciLynn1969: @Gamer__Guy he's going to be dead!!! Ricks going to kill him just as promised. 🔫🔪💣
When is Badger gonna talk about Star Trek and Spock? #TheWalkingDead
Sometimes you just have to feed your cravings ==>> https://t.co/Nqa5u6PVfE
RT @tiffw88: @Gamer__Guy i know right....sheeeeeeeet
RT @Ewombles611: @Gamer__Guy It is. He also plays the voice of Gunther in Kick Buttowski
The coffee table is back. #TalkingDead
is that Badger from #BreakingBad ? on #TheWalkingDead #TWD #TWDFamily
mmmm Bob Burgers #TheWalkingDead
why is that jackass still alive after he was shot? #TheWalkingDead
Reach out and Kiss someone http://t.co/RlFlWDXjZ9
Trying on her Halloween costume http://t.co/RdbiKS2nQO
Don't worry, it's not what you think http://t.co/8RECX2QsVe
RT @tiffw88: @Gamer__Guy *WHACK* <<== Look at that, she pokes me like on Facebook and I get whacked
#TheWalkingDead Story Sync http://t.co/KMhYIgBnVr #TWD #TWDFamily
RT @tiffw88: @Gamer__Guy *POKE* WTF? This aint Facebook!
Too cool for Bald @Baldskull @JustinJamesDJ @Squawkmob @MrNookster http://t.co/A4pOliCfDd

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