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New @GEHealthcare survey: Most people want to know their risk for dementia.
A 3D printing gun that's 10 times more powerful than lasers:
Surviving water cannons, ice baths and hailstorms - the testing process for jet engines:
Poll: Americans are willing to higher electric bills for a digital energy grid:
The smaller approach to fixing Africa's broken healthcare system:
Unlocking the secret to laser brain surgery:
.@generalelectric announces new "Data Lake" to supercharge the #industrialinternet
How @generalelectric's #FastWorks initiative is teaching one of the world's biggest companies to think like a startup
Using @GEHealthcare ultrasounds to save the koala population in Australia:
Using nanotechnology to analyze sweat at the atomic level:
Bernstein offers five reasons for upgrading $GE to #Outperform: via @barronsonline
Launching the HMS Queen Elizabeth, and wasting a perfectly good bottle of whisky:
In Africa, embracing the #IndustrialInternet #AfricaAscending
.@marcoannunziata on challenges and growth opportunities in Africa: #AfricaAscending
Mapping out investments from @generalelectric across Africa: #AfricaAscending
RT @GEpublicaffairs: Power Africa has contributed $14 billion to help the continent gain access to electricity. #AfricaAscending
.@generalelectric to invest $2 billion+ in Africa: #AfricaAscending
RT @GE_PowerWater: As quickly as you want the power, we can provide it from our facilities here at [JPort]" - Jay Ireland @GE_Africa http:…
RT @GE_PowerWater: A great day today as African delegates visited our #distributedpower "J-Port" facility in Houston ! #AfricaAscending htt…
The incredible story of a GE engineer building a bionic hand for a child he met by chance:

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