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You Don't Want To Mess With This Guy http://t.co/pQVgENYMx2 I don't see 1 leash
@_MisSpelled Orange is the new Black, been binge watching that to catch up
RT @_MisSpelled: @Gamer__Guy True! I am a season behind on Walking Dead. http://t.co/LU71bdGfmX
@_MisSpelled everyone is anxiouysly waiting for Oct 12 and 5th season of The Walking Dead
@_MisSpelled Game of Thrones is good, Arrow is good. Extant is getting better
@_MisSpelled Did you watch Breaking Bad when it was on? Now in a marathon Sunday nights at 5pm eastern
Must be Shawns kitty, staring at his monitor all day. @MrNookster @Baldskull @JustinJamesDJ @Squawkmob http://t.co/nY4fwNO61o
Nice bike, watch out for bears. http://t.co/W0Tr8P2BIi
1957 Jaguar. You can see where the XKE lines came from. http://t.co/PluRohyHvc
@_MisSpelled its a waste of an hour like Lost, if you like to be confused every episode
Watching #UnderTheDome is like watching #Lost. I still have no idea what the hell is going on
Beats watching TV and hours of fun. http://t.co/Z0YL25dd1h
Cute lil Geisha http://t.co/Cv1WfavOWD
"Hey! Did you know these things roll? So much fun chasing em!" http://t.co/7usqnCOl4p

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Aircraft Mechanic,Gamer,PC,XBox 360,PS3. Love Car Racing, Nascar, Formula 1. Single and don't take anything i tweet seriously Get Followers at #IFollowAll

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