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@MackAvrian You may try a trucking/freight co. that hires as direct employee, or sales to get exp. and begin to build book..
@MackAvrian sorry Mack, at this time we are seeking agents with established shippers and experience.
Do you have a dash cam in your truck? If not, this may sway your opinion = why U should.. #truckSafety #WhosAtFault
Cargo thefts down, but, higher value loads are targeted.. what are you doing to safeguard your loads? #freight
Hey @TruckerDesiree came upon u might be interested in women in trucking.just have 2 get past title. #WomenInTrucking
RT @LLstatesman: Talking on @Land_Line_Now tonight about a #Tennessee bill that addresses shortage of truck parking in the state.
RT @PGHtransit: Inbound 28X detours nightly today, tomorrow & Thurs 10 am to 6 am due to Parkway West closures:
When being right gets u stuck in wrong place. can't fix stupid let them go, squeezing merger gets 18 wheel lesson.
View Ports of LA & Long Beach, turn on spicket the flow of freight will be.. Are U ready to run? #logistics #freight
West Coast SD Port shut down looming threat due to dock worker contract disputes. Just in rpt from SD ABC news..
Maybe Greece Debt = non-interest but, their halting of port privatization does Freight
RT @TransportTopics: .@SecretaryFoxx: #trucking to play major role over next 30 years; sees 60% leap in truck traffic. #BeyondTraffic http:…
Digesting JOC News: NJ/NY year container volume up while West coast ports down..& high driver turnover rates effecting costs..
Amazon getting into warehouse- distribution w/own trucks of fresh goods,, aka near by and on demand..
[Trucks] Interesting app, helps you find available parking @TruckingAppDev #transportation #truckParking
Semi Into trucks? way cool costume
Thank You Drivers your devotion and sacrifice of time away from loved ones, for jumping the endless hurdles that...
The good humor truck(s) #trucking #logistics...
Wow check out this drivers skills.. #trucking

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