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Lights out....time for bed http://t.co/70f93ZzSj3
gonna play some Euchre
'Hugs...pets...kisses...belly rubs.....its tiring being adorable' http://t.co/NR3JvrMqZA
I hope the rain blows past so we can get some golf in tomorrow
Boomer finds a place to sleep http://t.co/iVR7af4Poc
LuLu Lemon sleeps in the cat hammock. http://t.co/RoIoeMXb8g
how many of y'all are still doin yer taxes before midnight?
God: LET THERE BE LIGHT......maybe he meant Bud Light?
"How DARE you" http://t.co/6v4UWmcBJV cats rule and dogs drool
RT @Squawkmob: Telling people that you're on a juice cleanse is a really polite way of saying that you have severe diarrhea.
RT @LindsayLoFAN: @Gamer__Guy @aliyahhee It was a pun. Because the deodorant brand is called "Secret". Get it? oyyy...yes, thats the "JOKE"
RT @LindsayLoFAN: @Gamer__Guy @aliyahhee It was a *secret* aha ;) not any more
While I was stalking @aliyahhee I found a box of secrets in her closet. so, I guess she sweats a lot. http://t.co/MGnix5YRLl
@BookofSmiley for a few years now
yesterday morning, a mile up and still climbing over the weather on our way from Nashville to Tampa http://t.co/BPtpXXDRLB
Drake Bell’s feud with Justin Bieber is more of a one-sided spat https://t.co/chzu60jMLB
Spring riding is close. Downhill and Freeride 2014 James Doerfling Tribute ==>> http://t.co/HNkZ5wfygU #MTN Bike
"What is it with these humans? Yes, I have a tail, but I have fur, not scales" http://t.co/Aw05NLOufC
#itsafact http://t.co/ENykxWfokH
RT @Elizete_11: @Gamer__Guy @BeyzaCa26 Is this love, is this love, is this love that i'm feeling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! http://t.co/v7CtHO3b3v

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