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Kimmel on soon, gonna watch in bed. Will follow everyone back in the morning. Good night Twitterville. https://t.co/OTnwxA7iek
I thinks it muuved.....I'm sure it muuved.......maybe not. https://t.co/ZDb3irGWvj
2 screens and I can watch 2 games at once. Go GREEN BAY! #PugLife https://t.co/3huitqb02e
a pause for the irony, a dog eating a hotdog. https://t.co/Qmnvuj2Vwr
"Ya, mom loves Cosplay, how did ya know?" https://t.co/LhPWrwyUeL
"shhhh...momma is sleepin" https://t.co/vlfsmq7kLc
Found this crouton, keep dropping em please. https://t.co/bLE0RwbIBN
See, all this rust and a really dull blade, just gotta use a file, ugghh, scrape off rust, ugghh, file a sharp edge https://t.co/16Lzv8PGUL
"'bout time someone made us a warm sweater, winter is coming." https://t.co/G4E0uLBmr8
"Well, it's kinda comfy, just checking it out." https://t.co/77oydAAvQy
usually around 10pm it's "When are these humans going to take me to bed?" https://t.co/gk8QABnwbh
Watching Maze Runner The Scorch Trials again, this time on Kodi Genesis.
Playing my Taylor KOA acoustic guitar for a bit.
Meeting up with Breanne at Swiss Chalet. She wants the chicken and of course I want those RIBS!! Tweet you later when we get home.
@BlueLightsShine Forbes website?
Microsoft Makes Windows 10 Automatic Spying Worse https://t.co/F8GKkuZrwe https://t.co/5Gaz7QpRPI
punk kid "Holy shit you're tall" an astute observation. "Are you a Basketball player?" nope "What's your name?" Braden, and you? Harry Butts
Heading over to the deli for a grilled ham and cheese with soup. It's cold today.
This guy ==>> @Tomhopperhops <<== Should be the Next #JamesBond Michael G. Wilson https://t.co/XDTI9Ia2KI
Hubble's Top Shots #HubbleSpaceTelescope https://t.co/iWHKrLwOG4 https://t.co/krUZ5koBvQ

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Aircraft Mechanic,Gamer,PC,XBox 360,PS3. Love Car Racing, Nascar, Formula 1. Single and don't take anything i tweet seriously Get Followers at #IFollowAll

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