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New Overtime Rule Blocked by Federal Judge https://t.co/HXif1aqfYO
Aggressive Noncompetition Suit in Massachusetts https://t.co/FSMGRpPtek
Legislator will Try Again to Impose Liability on Companies for Wage Violations by Entities they Contract With https://t.co/8uuLoml2pQ
Good Faith Interactive Process is Key to Properly Handling Accommodation Issues https://t.co/zgxf3dhlIW
Not so Fast, Department of Labor — Here come the Republicans (Again) https://t.co/OjXNAKiqbE
Employers must Investigate Sexual Harassment Complaints to Reduce Risk of Punitive Damages https://t.co/Y9DDd9HbQU
Court Rejects Another Expansion of At-Will Employment Rule https://t.co/Mhewk9bNHx
New Pay Equity Law Means Employers Must Act to Prevent Gender-Based Wage Disparities https://t.co/oMTB9Y3zx8
MA Legislature Again Fails to Pass Noncompetition Law https://t.co/JBmMfJ6zzI
Senate Action on Noncompetition Bill May Lead to its Failure in MA Legislature https://t.co/6CVIGMCcjK
Massachusetts House Passes Noncompetition Bill with Substantial Limits — Unanimously https://t.co/LzzKN8nc3l
EEOC Urges Employers to Improve Workplace Anti-Harassment Training https://t.co/b4xMwvZCIP
U.S. Dept. of Labor Issues New Rules for Overtime Pay https://t.co/T6ZedM8TOZ
Massachusetts Legislators Debate Bill to Provide 12 Weeks of Paid Leave for Employees https://t.co/56idDgvG3K
Enforcing Noncompetition Agreements Requires Advance Planning, Strong Evidence https://t.co/PvOvXio6Og
Wage Act may not Require Pay for All Hours of Work https://t.co/uRmf5rwUcY
State Legislators to Renew Effort to Enact a Noncompetition Law https://t.co/uxpNQQ7gMJ
Massachusetts Attorney General Collects Pay Disparity Data from Employers https://t.co/yyWBrbNMNl
Small Employer Forced to Pay more than $100,000 for Wage Violations https://t.co/waa85QGVow
New Equal Pay Bill Makes Progress in State Legislature https://t.co/ELOcU9TcEH

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