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An American Airlines employee allegedly hit a woman with a stroller & challenged passenger to 'hit me'… https://t.co/H57Y2T2cpx
We went to see Matt McGorry talk about toxic masculinity and left with a tote full of Axe products:… https://t.co/VVi131w1RP
RT @Gizmodo: Watch Trump call Peggy Whitson, who just set a new record for most time in space by an American astronaut. https://t.co/fqvjUD…
Trump is really going to make Mexico pay for a border wall—he swears! https://t.co/bTdRocyIIZ https://t.co/BlNejPq3Kp
Trump is stoked that he and 9/11 both killed it in the ratings: https://t.co/2mZzWF5Eor https://t.co/xa8j9Pexvc
"Time is not in our favor." Puerto Rico is on the verge of bankruptcy—and its people are demanding answers about ho… https://t.co/6xG22I1m8w
"I wish we didn't have to #marchforscience." On #EarthDay, thousands of protesters took to the streets of DC to ra… https://t.co/iq4vmmLu0i
RT @Jalopnik: War with North Korea could mean a refugee crisis no one is ready for https://t.co/Fy60ekB8Kl https://t.co/jEUBa3RiOJ
Massachusetts vacates thousands of drug convictions—the “largest dismissal of wrongful convictions in US history”:… https://t.co/eSUgv5INVL
Homeless trans and gender non-conforming kids face serious risks without state protections: https://t.co/CcbjGyRNp3 https://t.co/ZfQsLy46gH
“They gotta quit doing this to our kids.” This man was confronted by an officer for jaywalking—and then was violent… https://t.co/XL2QTX6Ctl
More Black employees to sue Fox News over 'Jim Crow’ abuse: https://t.co/9cCjN6aJpV https://t.co/HHHZyu2Fwc
Cherokee Nation sues CVS, Walgreens, Wal-Mart, distributors over the opioid crisis that's ravished its community:… https://t.co/U86kDqfS7l
War with North Korea could mean a refugee crisis no one is ready for: https://t.co/bE5T7Pfo2Z https://t.co/Ymq6kA93r1
ICE arrests of undocumented immigrants without criminal records have doubled under Trump https://t.co/t1nywiGTgl https://t.co/jiZgL7utXH
Trump is already deporting six times more former DACA enrollees than Obama did per month: https://t.co/7IFGCmiYui https://t.co/9MyD0fu5U6
Donald Trump is unintelligible. https://t.co/w7YHmpkOQN https://t.co/HJle5aNwos
UPDATE—Trump plans to make the Trump National Golf Course in New Jersey his summer getaway, according to reports. https://t.co/x63NZPx9Kr
BREAKING—New Orleans has removed Battle of Liberty Place statue, which honored white supremacist Confederates who f… https://t.co/7mGZ3TuyGx
If you’re a woman trying to get laid on a dating app — here's an old-school suggestion: Craigslist… https://t.co/p7ZEs9e1IH

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