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Letterman up next, will follow everyone back in the morning. Good night Twitterville, and turn off the internet I'm going to sleep.
Astronomy Picture of the Day ==>> http://t.co/44qz5juWwC http://t.co/c0ek6xrZCz http://t.co/xMTFIYwL6w
I see a beautiful 19 year old girl and I think to myself, Cameron Diaz is old enough to be her mom. WTF? I'm getting old
after 6 beers, it increases the Send Button size by 50%.
Captain America, Spiderman, Godzilla, we are gonna see a billion people die
Give a man a fish, and he'll eat for a day. Give a shark a man, and it'll eat for a week
NHL Los Angeles Kings vs San Jose Sharks - 10:30pm/edt - 3:30am/bst ==>> http://t.co/2Yvg5amTsn
Breanne is always reading books, and very quiet, so I never know when I'm getting the Silent Trteatment
When I look at a house, I like a big garage for cars and a shop, Breanne rates a house based on its potential for great bathroom selfies.
I bought a used dream catcher off a Call Girl. Now I wake up half way through the night with a stupid boner
@Alan_Dawson1971 new it was in UK, but not sure where it was
Jessica Chastain Rumored For Mission: Impossible 5 - http://t.co/RJwwqcUXVz http://t.co/ImMUwh3hAC
@Alan_Dawson1971 yup, all 3
@Alan_Dawson1971 Toronto here, build aircraft
@Alan_Dawson1971 where is Sunderland?
If I had a GF in high school, by now I'd have 3 kids, divorced twice, and a McDonalds manager job in Scarborough
TNA IMPACT WRESTLING - 9pm/edt - 2am/bst ==>> http://t.co/T1nUfHF905
Victoria Beckham visits South Africa to support fight against HIV transmission http://t.co/aA6XRM0z85
next time we play Hide and Seek, find separate hiding places. http://t.co/M1ecNJ8rDw
Homer falls asleep watching The Cat channel http://t.co/UgiJ4oGsy5

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