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GE Reports 4Q Earnings. Here Are The Highlights:
$GE #3Dprinting tech is making breakthroughs from surgical procedures at 🏥 to ✈️ parts
@GEAviation continues to perform
#fbf 4Q to when $GE announced the plans to acquire the Danish blade maker @LMWindPower on a $1.65 billion deal
Fast fact ⚡️: $GE reported $32.6 billion of free cash flow plus dispositions for 2016
“Industrial CFOA was $8.2 billion in the quarter, the biggest cash quarter in our history” - @JeffImmelt
Together we are stronger 💪
$GE continues digital momentum, closing in 4Q the acquisition of @ServiceMax to extend @Predix across services☁️️ 🛠️
Power deals in Iraq 🇮🇶: On 4Q GE announced $1.4 billion+ order with Iraq Ministry of Electricity for gas-fired power
During Q4, $GE orders in the U.S. grew by 23%
$GE’s 4Q earnings are live! To know more about how $GE executed during 4Q’2016 join us
Fast fact⚡️:@GECapital signed $197 billion of asset sales and closed $190 billion since April 2015 announcement
Fast fact ⚡️: Orders grew 2% organically w/ Alstom and $GE had a record Services backlog of $237 billion
Fast fact⚡️: $GE returned $30.5B to our shareowners in 2016 through dividends and buyback, more than $80M per day.
Fast fact ⚡️: $GE booked $33.9 billion in orders this quarter, up 4% compared to last year.
Fast fact⚡️: $GE industrial operating + verticals earnings for the quarter was $4.1 billion, or 46 cents per share.
Fast fact ⚡️: $GE delivered $1.49 of earnings per share in 2016, which is in line with our 2016 investor goals.
$GE released its 4Q 2016 earnings
$GE will discuss its 4Q earnings today at 8:30am ET. Join the webcast live at
Tune in live to GE’s 4Q 2016 earnings tomorrow at 8:30am ET. Follow $GE for key highlights or join us live at

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