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@DwayneWade heating up the street with a #‎GameTruck party for his boys #‎HeatNation
Check out this video game-themed short that was submitted to the Sundance Film Festival!
CNN's picked the top 10 most anticipated games for 2014. What game are you most excited for this year?
The Lego Movie opens Feb 7. Looks awesome!
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Start 2014 right by adopting these healthy gaming habits!
Where does your favorite FPS rank on IGN’s list of the top 100?
What game are you most excited for this year? We’re looking forward to the new Super Smash Bros!
Have you seen Skylanders’ Short Cuts? Check out the interview with Night Shift!
What was your favorite game of 2013?
How many Skylanders do you have? Keep track of them all in the new Skylanders Collection Vault!
Create your own Skylanders wishlists at! What's on yours?
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Who is your favorite Skylanders SWAP Force combo? We love Hoot Shift!
Looking for ways to entertain kids during holiday vacation? Book a GameTruck party!
Did you hear about the Make-A-Wish BatKid? What a great story! has some great online games! Which one is your favorite? You can check them out here:
GameTruck is very excited to work with @IBeatItFirst. They have some great video game reviews over at their site has some great tips for helping your family develop healthy habits!
Treat-or-trick! Or should we say TREAT-or-TRASH! Top off your Halloween fun with @Trash Pack this year!

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GameTruck is the ultimate video game party brought to your doorstep. Up to 20 players, all we need is a place to park and people to play.

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