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@shadnshicot im in trouble i cant.
@shadnshicot ur a tuff sob
@shadnshicot are u serious?????????
@shadnshicot hurry hurry @WillyTindall has frostbite
@shadnshicot will u come build us a fire were cold
@CEO2044 haha im very sorry
@szepponi u off got pretty easy. I said some bad shit to almost everybody. I think i got it fixed now
@szepponi haaa thats awesome oh yea pitiful lies
Ive been hacked
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@ZWhatley @RobBaker52 @S_Provenza @WillyTindall i would pay top dolla for that plant
@johnmontfort i realllllyyyyy hope the boat breaks down
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@jenbwhitehead @willytindall @slaterphillips i dont know if ur talkin abt me or william sooo im still pissed
@jenbwhitehead @laughbook @slaterphillips i will remember that shit jenn

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