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Join us as leaders from @TourismAus and @Optus take the stage at Forrester's CMO+CIO Summit in Sydney on 16 Sep:
“OK” has become the new “poor,” and the more competitive the industry, the more #CX matters.
Does delivering exceptional #CX pay off? Absolutely. #measureCX
VIDEO: Companies who put #design into their practice, thinking, and strategy are disrupting industries. #measureCX
70% of marketers aspire to lead a customer-obsessed enterprise.
The future of your company hinges on how quickly you implement a customer-obsessed operating model #BT
Your current tech management model isn't working. Win, serve, and retain customers with #BT
Don't think about the OS, think about keeping customers engaged, @frankgillett tells @WIRED #Windows10
VIDEO: @WestfieldGroup CMO @BAKroadwarrior discusses how to drive engaged and elevated #CX
To truly take your organization to the next level of #customer obsession, align to the customer life cycle.
Connect your #CX investments to consumer touchpoints with the greatest emotional impact.
Engaging consumers through notifications or conversations on their #mobile devices requires a new skill set.
Marketing leaders from @Foxtel and @Targetaus will take the stage at our next ML Sydney 2015 in Australia:
Invest in #BT to win, serve, and retain customers - or fall behind.
Implement a customer-obsessed operating model to create new competitive advantage, writes @mcnabb_kyle #BTagenda
No one company is or ever will be able to dominate a unified #smarthome market.
Join leaders from @SingPost and @AIGinsurance as they speak at Forrester’s 2015 Singapore Summit for CMOs and CIOs:
Being "good enough" won't cut it. Differentiate your brand with superior #CX #measureCX
VIDEO: How to help your leaders see #CX in a way they haven't before #measureCX
"We can't control customer emotions. But we can understand and influence them," writes analyst @mbcxp #measureCX

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