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It's a sunny day in Florida! Perfect day for flip-flips and the beach! Just going to leave this here...
RT @GIAnews: Confucius wrote that #jade is like virtue & its brightness represents heaven.
RT @GIAnews: The most favored #peridot color is a richly saturated pure grass green & is usually only found in 10+ cts.…
RT @trumpgold: Peridot - An amazing fact about Peridot is that it is also a gemstone from outer space, It has been
Happy #humpday! What are your mid-week plans?
@babyface2607 안녕! 고맙습니다 우리를 따라 on Twitter!
Sapphires & rubies are nearly the same stone, but w/ diff impurities. Although, sapphires come in a RAINBOW of colors and rubies r only red!
@eljel_jewels Thanks for following us!! Which gemstone is your favorite?
It's nearly the 4th of July for the U.S.A.! Check out our patriotic jewelry:
Would you wear autumn colors in the summer? Why or why not?
Summer is OFFICIALLY here! It's wedding season, too! (Married on the beach, yes please!) Check out our wedding bands!
@TCDdotcom What exactly is the carat diet? More and more diamonds?
Two things! Happy FIRST day of summer and #happyfriday! It's the longest day, so how do you plan to celebrate?
@MartineFontus Thanks for following us! What's your favorite gemstone to make jewelry with?
RT @xxBarbiexo: #MyLifeWouldBeCompleteIf I lived in a mansion on the beach. ☀
#youliedwhenyousaid you'd love me a long as the life of a diamond (which, on average, is 3billion years) :(
Fun fact! #Emerald is thought to both quicken and improve the memory of the owner. #Gemstone #Facts
@StormBCL Thanks for following us! Beautiful cover photo photography!
#WhatMakesMeMad after spending lots of time creating products, finding out that half of them were discontinued.

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