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Weekend watching: @olygamy's Positively Charged, as seen at @TaipeiArts: https://t.co/RZXsXx3Unf https://t.co/mdT6O8qf1Q
PE dodger or fitness fanatic, if you live near #Hulme check out our next @cityverve community forum event:… https://t.co/Pln8xQr5Jk
While some of us are at a @Cancreatechange workshop in Liverpool, read @toodrew's blog about the future of #futr: https://t.co/hLboD9eDiU
RT @ANDfestival: Age 14-19? Become a Heavy Metal Detector Apprentice Sat & Sun between 11:00-12:00 https://t.co/MtHbGF4toV @ANDfestival #De…
Our new Service and Engagement Designer, Mahnaz, wrote a blog about the most recent @CityVerve Community Forum:… https://t.co/4arm0FZXyp
As we look forward to 2018, @toodrew discusses where we've been and where we are going. https://t.co/hLboD9eDiU https://t.co/YAwBS1J13D
RT @IoTUKNews: Check out the "Workout Buddies" event with @cityverve and @FuturEverything https://t.co/KZ6OyRETIm @EventbriteUK
RT @ANDfestival: Hear what @gabrielle_jenks has to say about this year's Festival. #AND17 https://t.co/zmRnh0E2l6
Light Barrier by Kimchi and Chips is showing at #arselectronica17 - it’s come a long way since our trip to Nikola L… https://t.co/YUhCBqJxx9
Following last night’s gala, winners of the STARTS Prize 2017 discuss collaboration between the arts, science & ind… https://t.co/XSj5cEcAsL
So much incredible work at @ArsElectronica - currently wondering if we have space for a robot arm in the office...… https://t.co/KSCDld0h9c
RT @CallumKirkwood: Just arrived at @ArsElectronica and already spotted a familiar creature from @FuturEverything 2015! #Nyloid #ArsElectro…
Good morning Linz! @sarahunwin & @CallumKirkwood have arrived at @ArsElectronica, stay tuned for updates through th… https://t.co/LALYC1mnB8
Our next @cityverve community form is on Wed 27 September at @z_mcr: https://t.co/I3U2ToJJkE https://t.co/Huhct4wVMH
Our Callum and Sarah are heading to @ArsElectronica later this week and will be tweeting from this account. #arselectronica17
RT @abstractgroove: Going through the archive room @bandonthewall only to find old @FuturEverything flyers @toodrew https://t.co/P9yVeUX532
@hello_daave You can collect it between 09:00 and 17:00 Mon-Fri, and we can meet you at the door to hand it over
Updated the every thing every time page with links to @GuardianTech podcast and @BBCClick https://t.co/1p3pNocYei… https://t.co/eA61ETBlAl
RT @ANDfestival: Descend to the depths for a night of sonic delights by NKISI + James Ferraro. Fri 22 Sep. Tickets on our website @NONWORLD…
Putting together our next newsletter. Sign up here for latest #futr news: https://t.co/nt3dxcOcPm

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