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Bad citizen engagement reduces faith in the gov't as an institution,@RickParrishGCX said at @GovLoop event. #ForrGov
RT @GovLoop: "A revolution in federal customer experience is right on the horizon," says @RickParrishGCX #citeng
RT @RiseInteractive: Digital is not a strategy, it supports a strategy. Embed digital into the core of your company. Great talk at the #For…
RT @intershop: last chance #ForrForum; stop by @Intershop booth 100 to get new global b2b study and enter to win @B…
RT @zdwigder: Who gets credit for the sale? @peter_sheldon talks through 6 retailer models #FORRForum
WATCH: Key insights from our 2014 Forum for eBusiness & Channel Strategy Professionals in Chicago. #ForrForum
In 2014, US consumers will spend $3.3 trillion on retail purchases. #ForrForum
49% of in-store sales are influenced by online interactions. #ForrForum
RT @dendarbostrom: “Where the transaction occurs is irrelevant” according to @peter_sheldon. I totally agree! #ForrForum
RT @leweb: Thank you to the speakers of our 'Wearable Computing' Trend: @jmcquivey @jgownder @davidrose & @cedhutch! See you all in Decembe…
RT @leweb: Wearable tech usage to triple by 2015, re. #leweb curator @forrester's @jmcquivey. More here:…
RT @dougwashburn: Suggested read @ the eBusiness #ForrForum to address the "A" phase of the mobile IDEA cycle http:/…
RT @urbanairship: Stop by our booth today at the @Forrester e-business summit to pick up your free copy of Forrester's "The Mobile Mind Shi…
RT @nmollin: Attribution and market mix modeling is a key initiative within retail analytics but retailers lack the data #FORRforum
"Because you understand one thing about the customer, doesn't mean you understand everything." - @BrendanWitcher on #bigdata at #ForrForum
Engage the c-suite in building a digital transformation plan, long before the approval stage. - @3Mrajrao #ForrForum
Digital must be a leadership issue, not a product. - @3Mrajrao #ForrForum
Undergoing strategic transformation? Inertia needs to be overcome to make an enterprise agile. - @3Mrajrao #ForrForum
Listing to channels and #ecosystem partners is just as important as listening to end users. - @3Mrajrao #ForrForum
RT @tariharo: "The age of the customer is being driven by brands that are customer-obsessed and purpose driven..." @3Mrajrao #ForrForum

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