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Yup that's right - go after the truth tellers, because God knows we have too many of those... #freespeech… https://t.co/mxepFEaHWY
SEMrush knows good fun👍 I challenge you to join @semrush Easter Egg Hunt!🐣 https://t.co/w939K0hrAW #semrushegghunt
pretty telling isn't it??? https://t.co/cY3OcvAXNi
pretty telling isn't it? https://t.co/oo6BoY2ODL
yes that is pretty funny! https://t.co/JJsQOpffbp
plant sterols okay but CORN OIL??? REALLY??? most of the corn is #GMOs and has all been sprayed with #GLYPHOSATE… https://t.co/4aw4fxj2yA
Biggest story of our time that MSM totally ignored!!! #truthscomingout #vaxxed check out the video https://t.co/G8YcsotYbp
Monsanto Tribunal will give legal opinion on environmental & health damage caused by Monsanto! https://t.co/5IqOp633id #MonsantosCrimes
Monsanto permanently damaged the environment & caused illness or death for thousands of people! https://t.co/agHh3UJG7C #MonsantosCrimes
Monsanto threatens food sovereignty through patents on seeds & privatization of living organisms! https://t.co/agHh3UJG7C #MonsantosCrimes
Monsanto Tribunal Twitter Rally https://t.co/DYOm6Vtx59
yay!! #Snowden https://t.co/nlMvot98qL
the #Truth is coming out, fasten your seatbelts! https://t.co/kjSUw93VAz
RT @OrganicConsumer: .@POTUS #vetoDARKact! Call the White House 202-456-1111, demand Obama veto the DARK act! https://t.co/Y6oVmIWCvC
WOW! just WOW!! 1st the toilet paper w/ #BPA and now Kleenex! STOP W/ THE DAMN #CHEMICALS! Why I Don't Buy Kleenex https://t.co/f0oK5mOqmO
RT @globeandmail: #BreakingNews: Britain votes to leave EU after bitter campaign https://t.co/kDnTV5H8I2 https://t.co/f3NnC4L3Ea
#truth https://t.co/wvII0BBZlg
not sure what the #TPP is and what's so dangerous about it? watch this short video http://t.co/WJR9GJhW8T
BREAKING: The #TPP has just been finalized. Speak out while there’s still time https://t.co/Z8NZNMgkrC
@ThomasMulcair @JustinTrudeau where do you stand on #GMO labeling?

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