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All product development at @bmj_company is driven by customer needs, says CTO @sharonecw. #ForrForum #ITgravity
RT @computerworlduk: CIOs must lead business innovation or lose out in ‘age of the customer’, says Forrester
50% of our 150 daily mobile moments are glanceable - a quick check of who messaged, called, or what transaction was completed. #io15
33% of US smartphone users research purchases on their device at least once a week; 50% use banking apps monthly. #io15
Mobile payments will top $142B by 2019, up from $67B this year. #io15
Android is the dominating OS for smartphones, with over 71% market share in 2014, followed by Apple (13.1%) and Windows (7.1%). #io15
9% of brands have 21+ #mobile apps in the market. The norm? No more than three. #io15
On average, consumers use 25 mobile apps per month, and spend 44 hours per month interacting with their phone. #io15
40% of #mobile developers primarily support Android phones; iOS follows with 21%. #io15
Less than half of executives believe the #CIO can accelerate business success. #ITgravity
For @virginhotels CEO @VirginHotelier, providing unforgettable customer service is a top priority. #ForrForum
7 of the top 15 brands in our 2015 #CX Index are financial services firms. #measureCX
Build your #B2B marketing strategy around your customer - not the average customer.
To overcome the nagging frustration of #ITgravity, you must change the way you work.
INFOGRAPHIC: Do you measure the customer experiences that matter? #measureCX
Only 1% of brands deliver excellent #CX, according to our 2015 Customer Experience Index. #measureCX
RT @ciouk: Forrester's own CIO tackling the same blockers that many of their client CIOs face How to practice what y…
Less than half of execs believe the #CIO accelerates business success. #ITgravity
There's a better way to #measureCX.
Is #ITgravity holding your company back?

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