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@gummshrimp We are sorry to hear you are having an issue. Please reach out to our office directly at Thank you! JW
@violettrauma Thank you, Violet. We again apologize for your inconvenience and look forward to receiving the information. -NC
@violettrauma We're sorry to hear this Violet. Can you please email details to along with your contact information? -NC
@sam_duplessis @kolhagesappl #WELOVETHIS!
@ericgstark @mcsupplystuf @appgermantown @applrepair @fixitappliance Thanks Eric! We're glad it worked out well for you & your parents! -NC
@geappliancespr @mr_utter Hi - unfortunately we are having temporary difficulty w/our email address.Can you pls PM us with your info? -NC
@violettrauma Thank you. Do you already have an incident number with us Violet? -NC
@vu_ngo @ge_canada @mabe Hi- we haven't forgotten - we're still waiting on an answer from our Canadian office. We'll email them again Thx
@violettrauma I'm sorry this happened. If you'd like to email us at with your information we'll be glad to take a look -CC
@violettrauma Oh no! We are so sorry. What was your service confirmation number? - TS
@melanieben @abtelectronics We understand your frustration, Melanie, & are happy to check into this after receipt of the details. -NC
@purelife1987 We apologize for your inconvenience. If you would like to email details to, we will be happy to review. NC
@melanieben @abtelectronics Thank you Melanie. Please email details to and we will be happy to review your concern. -NC
@purelife1987 We're sorry to hear this Sierra, as it is not what we expect. Do you have an incident number that we can review please? -NC
@michelebetso We're sorry for your experience and hope you saw our reply to your post.
Our Asian Pulled Pork #recipe offers a flavorful twist on traditional pulled pork:
@geappliancespr @trewq76 Thanks for checking with us! It most likely is a 36" cooktop but we are unable to identify the model number. -NC
@chadragon Oh no! Where were these appliances purchased? - TS
@yankeesfandan Our product design division takes these suggestions into account when planning future products. - TS
@yankeesfandan Thank you for your feedback. Your comments are important to us. - TS

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