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Companies succeed when CIOs and CMOs share a single, customer-focused agenda. Learn more:
#Sony cancelling the release of "The Interview" sets a dangerous precedent, writes @sbalaouras.
In 2015, CIOs and CMOs must partner more effectively to win, serve, and retain customers.
#Sony should fight fire with fire and post "The Interview" online. For free, in HD. Read more from @jmcquivey:
RT @jmcquivey: Sony should accept that it is engaged in cyberwar and fight back with the same digital tools that attacked it.…
EU consumer interest in #wearables one year behind the US. Unusual blogs @jmcquivey:
#Social #Marketing Boosts The World’s No. 3 Smartphone Giant, #Xiaomi. Here's why.
“@jmcquivey: Sony should fight fire with fire: Make "The Interview" available online, for free, on every pirate site in the world. In HD.”
2X the customers will shop for financial products by mobile devices in 2015.
#CIO and #CMO respect is on the rise, but not all collaborate well. Learn more:
Two-speed banking arrives in 2015: guess which one customers will prefer?
Make no mistake: business success in 2015 hinges on effective collaboration between marketing & technology groups.
What to make of the Amazon-Alibaba battle shaping up in 2015.
Data wrangling will become a more prominent, important feature of #BI platforms in 2015.
Global eCommerce leaders will be expected to show profit in 2015 - or cut bait if the can't.
Not all #cloud services are equally mature, blogs @Staten7.
Its "back to the future" as #BT investigates potential #EE acquisition in the UK, blog @dsbieler:
The CIO and CMO will determine the future of business in 2015. Learn more:
Audio on-demand: Missed our online event on top emerging technologies last week? Listen to it here:
On-Demand Webinar: How to Break Through The Noise With a New #Product Launch.

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