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Granta names top young Spanish language novelists
Galeria 4.0, A Retrospective
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Interesting exhibit: Adrian Esparza’s Paño-rama
Slightly off our normal path, but.... Mexicans With Guns!
Republican councilman behind push to whiten kids faces on Arizona mural is fired.
@swschool Do you have an pictures or a link to pictures of the mural?
Now that story has been updated to say the Valdez mural definitely was painted over. Tragedy. Maybe someone has some before-pics?
@martin1126 Do you know any thing more about the story? That piece, not even sure it was painted over, is the only thing I've seen.
The web site of Vincent Valdez, the Chicano artist whose mural may have been painted over. Check out his work.
Did a San Antonio school paint over a mural by Chicano artist Vincent Valdez?
Los Lobos cancel Arizona concert appearance to protest SB1070 -
#FF our friends @TheAvgAmFemale @mjtorres53 @thiNkbLue43 @olivosartstudio @Collado87 @JHammons @sjrivera @JuliaForsythArt @bonitadevil
Feliz Seis de mayo! Hey, why not?
Robert Rodriguez’s *Machete* trailer, remixed for Arizona on Cinco De Mayo:
RT @JeffQuestad: Time Magazine says Cinco De Mayo is one of the 10 Drunkest Holidays: #cincodemayo
@_dioness And while enjoying my painting, don't offer me those old wines. I want a fresh one! From this year! I'm no fool.
$106 million for a Picasso! If I pay that much for a painting, I want the breasts and the head right side up!
Feliz Cinco de Mayo!
Jesus Trevino's 'Visions of Aztlan' - documentary on the roots Chicano artwork If anyone finds a trailer, let me know.

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