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@IsraelNewsNow Having a picture of Satmar Chasidim when the rabbis are modern Orthodox is just ignorant. These guys couldn't care less.
just produced a video for an excellent organization called Project Ezrah, I wrote, filmed and directed. Check it out
@ChadBHarmon Trying to get in touch with you regarding American Pharoah pictures. Please call me at 2016928600..Steve Fox @Foxy5555
@marypgkeating @IDFSpokesperson Israel is the most civilized country in the region. U should worry more about victims than murderers
@marypgkeating @IDFSpokesperson There are plenty of terrorists in jail. Random murderersshould fear death not prison.Too many freed 4Shalit
@marypgkeating @IDFSpokesperson There have been multiple murders every day for the past 2 weeks of innocent men,women&children. It must end
@marypgkeating @IDFSpokesperson Killers dont deserve to be disarmed and be a burden on taxpayers who they are trying to kill. Stop murder
@ChadBHarmon Please call me at 201-692-8600 to discuss specific images for my client Thaks @Foxy5555
@Cougzag Hi Brian, I have a client looking to make a deal for up to 2000 autographed photos of Victor Espinoza riding American Pharoah.
@Reuvenboshnack @Foxy5555 I need clarification on your last change so I can get magnet into production. there is no Oct15t entry.
@Reuvenboshnack Are you back yet? I checked that the right times are now in
@Reuvenboshnack @Foxy5555 Hi Reuven, Did you get the last proof? Please let me know ASAP if it is now ok.
@Reuvenboshnack @Foxy5555 Hi Reuven Still waiting for your approval on magnet. Please respond as all magnets must be printed together TIA
@Reuvenboshnack Yes. Thanks. Everything is in production.
@Reuvenboshnack Ok . Please get me the info soon. Thanks
@Reuvenboshnack great. Do you know how many you will want?
@Reuvenboshnack Hi Rueven, This is @Foxy5555 from Fox Marketing. Were you interested in doing the Shabbat magnets again this year?
very exciting- staying up to give a shout out to our friends the Cohens of Bergenfield on the flight
Watched proudly last year as our son Meir Fox, now a Chayal make Aliyah and looking to see the Cohens from Bergenfield - Go Noam!
How Much Ketone is Right for Me?

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