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Working with 2 NPOs at present .. helping each and learning all the more about NonProfits and ForProfits .. its all good
@TheCharitySpace @SustainabilityF @FYSE @sarahstrns Online Workshop Event
We have a volunteer from Hungary interested in assisting this FPO venture ..
Just watched my own copy of @hivemindmovie. It was informative, current issues, not politically correct (Yippppieeeee) and refreshing
RT @HiveMindMovie @getsmartmoodle congrats, u won a Starring As in Hive Mind! Thank U! Hive Loves U!
Out of Sight : just uploaded a Project Management Activity to this is just too awesome yeee haaaaaa .. others coming!
@getsmartmoodle @the3rdgoal @GSMoodleL3C all welcome @hivemindmovie Master back from a long absence ... @filmladd great to see you back !!
@socialearth Thank you for the recent articles about L3C. Do you foresee other topics related to this discussion and geared to Education?
Had a brief chat with Marc Lang on phone today about L3C's; hope to have further communications; excited about
Made it to Boston safely, meeting new partner from Italy & GF; nice people very good to be here ...
I've created a plan on #WAYN. Who's up for it?
@filmladd 20 Film and Television Directors to Follow on Twitter #hive
20 Film and Television Directors to Follow on Twitter
RT to Repeat! Join in Stand Up against poverty to break the world record on Oct.16 - 18
@earthedward @4neurysm @radiclchristian @Angiedtao @Oh_So_Gucci @jhillstephens @the3rdgoal @poconoequescent #FF everyone #hive
@DeeEmmGee @adamjusko @bani_ @DarlingNicky999 @iOnlineMeeting @MsMorris81 @marianmerritt @L3C_RickZ @jcchancellor Have a great #FF
@L3C_RickZ Thank you for adding me to your friends list Rick .. jennie
@L3C_RickZ @interfaceorg @marianmerritt @iOnlineMeeting @jcchancellor #cancerwarrior - Showing their Nobel causes at helping others
I sent @ThriveDC a tweet for their peeps. Telling them I understood their problems. Not a word back from them ... nada .. hmmmmmmm
@filmladd @siwue @mattga @TheLal @SchSocEnt @pressreleaseguy @AshokaU @ChiefHotMomma @dnbornstein @1stNewsHeds @TheSocialReader @newprofit

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