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This Weeks principle is GOOD MANNERS!! Having good manners is a good way to show respect and kindness to someone. https://t.co/dOxz4m9nz2
G3'S DAILY MOTION https://t.co/eY7e0sgjWW
G3's Daily Motion https://t.co/TGv9t67GeE
g3's Daily Motion https://t.co/2JNwKOl1hq
G3's Daily Motion https://t.co/iuYpTnr3sf
G3's Daily Motion https://t.co/rA9GPP4jVU
G3's Daily Motion https://t.co/BEVtmw1N5V
This weeks principle is INTEGRITY!! which is when you do the right thing when no one is looking. https://t.co/jeofuEKhrM
G3's Daily Motion https://t.co/wjdZCToZ51
G3's Daily Motion https://t.co/p5DqaOLzq2
G3's Daily Motion https://t.co/2t79J0NtNF
This weeks principle is SERVE! Which is an unselfish act to help or assist someone in need and not expect anything… https://t.co/qVt4D6EJMC
G3's daily Motion https://t.co/SrQhv8OLhR
G3's Daily Motion https://t.co/2KkG1K8VkJ
G3's Daily Motion https://t.co/WKGiWW8Id1
G3's Daily Motion https://t.co/5dK94Dht4m
This weeks Principle is PATIENCE!! which is the act waiting or enduring time. it is to patiently wait for the right… https://t.co/VtOfFejzBB
RT @G3MartialArts: Mothers come out at Join us for the Mothers Day Challenge!! Saturday May 13th. Tiger class: 10am-10:35am Junior class:…
G3's Daily Motion!! https://t.co/7TPY0frIek
This Weeks Principle is RESPECT, which is a way to honor and appreciate friends, family, teachers, and people in ge… https://t.co/wMeL0bWWMy

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Welcome to G3 America Martial Arts! We are a full time Olympic TaeKwonDo Black Belt Martial Arts School offering a martial arts and fitness classes

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