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3 trends powering growth in emerging #eCommerce markets:
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Consumers are still hesitant to use wearables, but adoption grows nonetheless:
Delivering great online customer experience matters. #loyalty #OutsideIn
Does your company understand your buyers?
.@kateleggett: Software categories are ripe for consolidation and KANA-Verint is well positioned
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Marketers Still Lack Mobile Analytics Maturity:
VIDEO: @TedSchadler discuss the mobile mind shift with business leaders from @facebook, @Redfin, @GreylockVC, @twilio
Happy employees = happy customers. But you need the right technologies in place to get there:
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#ForresterAMA That's a wrap! For more information on @loriwizdo's #B2B research, visit her blog:
#ForresterAMA @loriwizdo A: Buyer-centricity is the answer to breaking down org. silos. How do you contribute to the #customer's journey?
#ForresterAMA Q: What are the first steps to move from channel silos to buyer-centric marketing?
RT @rvobrien: Important to focus on a clear set of marketing objectives that link to corporate strategy per @loriwizdo #forresterAMA
#ForresterAMA @loriwizdo A: #B2B leaders must play critical role in ensuring brand message across channels - social, demand, product, etc.
#ForresterAMA Q: How can marketers in large firms ensure that objectives+messages are tied to corporate strategy?
#ForresterAMA @loriwizdo A: Target messaging to the outcomes that your product or service delivers; focus on engaging, "snackable" content.
#ForresterAMA Q: How do I maximize #contentmarketing and brand messaging in a saturated #B2B and/or #B2C landscape?
Do you have questions on #B2B marketing, #L2RM, or retention? Join our #ForresterAMA with @loriwizdo happening now:

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